Beginners Guide: How to Play with TON Ecosystem

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The crypto market is still sluggish this week. In addition to the continuous decline in prices since June, the TVL on the blockchain has also fallen slightly. Only the TON ecosystem stands out from the crowd with TVL continuing to reach new highs. After Tether announced the issuance of native USDT on the TON chain on April 20, it was like a tiger with wings, and its TVL increased by nearly three times.

In this week’s CryptoSnap weekly report, Dr.DODO will take everyone to explore the TON ecosystem step by step!

Beginners Guide: How to Play with TON Ecosystem


To play on the chain, you must first prepare a wallet. Since TON is not an EVM public chain, you need to use an independent wallet. The most popular ones are Wallet and Tonkeeper, which are built in the Telegram applet. Both are from TOP LAB. The difference is that Tonkeeper is a more familiar self-hosted wallet form, which requires you to keep your own mnemonics and supports Chrome plug-ins or mobile APP applications. Wallet is embedded in Telegram and operates as a mini-program. It is a hosted wallet that follows TGs account, but please note that KYC identity verification is required for use. In addition, Wallet now also launches the TON SPACE function to make the wallet function more complete. You can keep your own mnemonics and support TON NFT or various Jettons tokens (similar to ERC 20/SPL Token). The feature of Wallet is that it can interact with various Telegram native mini-programs more conveniently.

In order to promote the use of Wallet, the Earn function has been launched. Depositing USDT can enjoy up to 50% APR for two months.

  • @Wallet :

  • Tonkeeper:

Beginners Guide: How to Play with TON Ecosystem


Cross-chain bridge/CEX

After preparing the wallet, the next step is to deposit funds into it. You can choose to transfer funds from the Ethereum mainnet or BSC through the official cross-chain bridge. In addition, there are also many third-party bridges that support the TON chain as follows:

  • Official Bridge:

  • LayerSwap:

  • Symbiosis:

  • Rubic:

In addition to using cross-chain bridges, many centralized exchanges already support the deposit and withdrawal of $TON spot or $USDT on TON:

  • TON: OKX/ Bybit/ GATE/ MEXC/ Kucoin…

  • USDT on TON: Binance/ OKX/ Bybit/ GATE/ MEXC/ Kucoin…

Beginners Guide: How to Play with TON Ecosystem


On-chain applications

Now that you have a wallet and money ready, let’s explore the following ecological projects:







Tonraffles is currently the largest Meme coin issuance platform in Ton. Similar to, anyone can create tokens and raise funds here. It also provides common Memecoin services such as locking pools.




Liquidity pledge LSD

  • $tsTON

  • $stTON

Derivatives Perpetual Contracts


NFT Market + Lending



On-chain browser


TON anonymous phone + 888

In addition to the common applications mentioned above, Telegrams unique anonymous phones and usernames are also unique products that can be traded in the form of NFTs. In addition to the market for trading, there is also a derived rental platform that can lend and borrow anonymous numbers for short-term use.

  • Marketplace

  • Number rental


Due to the wealth effect brought by Notcoin, the most widely used applications in the TON ecosystem should be various blockchain games. The most popular one is Catizen, which won the first place in the Dapp field in the last TON official The Open League Season 4 competition. It was invested by the TON Foundation and was very popular in the test network stage. The click-to-raise cat game (for specific gameplay instructions, please refer to this post) has now been launched. The official version of the game can accumulate tokens but cannot be transferred or traded. The second-place Yescoin is a small game of sliding to collect gold coins, which is quite similar to Notcoins click-to-collect. According to the last competition data, the number of users of Catizen and Yescoin exceeded 10 M, and the main players are still airdrop hunters, so there is a lot of water in the number of users.

  • Catizen:

  • Yescoin:

Beginners Guide: How to Play with TON Ecosystem


Authors opinion

The author officially entered the TON chain this week and can feel the difference in the development direction of TON and other chains. Many new public chains were born in this bull market cycle, but the gameplay is extremely similar. However, TON has created the TG APP gameplay through deep binding with Telegram, a platform with 900 million users. Transfers, transactions, games, etc. can all be completed in TG. Compared with other public chains, it is a more mobile user-friendly environment.

In addition, the foundation has put a lot of effort into promotion, including the aforementioned The Open League Season competition. Unlike other ecosystems where incentive bonuses are mostly determined by internal appointment or voting, the TON Foundation uses multiple data evaluations and distinguishes four major areas: Dapp, Token, NFT, and Defi. Whether it is chain games, social applications, or even Memecoin, there is a chance to win bonuses.

In terms of experience, the TON chain does give the author a full sense of freshness, but it also means that the old Crypto user experience requires additional learning costs. At the same time, the native wallet Wallet requires KYC, which has prevented many people from joining TON. How to bring Telegrams 900 million Web2 users into the Web3 world and at the same time let more native Web3 users join TON will be the key to whether TON can realize its full potential.

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