Planet Daily | Blast Foundation plans to airdrop BLAST to the community at 10 pm today; USDC Treasury destroys 150 milli

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Planet Daily | Blast Foundation plans to airdrop BLAST to the community at 10 pm today; USDC Treasury destroys 150 milli


The Blast Foundation plans to airdrop BLAST to the community at 10pm on June 26th.

BLAST announced on the X platform that the Blast Foundation will airdrop BLAST to the community on June 26 at 10am EST, 10pm HKT, 4pm CET.

USDC Treasury destroys 150 million USDC

According to Whale Alert monitoring, at 6:56 Beijing time, USDC Treasury destroyed 150,000,000 USDC on the Ethereum chain, worth US$ 150,014,443 .

Solana Ecosystem Startup Accelerator Colosseum Fund Completes $60 Million Fundraising

Colosseum, a newly established startup accelerator that organizes hackathons specifically for the Solana ecosystem, announced that a fund focused on investing in early-stage projects has completed $60 million in fundraising. The fund is oversubscribed and will focus on Pre-Seed stage investments in startups selected by the winners of the Solana Hackathons. (Coindesk)

Upbit cold wallet Mr.100 once again holds about 107 BTC

According to HOD L1 5 Capital monitoring, Mr. 100 increased his holdings by 113.96 BTC since May 19, and then increased his holdings by another 107.84 BTC.

Data changes

A new address transferred 527.5 billion SHIB from a Korean exchange, worth $9.13 million

According to the monitoring of on-chain analyst @ai_ 9684 xtpa, a new address has transferred 527.5 billion SHIBs from the Korean exchange Coinone in the past 45 minutes, worth 9.13 million US dollars, with an average transfer price of 0.00001731 US dollars. It is understood that SHIB has fallen by nearly 6% in the past seven days and is currently priced at 0.00001718 US dollars.

A whale withdrew 333.9 billion PEPE from Binance, worth $3.98 million

According to The Data Nerd, 2 hours ago, whale 0x06b withdrew 333.9 billion PEPE (worth US$3.98 million) from Binance.

A whale deposited 2,350 MKRs opened 5 months ago into OKX 8 hours ago

According to The Data Nerd, 8 hours ago, whale 0xC4A deposited 2,350 MKR (about 5.04 million US dollars) into OKX. 5 months ago, he spent 13.08 million US dollars to accumulate 2,350 MKR, 39,100 AAVE and 1.4 million LDO, and then liquidated his positions to obtain 11.4 million US dollars, with a total loss of 1.7 million US dollars.

Arbitrum on-chain DEX had a trading volume of $864.1 million yesterday, surpassing Solana to rank second

DeFiLlama data shows that the transaction volume of Ethereum on-chain DEX on June 24 was US$2.582 billion, ranking first. In addition, the transaction volume of Arbitrum on-chain DEX yesterday was US$864.1 million, surpassing Solana to rank second; the transaction volume of Solana on-chain DEX yesterday was US$751.92 million, ranking third.

An early WIF buyer increased his holdings by more than 938,000 WIF 4 hours ago and currently holds 3.97 million WIF

According to Lookonchain monitoring, 4 hours ago, an early WIF buyer bought another 938,434 WIFs (US$1.6 million). On December 9 and December 13, 2023, he bought 3.58 million WIFs (now worth US$6.6 million) at a cost of US$21,000, and currently holds 3.97 million WIFs (US$7.3 million).

Project News

Solana Mobile Chapter 2 Pre-Order Token Holders Exceed 140,000

According to data shared by SolanaFloor on X, the number of pre-order token holders for Solana Mobiles second smartphone, Chapter 2, has exceeded 140,000.

Slerf: More than 25,000 wallets have received 100% refunds

Slerf announced on the X platform that everyone who participated in the SLERF presale has received some form of compensation, more than 25,000 wallets have received 100% refunds, and the last 250 wallets have received 25% refunds. Users can now check if their wallets have received deposits.

Over 3.3 billion ZK airdrops have been claimed, accounting for 90.19% of the total airdrops

Dune data shows that currently 3,314,476,038 ZK tokens have been claimed in the airdrop, accounting for 90.19% of the total airdrop ( 3,675,000,000 ZK) .

Synthetix launches Arbitrum liquidity incentive program, offering 2 million ARB rewards

According to official news, Synthetix announced the launch of the Arbitrum liquidity incentive program, providing 2 million ARB rewards. It is reported that this 12-week plan has been approved by ARB governance and aims to attract liquidity providers, stablecoin liquidity and Perps trading activities. The rewards are expected to be distributed before September 3. The LTIP grant of 2,000,000 ARB will be distributed as follows: 1. 1,000,000 ARB for LP incentives; 2. 900,000 ARB transaction fee rebates (up to 75% of the transaction fees paid by Arbitrum); 3. 100,000 ARB for stablecoin liquidity.

Ronin: Goda upgrade is scheduled to go live on July 3

Ronin announced on the X platform that it plans to upgrade Goda on July 3rd at block 36052600. In addition, Ronin also stated that the Tripp hard fork enables all validators to receive rewards by generating blocks every day, the Aaron Hardfork introduces the upgradeability of the Axie Land smart contracts, and REP-0014 proposes to implement Ethereums EIP-1559 to transfer gas fees to the Ronin Treasury.

ZeroLend One whitepaper is released, introducing new features such as permissionless lending pools and Liquidity Hooks

ZeroLend announced today that the ZeroLend One (v2) whitepaper is now available. This whitepaper provides a comprehensive introduction to ZeroLend One and its new features.

Notcoin: $3 million worth of tokens destroyed

According to Notcoin post on the X platform, $3 million worth of Notcoin has just been destroyed, and an additional $4.2 million will be provided as a reward for Notcoin Explore gold and platinum users. Season 3 is about to start posted on X that Season 3 will be launched soon and an announcement will be made soon.

Investment and Financing

Rollup deployment platform Conduit completes $37 million Series A financing, Paradigm and Haun Ventures co-lead the investment

Rollup deployment platform Conduit announced the completion of a US$37 million Series A financing round, led by Paradigm and Haun Ventures, with participation from Bankless Ventures, Coinbase Ventures and others. It is reported that since its launch, Conduit has helped teams such as Degen and Proof of Play build their first L3.

On-chain abstract intent engine ENSO completes $4.2 million in financing, led by Ideo Ventures and others

The on-chain abstract intent engine ENSO announced the completion of a $4.2 million financing, led by Ideo Ventures and Hypersphere, with more than 60 angel investors participating. It is reported that the funds raised will be used to launch the Cosmos-based L1 blockchain this year and for continued product development. (Coindesk)


Gary Gensler: Current securities laws apply to the crypto space, and a large number of industry entities do not comply with regulations

In an interview at the Bloomberg Investment Summit, U.S. SEC Chairman Gary Gensler spoke about the intersection of cryptocurrencies and securities laws, the political implications of crypto regulation, and his priorities at the SEC. Gensler stressed that there is no inconsistency between crypto securities and existing securities laws. He noted that the rules governing securities are clear and protect investors and ensure fair, orderly, and efficient markets. Despite this, he believes that a large number of entities within the cryptocurrency space do not comply with these laws. This noncompliance is a key issue that the SEC aims to address through its regulatory oversight.

Bloomberg Analyst: VanEck Files Form 8-A for Spot Ethereum ETF

Bloomberg ETF analyst Eric Balchunas wrote on the X platform that VanEck submitted the 8-A form for the spot Ethereum ETF, which is only part of the process, but it should be noted that they submitted the 8-A form for spot Bitcoin 7 days before the launch of spot Bitcoin, and there may be more news disclosed later.

Bitwise CIO: Ethereum ETF will attract $15 billion in net inflows within 18 months

Bitwise Chief Investment Officer Matt Hougan said that the U.S. spot Ethereum ETF could attract $15 billion worth of net inflows in the first 18 months after its listing.

QCP Capital: Mt.Gox creditors may not have hedges, and there is still selling pressure in the current crypto market

QCP Capital pointed out in a statement that there will continue to be selling pressure in the market, given the high cost of holding perpetual positions and option positions for a long time, and existing Mt.Gox creditors may not be hedged. It is expected that the market will ease in the short term, and given the high potential for Ethereum ETF approval in July, it seems that it is worth buying on dips.

This article is sourced from the internet: Planet Daily | Blast Foundation plans to airdrop BLAST to the community at 10 pm today; USDC Treasury destroys 150 million USDC (June 26)

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