LayerZero opens airdrop query: all members are anti-looting, mysterious address accurately hits the rules

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Original | Odaily Planet Daily

Author | Nanzhi

LayerZero opens airdrop query: all members are anti-looting, mysterious address accurately hits the rules

At 1:00 pm Beijing time today, LayerZero, which had been struggling with witch censorship for a month and a half, finally opened the airdrop qualification query link (click to jump).

However, most addresses only have a few to dozens of ZRO, and the smallest one has less than 0.1. According to pre-market trading data from Whales Market and Aevo, the price of ZRO is about 4 U, which means that most addresses only receive tens of dollars in airdropped tokens. For users with a low chance of winning, it may not even be enough to cover the interaction cost.

According to Lookonchain monitoring, a top airdrop hunter also suffered a setback on LayerZero. Its address only received 354.92 ZRO (about US$1,420) in this airdrop. It had previously obtained considerable profits in other airdrops: 104,806 ZK (US$29,000), 10,250 ARB (US$14,000) and 17,007 OP (US$24,000).

All of the above proves that LayerZero is the largest anti-scam project of the year.

Airdrop calculation rules

LayerZero CEO Bryan Pellegrino said that there are only 1.28 million eligible addresses in the end, and the final list of Sybil addresses will be announced tomorrow.

Bryan gave some explanations on the final airdrop calculation rules. Combined with the previous article “ Ten Questions for LayerZero Co-founders: How to deal with wash trading and how to calculate token incentives? ”, the key points are as follows:

  • The airdrop amount is distributed linearly according to the LayerZero protocol fee, excluding fees charged by other protocols such as Stargate;

  • The minimum airdrop amount for users in the LayerZero Core group is 25, and the maximum is 5,000;

  • The minimum RFP is 5 and the maximum is 10,000;

  • All early transactions receive a triple multiplier, and late users receive an additional 10 ZRO;

  • NFT transactions with zero value will be downgraded by 80%.

In addition to the above basic rules, LayerZero has also added many other calculation factors, including various NFTs and protocols, but LayerZero has not disclosed the specific details, resulting in many questioning voices in the community.

Insider trading again?

Shortly after the query link was released, a picture of the query results began to circulate in the community. The picture showed that a user received an airdrop of 10,000 ZRO with the Kanpai Pandas NFT, but the specific address was not disclosed in the community communication content.

Odaily found that Kanpai Pandas is an NFT series that uses LayerZeros ONFT cross-chain technology. The lowest level of Kanpai Pandas can get 63 ZROs, while the INIFINITY level can get 522, and the ALIEN HOLDERS level can get 437. The total number of this series is 7,976, so a total of about one million ZROs were airdropped to the holders of this NFT series, not the 30 million that was rumored online.

In fact, as LayerZero’s “own son” NFT Pudgy Penguins, the airdrop volume of each also ranges from dozens to hundreds, which is at the same level as Kanpai Pandas.

Bryan Pellegrino, CEO of LayerZero Labs, also confirmed that a total of 10 million tokens were airdropped to Stargate users, with Pudgy Penguins and Pandas holders receiving 1 million each. “ All projects in the RFP will allocate allocations to their own communities as they wish, and details will be announced later.”

However, Odaily Planet Daily found some interesting situations during the investigation:

A certain address ( 0x251f8294b1e5df92366ced179fb66b7745749b6b ) has only traded two NFTs , of which Kanpai Pandas earned it 5,335 ZROs.

Another NFT Mafia Nuts purchased by this address was transferred to address 2 ( 0x89cff61026f6743b8d25ae9b253582083136b1c4 ), and the ZRO airdrop quota of address 2 was 15,010, of which Kanpai Pandas again contributed 9,919.

LayerZero opens airdrop query: all members are anti-looting, mysterious address accurately hits the rules

As an obvious LayerZero technology-related NFT, holding a large amount of this NFT and airdropping it cannot be considered as insider trading . However, for the majority of users who only have a few airdrops, the appearance of multiple other precisely hit mysterious addresses can indeed easily arouse suspicion and anxiety.

LayerZero or EndGame

The three kings of the 2023 LuMao world, Starknet, ZKsync, and LayerZero, finally ended here. Now ZKsync and LayerZero have caused strong dissatisfaction in the community . Starknet, which was previously complained about for its high gas prices and network congestion, has become the last big LuMao. The subsequent projects are not as large as the previous ones, and will only become more involuted. LayerZero may become the LuMao EndGame.

This article is sourced from the internet: LayerZero opens airdrop query: all members are anti-looting, mysterious address accurately hits the rules

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Original | Odaily Planet Daily Author | Azuma The LayerZero witch screening activity, which has lasted for nearly a month, is about to come to an end. At 8:00 am Beijing time on May 30, the report window for the second round of the bounty activity (Bounty Hunt 2) will be closed. Considering that LayerZero has previously determined that May 31 will be the final date for the screening activity, it is difficult to start another round of bounty activities in the last two days. This also means that if your address (provided that it has not been exposed or arrested in the first two stages) is not included in the bounty list before 8:00 am tomorrow morning, it is likely that you will successfully escape the poison and win…

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