Multiple profit opportunities in a down market, Huobi HTX provides new ways to play BTC

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Since the Fed released its latest dot plot in mid-June, the crypto market has entered a downward trajectory. BTC has gradually fallen from a high of $70,000, and with the recent announcement by the Mt.Gox trustee that it will begin to repay assets in July, BTC has once fallen below $59,000. Under the double pressure of negative macro sentiment and tight liquidity in the currency market, Bitcoin has temporarily stabilized the support of $61,000 and is waiting for new stimulus.

The United States will release the latest core PCE on Friday night Beijing time. If the data is ideal, it is expected to boost investor confidence. In addition, the spot Ethereum ETF is expected to be officially approved and open for trading next week, which will also help boost market sentiment. However, in addition to pinning hopes on positive macro signals, investors can still look for better investment opportunities and targets to strive to gain more benefits against the trend.

At this point, Huobi HTX timely launched a new gameplay order mining, providing investors with a simple, feasible and lucrative profit opportunity.

Relay trading and mining to quickly earn profits

In March this year, Huobi HTXs trading mining activity was widely praised by users as soon as it was launched, and it greatly improved the trading liquidity of the platform, forming a win-win situation for users and the platform. As a sister version of trading mining, order mining aims to bring users a multi-dimensional trading experience and more profit opportunities with a lower threshold.

As the name implies, order mining means that users have the opportunity to receive rewards by placing orders. The first phase of order mining supports the BTC/USDT spot trading pair. Huobi HTX will randomly snapshot the orders of the trading pair every minute. According to the snapshot results, rewards will be calculated and accumulated for the orders that meet the conditions for buying and selling. Users orders only need to meet two conditions to receive rewards:

1. Limit orders with order price*order quantity ≥ 100 USDT at the time of snapshot

2. The difference between the pending order price and the latest transaction price (closing price) at the time of snapshot does not exceed 0.5%

It is reported that the first phase of the order mining activity will start at 18:00 on June 26, 2024, and end at 18:00 on July 3 (UTC+8), lasting for 7 days, with a total prize pool of 25.7 billion HTX, that is, the prize pool per minute is about 2,552,478 HTX. Any user can participate in the activity by completing the registration through the registration page, without any other threshold restrictions.

Kill two birds with one stone: buy BTC at the bottom + earn swing profits + mine HTX

Although BTC has just experienced a certain decline, it is still the most trustworthy target in the current turbulent cryptocurrency market.

According to CoinMarketCap data, BTCs market capitalization has been rising over the past month. Since breaking through $60,000 at the end of February this year, BTC has formed a relatively solid support at $60,000. Coupled with the potential positives in the short term, now may be a reasonable time to buy BTC at a low price.

The order-pending mining activity provides investors with an opportunity to kill two birds with one stone. While buying BTC at the bottom, they can also share HTX rewards. The more valid orders and the larger the amount, the more $HTX rewards. In the future, when BTC picks up, HTX is also expected to appreciate, and users will enjoy double gains.

At the same time, the volatile market is also an opportunity for swing traders to increase their profits. The feature of order mining with snapshots every minute increases the probability of successful mining for short-term investors. Earning swing profits while receiving HTX rewards effectively reduces transaction costs.


As a cryptocurrency exchange that focuses on innovation and user experience, Huobi HTX is committed to continuously providing users with a rich trading experience and generous rewards. The current sluggish market needs liquidity stimulation. Following trading mining, Huobi HTX has once again launched a strong attack, and order mining is expected to inject new vitality into the market.

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