Orderly Network: Integrating liquidity, improving user experience, and changing the DeFi world

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Original article: Resolving the Liquidity Dilemma: Orderly Networks Next-Gen Trading Infrastructure Elevates DeFi Efficiency with Institutional-Grade Liquidity

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Orderly Network: Integrating liquidity, improving user experience, and changing the DeFi world

By aggregating liquidity, simplifying user experience, and supporting diverse trading solutions, full-chain trading infrastructure like Orderly Network is changing the DeFi landscape and paving the way for wider adoption of DeFi. As of June 2024, the total value of decentralized finance (DeFi) is close to $100 billion, and analysts predict that the market will grow sixfold by 2032.

Despite its huge potential, DeFi also faces some challenges, such as poor user experience of decentralized exchanges (DEX) and the limitations of automated market makers (AMMs) that affect efficiency. At the same time, problems such as the lack of limit order functionality, low capital efficiency, high slippage, and impermanent loss hinder trading smoothness and scalability.

Orderly Network: Integrating liquidity, improving user experience, and changing the DeFi world

It is estimated that by 2032, the DeFi market size will reach approximately US$601.5 billion (Source: Vision Research)

In addition, transaction delays, complex usage, and low transmission speeds are also weaknesses of some DEXs. The fragmented liquidity and heavy reliance on cross-chain bridges further exacerbate the problem of DeFi user experience. This factor hinders ordinary users from turning to DeFi because it is difficult to obtain a simpler and faster trading experience.

Recognizing these challenges, the developers at Orderly Network have been working hard to create a more comprehensive, user-friendly, and efficient DeFi ecosystem. This includes integrated liquidity to strengthen financial operations and drive widespread adoption.

Orderly Network: Unified liquidity for seamless cross-chain transactions

Orderly Network is a full-chain derivatives liquidity layer project that integrates full-chain derivatives liquidity to provide liquidity and settlement support for any asset, any public chain, and any product interface to meet the challenges of the DeFi industry. Orderly Network helps different DeFi users, such as DEX and traders, operate more efficiently and improve the cross-platform trading experience.

To facilitate these functions, Orderly Network built Orderly Chain using OP Stack, which acts as the main settlement layer and ledger, recording relevant data of all transactions, including user balances and transaction data.

Orderly Chain, using Celestias Data Availability and LayerZeros cross-chain protocol, allows exchanges on different public chains to share a liquidity pool. It currently supports 6 public chains and has become the second most active protocol on LayerZero. Through these innovations, Orderly Network ensures smooth operation even in the event of downtime of the matching engine order book. This resilience enables market makers to calmly and flexibly manage trading positions and user balances to maintain uninterrupted service.

Orderly Networks system creates a platform that goes beyond a single blockchain, improves transaction efficiency, expands liquidity depth, narrows spreads, and enables cross-network capabilities in DeFi, playing the role of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) in traditional finance, providing unified and integrated liquidity and order book functions to users within the system.

Improve cross-platform transaction efficiency

After wallets and custodians connect to Orderly, they can provide users with the best trading rates and prices for major assets and create custom exchange widgets based on the Orderly Network ecosystem. Trading platforms and mature traders can use the Orderly Networks application programming interface (API) to obtain a low-latency order execution experience comparable to centralized exchanges.

Spot aggregators can leverage Orderly Network鈥檚 extensive liquidity to obtain the best market rates, drive trading volume, and earn transaction fees. Perpetual contract aggregators can create a front end that integrates the perpetual contract ecosystem by accessing Orderly Network鈥檚 shared order book and liquidity, providing C-end users with trading and better service experience.

Orderly Network: Integrating liquidity, improving user experience, and changing the DeFi world

Orderly Network deploys Omnichain vault on major public chains (Source: Orderly Network)

Games and decentralized applications (dApps) can improve their user experience by integrating Orderly Network鈥檚 in-game exchange widget to enable seamless token swaps. Trading bots can use features such as stop and limit orders, gas-free trading, and customizable fees to get better prices for spot and perpetual contract transactions.

Additionally, Orderly Network offers hedging tools to protect positions on other exchanges through its comprehensive order book, ensuring effective risk management.

Improve liquidity and attract a large number of investors

The Orderly Network has grown rapidly, reaching significant milestones, including cumulative transaction volume exceeding $50 billion and a 100% increase in total value locked (TVL), reaching $40 million in just one month.

Orderly Network has deployed funds in the six major public chain ecosystems of Near, Polygon, Arbitrum, Optimism, Base and Mantle, further consolidating the infrastructure of the entire organism. Currently, Orderly Network has also been launched on the Ethereum mainnet, allowing users to trade directly from the base layer for a seamless experience. Now, deposits and withdrawals between Ethereum and any supporting chain have been simplified.

Orderly Network supports more than 14 DEXs and ranks in the top five on the data aggregator DeFiLlama鈥檚 ranking.

Orderly Network: Integrating liquidity, improving user experience, and changing the DeFi world

Orderly Network is expanding its ecosystem through high-profile partnerships (Source: Orderly Network)

Ran Li, co-founder of Orderly Network, emphasized the importance of liquidity in the dynamic DeFi space, saying: As an innovator in launching a full-chain ecosystem, we aim to provide liquidity and settlement support for any asset, any chain or any interface for different DeFi and Crypto users. He added: Looking forward to the next phase of business development and continuing to work together to promote the development of DeFi transactions.

Omnichain SDK, Token Release and Future Plans

Orderly Network has launched the Omnichain SDK, which aims to simplify the development of perpetual contract protocols and advanced trading tools for EVM developers. The toolkit functions like a plug and play system, allowing developers to quickly and easily build a permanent DEX based on an order book, greatly reducing the development time and workload of the Web3 team.

In preparation for the token launch, Orderly Network launched The Road to the Order. This campaign provides active traders with relevant points rewards (including merits, etc.) for each trade, and these points rewards have the opportunity to receive a share of the airdrop after the TGE. The campaign is currently in its 10th phase and has more than 57,000 active traders participating each week. Users can track their progress and rewards through a dedicated webpage.

Looking ahead, Orderly Network will focus on improving platform capabilities and user experience in the second half of 2024. Key initiatives include the introduction of isolated margin to improve risk management and trading flexibility. Margin allows traders to allocate a specific amount of margin to a single position, effectively reducing potential losses to within the margin set for each trade.

Orderly Network: Integrating liquidity, improving user experience, and changing the DeFi world

Orderly Network has ambitious goals for the second half of 2024 (Source: Orderly Network)

Another important new addition is the multi-collateral feature, which will greatly increase the versatility and flexibility of the platform. With this feature, investors can use multiple assets as collateral for their positions.

In addition, Orderly Network also plans to integrate on-chain oracles into its ecosystem. This integration will provide a continuous, transparent and diverse data source for pricing, thereby improving the reliability and security of the platform.

As Orderly Network continues to roll out new features and expand its reach, the platform promises to facilitate smoother, more efficient transactions and redefine the standards for liquidity and risk management in DeFi.

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