The second phase of the Bitlayer First Mining Festival is officially launched on OKX Wallet Cryptopedia, airdropping BTR

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The second phase of the Bitlayer First Mining Festival is officially launched on OKX Wallet Cryptopedia, airdropping BTR

On June 27, the second phase of the Bitlayer First Mining Festival was officially launched on OKX Wallet Cryptopedia. The event was jointly initiated by Bitcoins native second-layer network Bitlayer and six ecological projects including GamerBoom, Macaron, Anome, Vanilla Finance, Avalon Finance and Zearn, providing users with BTR rewards worth $1.2 million and abundant airdrops from ecological projects.

This round of the First Mine Festival will last for 5 weeks, from 18:00 on June 27, 2024 to 18:00 on July 31 (UTC+ 8).


Bitlayer and ecological projects will provide generous rewards for event participants. In addition to the $1.2 million worth of BTR token rewards, 6 ecological projects will also provide users with generous rewards, specifically:

  • Gamerboom will offer 150 million $CAPY token rewards, and 5 million $CAPY token rewards for users who complete social tasks

  • Macaron to offer $200,000 worth of DeFi credits

  • Anome will provide 1% of the total supply as a token reward, worth more than $1 million

  • Vanilla Finance will provide 50 million Vanilla Points

  • Avalon Finance will provide each participant with 5,000 Avalon points and 2x Avalon points acceleration benefits

  • Zearn will provide users with more than 40 million $ZEA token rewards

way of participation

The second phase of the Bitlayer First Mining Festival will be launched on the Cryptopedia section of OKX Wallet. Users can open OKX Wallet through a computer or mobile phone, enter the discovery page, select Cryptopedia, find the interactive page of this event, and complete the corresponding tasks according to the prompts.

In order to minimize the threshold for users to participate in this Bitlayer First Mining Festival, the event organizer has set the following tasks for users:

  • Bitlayer: Follow the Bitlayer X account, retweet the event, and get Bitlayer Gas

  • Macaron: At least 5 USDT for the specified currency pair (USDT/BTC)

  • Vanilla Finance: Follow the Vanilla X account and deposit at least 10 USDT on the platform

  • Avalon Finance: Deposit at least 0.0001 BTC on the project鈥檚 Bitlayer chain

  • Anome: mint at least 1 game card on the Bitlayer chain

  • Zearn: Deposit at least 1 USDT worth of BTC

  • GamerBoom: Join the TG mini-game; complete daily sign-in and mint SBTs to get daily sign-in rewards

For users, as long as they complete any of the above tasks and pass the verification, they will have the opportunity to share the BTR token rewards worth $1.2 million. In addition, users who complete one or more tasks and pass the verification have the opportunity to receive exclusive incentives provided by the corresponding projects. For example, users who complete the tasks set by Macaron and Vanilla Finance and pass the verification will receive the Macaron DeFi points and Vanilla points they provide.

It should be noted that users are requested to verify in time after completing the task. Tasks that have been completed but not verified will not receive corresponding rewards.

Bitlayer First Mining Festival Participation Tutorial

With the official launch of the First Mining Festival, users need to cross-chain their assets to Bitlayer before completing all the tasks set up by the project. The following is a specific cross-chain tutorial:

1. Bitlayer supports users to quickly exchange USDT (ERC 20/TRC 20) for BTC on the Bitlayer chain at the lowest cost. For details, please refer to the tutorial: 78 ab 942504 a 84974 a 0 bb 5 3a95ba55b29

2. If users want to transfer BTC and ETH assets to Bitlayer, they can use third-party bridges such as Meson, Owlto and Orbiter. For details, please refer to the tutorial: 115 f 159 aeedf 45 ebadea 38 bb 47 a 2dd7d

3. If the users funds are greater than 50,000 US dollars, Bitlayer recommends operating through the Bitlayer official bridge. For details, please refer to the tutorial: 2d19c5ae458429ea8eada56412e72b3

In addition, for the specific participation tutorials of all projects in this mining festival, please check the following link: 0 b 3948 d 329514 b 38 a 3445835 dc 379223

About Bitlayer

Bitlayer is the first Bitcoin security equivalent Layer 2 based on BitVM. The core goal of Bitlayer is to solve the trade-off between security and Turing completeness of Bitcoin Layer 2 through cryptographic innovation and blockchain engineering implementation.

Bitlayer is committed to becoming the computing layer of Bitcoin, aiming to introduce hyper-scalability to Bitcoin while inheriting its security and providing users with a high-throughput, low-cost transaction experience.

Please follow Bitlayer updates via the following channels:

Website | Twitter | Discord | Medium | Github | Youtube

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