Bankless: Following the ZKsync and Blast airdrops, these four top L2s are worth paying attention to

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Bankless: Following the ZKsync and Blast airdrops, these four top L2s are worth paying attention to

Blast鈥檚 anti-airdrop may have caused many users who tried to get the L2 airdrop to lose confidence, but there are still many airdrop opportunities to be seized in the L2 track. Below, Bankless introduces 5 L2s with potential airdrops and why they are worth paying attention to.



Scroll is the 8th largest L2 and the 3rd largest zkEVM L2, with a TVL approaching $1 billion and surging nearly 20% in the past week.

Scroll was founded in 2021 and is valued at $1.8 billion in 2023. It has received investments from well-known venture capital firms such as Polychain Capital, Bain Capital Crypto, and Sequoia China. Scroll consists of a settlement layer, a sorting layer, and a verification layer. The settlement layer connects Ethereum and Scroll to ensure data availability and verify zkEVM validity proofs; the sorting layer executes transactions, processes and batches them to Ethereum to ensure data availability and validity proofs; the proof layer generates zkEVM validity proofs to ensure the correctness of L2 transactions, and some provers and coordinators process these proofs and finalize them on Ethereum.

Reasons to pay attention

In April, Scroll announced its Scroll Sessions rewards campaign, where users can earn Scroll Marks, which are equivalent to points, through these activities. The campaign also provides retroactive rewards for users who have deployed assets on Scroll since the mainnet in October 2023, which may indicate that they are counting all activities on the chain. Scroll recently ended Session Zero, where users earned rewards by using native bridges or LayerZero bridges such as ETH and wstETH. Session One is about to begin and may support other assets and ways to earn Marks. Referring to the previous ZKsync airdrop, Scroll is very likely to be the next L2 top airdrop, and its TVL surge is proof of this.



Zircuit is an upcoming zkEVM that uses AI to enhance security and is backed by funds such as Dragonfly, Pantera, and Maelstrom.

Founded in mid-2022 and currently in the testnet stage, Zircuit stands out for its Sorter-Level Security (SLS) feature. Unlike other rollups that simply pack transactions into blocks, Zircuits sorter uses AI to check the security of each transaction before packing it into a block to see if there are any hacking or exploits. If SLS identifies that the transaction is malicious, it will be isolated and will never be included in the block.

Reasons to pay attention

To grow TVL before the mainnet launch, Zircuit launched a points campaign where users can deposit ETH, LST, and LRT into its network. Supporting multiple assets, including liquid staking tokens such as wstETH and mETH, liquid re-staking tokens such as Puffers pufETH, Renzos ezETH, and KelpDAOs rsETH, and Ethenas sUSDe synthetic dollar, each token offers a combination of rewards from Zircuit and related projects. Zircuit has accumulated more than $2.5 billion in staked assets and attracted more than 1,000 applications for the Build to Earn program.



Reya Network is an upcoming L2 for trading optimization, supported by Framework, Coinbase, and Wintermute, which aims to enhance market depth by providing shared liquidity for all exchanges operating on L2.

Users can provide funds to the liquidity pool through private accounts and earn rewards from trading spreads, funding fees, protocol fees, and liquidations. This feature is unique in that it prevents protocols from competing for liquidity through potentially dilutive reward schemes, and instead enables them to draw liquidity from the overall liquidity network. In order to become the preferred place for on-chain transactions, Reya aims to achieve a high-performance block confirmation time of 100 milliseconds and process up to 30,000 transactions per second.

Reasons to pay attention

Although no official airdrop has been announced, Reya has announced a liquidity rewards program where depositors earn points by depositing stablecoins to fund its exchange. Points programs often mean airdrops, although no timetable has been announced. In addition to deposits, Reya鈥檚 flagship perpetual DEX currently trades Bitcoin and Ethereum.



Zora Network is an ETH L2 that aims to make NFT circulation more efficient and cheaper.

Built using Optimisms OP Stack, Zora provides a fast and low-cost network designed specifically for NFTs. As the first NFT-centric L2 using the OP Stack, transactions are confirmed in seconds, minting costs are only a few cents, and Zora returns protocol fees to creators, resulting in $25 million in rewards for artists who publish NFTs on its network. Zora provides creators with a comprehensive toolkit to publish NFTs in multiple formats, whether it is an open collection, a collection, or a 1/1 artwork.

Reasons to pay attention

While Zora has not announced an airdrop, the launch of their own network suggests that a future airdrop of the chain鈥檚 governance token may be in the works. Additionally, given their participation in Superchain, Zora creators may once again be eligible for retroactive rewards from Optimism, as they were previously awarded from Airdrop 4.

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