Planet Daily|VanEck submits Solana Trust fund application; BTC briefly breaks through $62,000 (June 28)

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Planet Daily|VanEck submits Solana Trust fund application; BTC briefly breaks through ,000 (June 28)


Market News: VanEck Submits Application for Solana Trust Fund

According to market news, VanEck submitted an application for the Solana Trust, a spot exchange-traded fund.

BTC breaks through 62,000 USDT, 24-hour increase of 0.61%

OKX market data shows that BTC has broken through 62,000 USDT and is currently reported at 62,044.1 USDT, with a 24-hour increase of 0.61%.

Feds Bostic: Expected to cut interest rates in Q4 this year and 100 basis points next year

Fed Chairman Bostic said inflation is moving in the right direction and that interest rates may be cut in the fourth quarter, with four quarterly rate cuts of 25 basis points each expected in 2025. (Jinshi)

Binance is committed to addressing account abuse and establishing a channel to report abuse

Binance officially announced that it has recently noticed that some account functions have been abused, which has gained unfair advantages, such as enjoying more favorable rates or higher API limits than other users. Binance has always been committed to taking necessary measures to ensure compliance, protect users, and maintain market credibility. The goal is to create a healthy and sustainable market environment and always put the interests of all users first. Therefore, Binance decided to take strict measures to combat account abuse. The Binance platform offers a variety of account types, including sub-accounts, custody sub-accounts, and fund management accounts, which play an important role in various applications. However, these functions may also be used by bad actors to try to circumvent our control measures to obtain or sell account access and obtain more favorable rates and higher API limits.

Data changes

Blur TVL falls below $100 million, lowest level since November

According to defiLlama data, Blurs total locked-in volume has fallen below $100 million, currently reaching $97.82 million, the lowest level since November 2023. In addition, data shows that Blur (BLUR) currently has a market value of approximately $352.35 million.

Justin Suns associated address transferred 173,821,341 TRX to Binance, worth more than $21 million

According to the on-chain data tracking service Whale Alert, at around 16:59 Beijing time today, the address associated with Justin Sun transferred 173,821,341 TRX to Binance through the TRON blockchain, with a value of approximately US$ 21,397,186 .

Scroll TVL exceeds 840 million US dollars, setting a new record, with a 7-day increase of 12.02%

According to L2 BEAT data, Scroll TVL exceeded US$840 million, setting a new historical high; it is currently US$841.68 million, with a 7-day increase of 12.02%.

Project News

BLAST airdrop participation addresses exceed 300,000

Dune data shows that 12,705,542,293.4 BLAST airdrops have been claimed, accounting for 90.75% of the total airdrop (17 billion). In addition, the number of BLAST airdrop claiming participating addresses has exceeded 300,000, currently reaching 303,841 .

Whales Market founder dexter posted a post that seemed to hint at the upcoming airdrop of tokens

Dexter, the founder of Whales Market, wrote on the X platform: “Pre-market trading, TGE, airdrop, listing, Moon”, which seems to imply that is about to issue a coin.

Lisk launches community vote to destroy 100 million LSK or allocate them to the Lisk Foundation

Lisk has launched a community vote to destroy 100 million LSK or donate it to the Lisk Foundation ( 25% of the total). The vote is scheduled to be held on September 24 and will last for 7 days. If the tokens are allocated to the Lisk Foundation, they will be distributed between 2027 and 2033, with 15 million LSK tokens issued each year in the first six years and 10 million in the seventh year.

TON: The Open League Season 4 has ended, and applications for Season 5 are now open

TON officially announced on the X platform that The Open League Season 4 event has ended, the specific list of winners has been announced, and the Season 5 event will officially start at 19:00 on July 10, Beijing time. The application channel is now open and the deadline is 19:00 on July 3, 2024, Beijing time.

Mint launches Mint Forest 2.0 upgrade, introducing anti-sybil features to increase real user rewards

Ethereum L2 network Mint announced the launch of Mint Forest 2.0 upgrade on X, which aims to enhance the user experience and increase rewards for active users. Based on community feedback, Forest 2.0 introduces some new features and changes that will effectively block Sybil accounts and truly reward Mints truly active users.

ZKsync: Paymaster transaction volume has increased 10 times since February

ZKsync published an article on X stating that according to Dune data, the number of Paymaster transactions has increased 10 times since February and currently stands at 11,576,214 .

ZK-driven interoperability protocol Union is now available on public testnet

The ZK-driven interoperability protocol Union announced the launch of the public testnet on X and created tasks on Galxe to attract users to join. According to reports, Union is a modular interoperability layer for universal messaging, asset transfers, NFTs, and DeFi.

Tensor: Season 4 will end in December, with points distributed evenly every day

Tensor released an update on Season 4 on X: Regarding the points formula: points are now evenly distributed every day regardless of market volume, where wash trading series will be marked and receive 0 points (displayed in the UI), and deceptive bids/listings will not be eligible for points; Regarding the reward multiplier: due to popular demand, the pledge multiplier will be linearly increased; in addition, the S 4 leaderboard is online. Based on community feedback, the team announced that S 4 will end in December 2024 (the specific date is to be determined).

Investment and Financing

Decentralized cross-chain oracle AnchorZero completes $8 million seed round of financing, led by Bain Capital and Spark Capital

AnchorZero, a decentralized oracle network developer, announced the completion of an $8 million seed round of financing, led by Bain Capital Crypto and Spark Capital, with participation from Ethereal Ventures, Robot Ventures, Mischief Fund, Pascal Capital, and Sarah Meyohas. The specific valuation information has not been disclosed yet.
It is reported that AnchorZero is a blockchain technology company that specializes in developing decentralized cross-chain oracle networks, providing secure and reliable price feed data services for smart contracts, allowing access to external data of smart contracts on multiple platforms. In addition, they also provide Web3 tax planning solutions.

Bitcoin analysis startup Rebar completes $2.9 million seed round led by 6th Man Ventures

Bitcoin analysis startup Rebar announced the completion of a $2.9 million seed round of financing, led by 6th Man Ventures, with participation from ParaFi Capital, Arca, Moonrock Capital and UTXO Management. The new funds will be used to build the first Bitcoin-based MEV product. (TheBlock)


Scroll co-founder: Big users who are disappointed with Blast can deposit Scroll, we will not PUA

Ye Zhang, co-founder of Scroll, said in a post on X: Big investors who are disappointed with Blast can deposit Scroll. Previously, Session Zero of Scroll only required holding assets to accumulate marks. Now it is the Session One stage. You can accumulate marks by participating in the DeFi ecosystem. Those with a lower risk appetite can participate in old DeFi projects such as Aave. Money can be withdrawn at any time, and it will arrive in 30 minutes. The previously accumulated marks will not be deducted. There is no blockage at all. Someone is taking Point PUA, but it does not mean that everyone is PUA.

Bloomberg analyst: VanEck SOL ETF could launch sometime in 2025

Bloomberg analyst James Seyffart wrote on the X platform that VanEck has submitted the first SOL ETF in the United States, and it is worth watching whether other issuers will follow suit. The current thinking is that if there is a new administration in the White House and a change of personnel at the US SEC, the relevant application may be launched sometime in 2025, but it may not be realized.

Coinbase Chief Legal Officer: Request the US SEC to provide the closing investigation documents that ETH is not a security

Coinbase Chief Legal Officer Paulgrewal.eth posted on the X platform that today two lawsuits were filed against the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the U.S. Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) under the Freedom of Information Act. Coinbase asked the SEC to provide documents about closed investigations to understand how the SEC views its newly acquired broad (and illegal) powers. One of the investigations was recently closed and focused on ETH. The SEC publicly announced in 2018 that ETH was not a security. Other investigations have been closed for many years, but the SEC previously rejected Coinbases request.

QCP Capital: The time has come to buy the bottom of Bitcoin

QCP Capital released a report on June 27, which stated that QCP believes that Bitcoin can hold the support level of $60,000 because the German government has slowed down the transfer of Bitcoin to exchanges, with only 250 Bitcoins transferred yesterday, which may indicate that their current selling plan is nearing its end. In addition, after 7 consecutive days of capital outflows, the Bitcoin spot ETF finally reported a net inflow of $ 52.4 million in the past two days.

This article is sourced from the internet: Planet Daily|VanEck submits Solana Trust fund application; BTC briefly breaks through $62,000 (June 28)

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