Take a look at 4 airdrop projects worth interacting with

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The recent market may be a bit boring, and after the airdrop storm of zkSync and LayerZero, many players have lost confidence in airdrops. I am also an ordinary player who has no experience and no time to log in in batches to catch a project and play it wildly. Although we don’t have the ability and energy of a studio, we might as well spend some time to do some projects that can be played casually when the market is boring, to see if we can get a little blessing.

MapleStory Universe

Take a look at 4 airdrop projects worth interacting with

MapleStory is too classic. Rhythm introduced the background of Nexon moving this classic game, which has been in service for 20 years, to the blockchain more than a year ago. If you are interested in learning more, you can refer to this article. (Related reading: MapleStory + NFT, why does a classic game with more than 180 million registered players choose to go on the blockchain? )

The content of this article, so far, has changed from being published on Polygon to being published on AVAX. Back to where we can go, their official website has launched a series of Galxe activities, including daily sign-in, answering questions, and creating a character for yourself on the official website. It is not clear what these points will be used for, but lets do it first. Its a piece of cake to sign in every day.

The answer to the question is CACABBCBAD. In addition, if you are unable to access the official website due to regional restrictions, you can switch the node to Malaysia or Australia.


Currently the 5th Telegram Channel in terms of total subscribers. Note that the official Twitter account of Yescoin is @Yescoin_Fam . There is another account with the same name so it is easy to get confused.

Take a look at 4 airdrop projects worth interacting with

The gameplay is similar, just click, click, and after a slight upgrade, it becomes a draw. The most worry-free thing is that you can just hang up, and upgrading YesPac in the Build column will automatically help us earn gold coins.

Take a look at 4 airdrop projects worth interacting with

The other items can also be upgraded when there are gold coins, which can improve the efficiency of hanging up. This is a very simple game, eat gold coins, save gold coins, upgrade, and thats it. If you have extra energy, you can pull heads.

Although the name looks like a Notcoin clone, this thing has been recommended by TON official. In addition, the growth data has always been good, so don’t be fooled by the name and underestimate it.

Take a look at 4 airdrop projects worth interacting with

I am still very optimistic about the TON ecosystem. There may be many WeChat Mini Games teams waiting and watching. Once they figure it out, they will rush in and upgrade the gameplay immediately. Now is the wild period, so it is normal to click.


Ordinals is a small picture project Launchpad that everyone often uses. Their Rune Token Farming activity has been going on for a while, and the task is basically to use their platform and some social media interactions.

The point worth trying is that they have a rune infrastructure product OdinSwap, which is a rune AMM and will be open for testing soon. For the more innovative rune infrastructure, I think it is not bad to just go through the basic tasks and look forward to a good meal.

Just click “Raiding” at the top of their official website to start.

Take a look at 4 airdrop projects worth interacting with

Super Champs

There are two points to take advantage of this project. One is that their token $CHAMP is currently running a Farming event. You can start taking advantage of it by clicking “$CHAMP” at the top of their official website .

Take a look at 4 airdrop projects worth interacting with

In addition, the company behind them, @onjoyride, announced in September 2023 that it had acquired a mobile chicken-eating game called Bullet League @getbulletleague , which also had millions of downloads on Google Play. After the acquisition, Bullet League integrated some elements of the Super Champs game ecosystem into it (Super Champs also has a tennis game, Racket Rampage, but the editor is not very interested in tennis games so he didnt play it).

Take a look at 4 airdrop projects worth interacting with

Racket Rampage already has NFTs, but Bullet League has not yet issued NFTs and tokens. I also play a few games of Bullet League when I have nothing to do. I don’t know if I will be rewarded in the future. This is my second chance to play.

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