Amber Group accelerator is newly launched to give back to the crypto community and catalyze blockchain and AI i

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On July 3, 2024, Amber Group, a leading global digital asset company, held a press conference in Singapore to launch a new accelerator program, officially announced the first batch of incubated companies edgeX and Haven One, and launched the first BUIDL_QUESTS challenge. Professor Yang Wang, Vice President of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, DeFi project parties such as 0x Scope and Pendle, and crypto VC institutions such as Superscrypt and Spartan Group attended the launch ceremony. The event was also supported by industry leading media such as Odaily, Golden Finance, PANews, MetaEra, ChainCatcher, and DeThings. It was held offline and online to the world, and witnessed the launch of Amber Groups new accelerator program ( ).

Amber Group accelerator is newly launched to give back to the crypto community and catalyze blockchain and AI i Vision: Give back to the crypto community and become a catalyst for cutting-edge crypto innovation

Amber Group co-founder and CEO Michael Wu first gave a speech, talking about the background and concept behind Michael shared that as a full-service crypto financial services provider with 7 years of experience in the crypto industry, Amber Group has deep technology, liquidity and expertise, which are verified in the leading position of Amber Groups current four major businesses: ALIR (Advisory, Liquidity, Investment and Research), Asset Management, Digital Wealth Management, and Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions .

Over the past seven years, Amber Group has served as a portal connecting the crypto-native world and the larger world outside of crypto; now, Michael and another co-founder and CTO Thomas Zhu are thinking about how to connect and link entrepreneurs in the crypto industry and contribute to the next stage of development of the entire crypto industry.

“Giving back to the crypto community and being a catalyst for cutting-edge crypto innovation is why we started and is a shared desire of the Amber Group team, including our sadly lost co-founder TT,” said Michael.

Amber Group accelerator is newly launched to give back to the crypto community and catalyze blockchain and AI i Concept: Crypto for AI, the future economy driven by blockchain and AI

The core concept of is Crypto for AI (C 4 AI), which is to use blockchain and token technology to provide infrastructure for the AI economy. Through the accelerator program, Amber Group aims to find and support outstanding early-stage crypto startups around the world, provide targeted funding, technical support, expert guidance and ecological resources, and help entrepreneurs turn innovative ideas into reality.

Michael mentioned that crypto applications are still in the early stages and have not yet been widely used. The AI economy will bring massive amounts of data and transactions, providing greater application prospects for crypto technology. Blockchain technology enables trustless transactions and provides a secure and reliable infrastructure for the AI economy. Token technology can digitally represent anything and conduct free and algorithmic transactions.

In the AI economy, there are so many things that need to be built in the crypto space. We are still in the early stages, but we are very close to the future. As entrepreneurs, we need to break out of the barriers of belief and have the conviction and courage to truly build for the future. is committed to building the future together with all like-minded people who are committed to building for the future, Michael emphasized.

Watch the introduction video:

Amber Group accelerator is newly launched to give back to the crypto community and catalyze blockchain and AI i announces first batch of incubated companies: Haven One and edgeX

The launch event also unveiled the first batch of companies incubated by – Web3 large AAA projects Haven One and edgeX. edgeX is a high-performance, modular financial system that will launch its minimum viable product in July – edgeX exchange, a high-performance Perp DEX based on order books.

Professor Wang from HKUST: Blockchain innovation is as great as AI, but regrettably missed the opportunity of Bitcoin twice

Under Michaels chairmanship, Amber Group was also fortunate to invite Professor Wang Yang, Vice President of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, and Jacob Ko, founding partner of Temasek Web3 Fund Superscrypt, to have a fireside conversation on FOMO, FUD, HODL, BUIDL, MEME.

When talking about FOMO (“Fear of Missing Out”), Professor Wang admitted that he is ROMO (“Regret of Missing Out”). When he first heard about Bitcoin more than a decade ago, he thought it was a scam, but now he gradually realizes that he missed two very good opportunities and regrets it.

Jacob emphasized the importance of community in Web3. He pointed out that the concept of community is not new, but in the world of Web3, it has been given new meaning and has become the driving force and source of the entire ecosystem. Co-construction and sharing, cooperation and win-win, making good use of the community can achieve an influence of 1+1 ≥ 3.

Blockchain and AI are the greatest innovations in recent years, all thanks to the unremitting pursuit and efforts of countless entrepreneurs, builders and developers. Without them, there would be no topics we can talk about, Professor Wang finally shared.

Watch the fireside chat video:

Amber Group accelerator is newly launched to give back to the crypto community and catalyze blockchain and AI i

BUIDL_QUESTS: Focus on distributed AI and BTCFi, with a total prize of up to 40,000 US dollars

At the launch ceremony, Amebr Group also announced that it will host’s first Web3 challenge, “BUIDL_QUESTS”. BUIDL_QUESTS is open to all Web3 builders, with a total prize of up to $40,000. The finalists will also have the opportunity to be selected into the accelerator program to receive entrepreneurial guidance and support.

The first BUIDL_QUESTS will cover two major tracks:

  • Distributed AI: Applying distributed ledgers and decentralization technologies to innovations in artificial intelligence

  • BTCFi: Innovation to enhance Bitcoin’s application capabilities and functions as a financial platform

BUIDL_QUESTS will be open for registration on July 15th. Participants can choose any track to submit their project. For more information, please visit or email:

About Amber Group

Amber Group is a leading global digital asset company. Since its establishment in 2017, it has developed into a digital financial platform that provides one-stop services such as digital asset wealth management, asset management, market making, consulting, investment, infrastructure, etc. Amber Group combines cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence and blockchain with quantitative research to provide customized and pioneering solutions for high net worth individuals, institutions, crypto funds, exchanges and project parties, helping them maintain their competitive advantage in the market and obtain the best returns. Amber Group is committed to becoming a bridge between traditional finance and digital assets. It has extensive experience in traditional and crypto financial markets. Investors include top investment institutions such as Sequoia, Tiger Global Management, Pantera, Coinbase Ventures and Distributed.

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