So overnight, Blinks turned the X platform into Solana L2?

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So overnight, Blinks turned the X platform into Solana L2?

Last night, a number of projects in the Solana ecosystem announced support for Solana鈥檚 latest feature Blinks on the X platform, including the wallet Phantom, DEX Jupiter, NFT platform Tensor, and dozens of other projects.

What is Blinks? It allows various interactive operations on Solana to be converted into a button on the X platform, such as Mint, Swap, etc.

Why was Blinks born? It carries Solanas vision of achieving Mass Adoption. Jon Wong, the engineering director of the Solana Foundation, said: How do we promote blockchain to a billion people? Our answer is simple: we must reach users where they are – their favorite apps and websites.

Odaily will introduce the functions, features and usage of Blinks in this article.

Blinks Interpretation

Blinks was jointly launched by Dialect and Solana. This feature allows developers to create protocols called Actions. Actions exist in the form of a link (URL) that can convert various Solana interactions into action buttons on the X platform, such as voting, donating, minting, swapping, paying , etc.

Blinks, the full name of which is Blockchain Links, is a client that verifies Actions and presents them to users.

So overnight, Blinks turned the X platform into Solana L2?

In terms of intuitive experience, Blinks only shortens the distribution channel and the users operation link. For example, if a platform sells an NFT, the normal operation is to publish the official link of the platform on its X account, and the user clicks on the jump, and then completes the minting of the NFT in the specified process. However, Blinks omits the jump and other official UI jump processes, and directly jumps to the wallet operation from the X platform.

However, Solana does not only regard this feature as a functional improvement, but also as a paradigm innovation . Solana co-founder Toly said that through Blinks, Web2 will become Solanas L2 and obtain the latters economic security. It is true that X platform has the strongest communication ability as a social application, and minimizing the link to Web3 will help promote user conversion rate and maximize the equation of active = visit 脳 conversion .

So overnight, Blinks turned the X platform into Solana L2?

But looking at it from another negative extreme, this feature may also become a harvesting tool for fraud gangs. The fake accounts on the X platform are originally difficult to distinguish and there are a lot of them. Blinks can also be used by them, shortening the users thinking and operation time, which may increase the probability of being deceived.

The final outcome of Blinks is still hard to determine, whether it will achieve further mass adoption of Solana, or whether it will fail to meet the current Crypto market demand and ultimately be ignored, or whether it will become a scam tool. However, it is foreseeable that we will once again experience a paradigm shift in the Solana ecosystem.


Currently, two wallets Phantom and Backpack, DEX Jupiter, NFT platform Tensor and a series of other protocols already support Blinks. This section will take Phantom+Jupiter as an example to explain how to enable this function.

  • After opening the Phantom wallet, go to the menu bar through the upper left corner, and then go to the settings at the bottom;

  • After entering the settings interface, scroll to the bottom. The latest version of Phantom will have an Experimental Features option;

  • After entering this option, select to turn on the Actions function.

So overnight, Blinks turned the X platform into Solana L2?

If the above functions still do not work after checking them, you can download the official Chrome plug-in from Dialect, the developer of Blinks , and then check to enable the Blinks function in Phantom .

In addition, when the author was testing this function, he found that the Hong Kong node could not display properly . If readers encounter the same situation, they can choose to switch to other regions for testing.

So overnight, Blinks turned the X platform into Solana L2?

After Blinks is turned on normally, the link you see on the X platform should be as shown in the left picture below. Users can directly choose to purchase tokens ranging from 10 US dollars to 100 US dollars. If it is not effective, it will be as shown in the right picture below, which is only an external link.

Readers can check the style according to the test tweet released by the author (click to jump) to verify whether it is successfully enabled. Please note: this link is only listed for testing purposes and is not a purchase recommendation for BONK.

So overnight, Blinks turned the X platform into Solana L2?

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