Lingo is a Gamified, RWA-powered rewards ecosystem. Every $LINGO platform fees contribute to the RWA pool that powers Lingo's rewards ecosystem.


Lingo is a Web3 Loyalty Program utilizing blockchain technology, and real world assets to disrupt the traditional loyalty program model. Lingo allows users to earn real-world rewards (such as hotel stays) passively by staking its first-ever Community Reward Token, without needing active participation or repetitive purchases, unlike existing loyalty programs. The value creation system is powered by real-world assets, ensuring stability for the entire project. Started by a founder of World’s no1 premium loyalty company ($150M exit), Lingo aims to transform the $200 billion loyalty program industry with a community-first approach, and make Web3 space accessible to the every-day consumer with real value, real experiences, and an easy to understand model.



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