Artela is an extensible blo...


Artela is an extensible blockchain network where builders can build modules and extend modular public/private services to achieve chain-native customization in one public blockchain network. Artela’s extensibility empowers developers to achieve maximum customization by creating modular extensions on top of the public base layer. Meanwhile, the network’s elastic block space ensures optimal scalability and performance for the dApp.



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    Muhammad Manzoor Readers

    Artela_Network is going to bring new changes in the domain of transaction

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    Fariz Noer Readers

    👀The long-awaited Artela Network’s most extensive points campaign is here! 🔥

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    #BeelieverL9GDkdr4 Readers

    Artela adalah jaringan tanpa batas yang sangat dibutuhkan oleh Web3.
    Komputasi elastis memungkinkan ruang blok elastis yang, pada gilirannya, memungkinkan kami menyediakan skalabilitas tanpa batas!

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    #BeelieverBMWQFTC Readers

    Bullish on Artela 👍

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    #BeelieverK2UJF7F Readers

    Let me see who’s not involved yet Artela_Network ‘s Renaissance events!

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    #Beeliever_LaiThihe Readers

    🚀 The Artela Network Renaissance Campaign is now live! 📷 Dive into a three-part journey of discovery and engagement

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    #BeelieverHYLDV6G Readers

    Artela is the first scalable Layer 1 blockchain featuring parallel EVM execution and a modular virtual machine. Led by Shima Capital, it has raised $6 million in funding.
    Currently, Artela has launched the Renaissance Incentivized Testnet, where participants can earn on-chain interaction points. The testnet consists of three phases, with the first phase just beginning.

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    #BeelieverKIST95rE Readers

    Don’t fade artela testnet Get involved now!