0 cost airdrop, Pixelverse Telegram game PixelTap babysitter level guide

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Recently, the Ton chain game ecosystem is very popular. NotCoin has been successfully listed on Binance and has seen a good increase. Hamster Kombat has also exceeded 9 million followers on Twitter, which shows that the Tap to Earn type of Telegram games are very popular. Pixelverse, which recently raised 5.5 million in financing, released a Tap-to-Earn battle game PixelTap on the Ton chain and launched a Play-to-Airdrop event. The number of monthly active overseas users has reached 7 million, but not many Chinese people pay attention to it. The official clearly stated that the PIXFI token will be listed on the exchange at the end of June, and it is likely to become the next dark horse of the Ton ecosystem.

Project Description

Pixelverse is a game ecosystem and entertainment company with a cyberpunk background. On June 12, it received US$5.5 million in financing. Its main investors include well-known investment institutions such as Delphi Ventures, Merit Circle, Mechanism Capital, and Foresight Ventures.

Currently, Pixelverse has more than 15 million registered users and more than 5 million daily active users, and is expected to become the first platform to transfer 100 million Web2 players to the Web3 ecosystem. The core team members are from YGG, Binance NFT, Binance Listing team, etc. For example, Kirill, the founder of Pixelverse, is from the Binance Listing team and is also the former head of the listing of the popular project StepN App, which has broken the circle by 100 times. The team has a strong background and strength. Recently, the project officially announced that Ben Mauro, a famous concept artist and designer who has participated in the design of movies such as The Hobbit and The Amazing Spider-Man, has joined the team.

Web version: https://zh.pixelverse.xyz/#gameplay

Text tutorial: https://x.com/jianshubiji/status/1801555884990152750

Video tutorial: https://youtu.be/av06unSw_3E

gaming strategy

After entering the Telegram mini-game PixelTap from the official Twitter, click Launch to enter the game page.

After entering the page, the upper left corner of the main page shows the current number of gold coins held, and on the right is the number of tokens that can be collected daily. We can increase the daily collection amount by upgrading the robot.

Click the yellow claim button at the bottom to collect gold coins. Gold coins can be collected once every 8 hours and three times a day.

0 cost airdrop, Pixelverse Telegram game PixelTap babysitter level guide

Enter the invitation page, we can get extra points by inviting friends, which is also the method with the highest reward at present. If the invited friend has a Telegram premium membership, he will get 10,000 gold coins and a 3x welcome bonus. If not, he will get 2,000 gold coins and a 2x welcome bonus. At the same time, you can permanently get 5% of the bonus of the invitee, as well as an additional 3% bonus earned by the second-level downline within 3 days.

Entering the top page, we can see the invitation rankings of the week. The games daily reward pool will collect some of the gold coins of inactive users and add them to the reward pool to motivate the inviter. The position on the weekly invitation ranking depends on the number of referrals invited in a week. The higher the ranking, the more rewards you will receive from the pool. For example, if the first place this week invites nearly 20,000 users, he will get most of the gold coin bonus.

0 cost airdrop, Pixelverse Telegram game PixelTap babysitter level guide

On the battle page, we can see our robot pets. Pets have three attributes: battery, lightning, and strength. Battery represents the current energy value of the pet, lightning represents the energy charging speed, and strength represents the attack level. We can also choose to buy pets. After buying a pet, we need to wait for a certain period of time before we can buy the next one. Buying more pets requires more gold coins. For example, buying the fifth pet requires 10 million gold coins.

We can choose to upgrade our pets to get better numerical improvement. The higher the pet level, the stronger it is, and the more gold coins you get in each battle. At the same time, each additional pet can get an additional passive income of 300,000, and each level up of the pet can increase the passive income by 30,000. Different pets have different level caps. Each upgrade will randomly increase the value by 5 points. At the same time, the higher the level, the more gold coins are required for the upgrade. Here we recommend that you choose a main pet to upgrade for PVP, and the other as a secondary pet to add a passive pet. It is recommended to upgrade the passive pet to about level 5 to get passive income.

0 cost airdrop, Pixelverse Telegram game PixelTap babysitter level guide

When you click the battle button, you will enter the PVP phase, and we will randomly match enemies. After entering the game, when a circle appears, quickly click inside the circle to deduct the opponents health. The faster you click, the faster the blood will be deducted. When the opponents pets health is exhausted, it means victory. It is recommended to use a clicker or fascia gun to achieve a faster click speed. Uncle Jian has tested that it is more convenient and faster to operate on a computer than on a mobile phone.

In the middle of the game, there will be two rounds of guessing. In the first round, I choose the part of the opponent to focus on attacking (one of the four areas), and the opponent has to choose the part to focus on defending. Suppose we choose the upper left corner as the key attack part, and the opponent chooses the lower right corner as the key defense part, it means that our key attack is successful, and the opponents pet will lose a lot of blood. If the part we choose to focus on is exactly the part that the opponent focuses on defending, no blood will be deducted. After the whole process is over, the offense and defense switch into the second round, and the operation is the same as before. When the battle is won, the corresponding gold coin reward will be obtained. Similarly, gold coins will be deducted if the battle fails.

0 cost airdrop, Pixelverse Telegram game PixelTap babysitter level guide

On the reward page, there are currently three ways to get extra gold coin rewards. The first is Daily Combo, which can be understood as a daily quiz. The specific answers to the daily quizzes can be obtained by entering the Pixelverse Telegram Chinese community. Here, Uncle Jian also puts the community link in the introduction. Welcome everyone to enter more conveniently~ After entering the Daily Combo page, we put the pets in the corresponding positions according to the numbers mentioned by the Chinese community. For example, todays answer is 1-2-13-14. When we enter the Daily Combo page, each pet corresponds to a number in order. We only need to drag the pet with the correct number in to get the reward. This reward is obtained a lot, and it is recommended to do it every day.

Another must-do every day is the daily sign-in reward. Click the claim button to complete the sign-in. The more consecutive days you sign in, the more rewards you will get, so dont forget to sign in.

In addition, there is a daily task center where we can see many tasks and complete them to get a lot of gold coins. Some of the tasks here are challenge types, such as inviting friends, and others are simple social tasks, such as retweeting and liking tweets. By completing these daily tasks, you can get the maximum rewards!

0 cost airdrop, Pixelverse Telegram game PixelTap babysitter level guide

Pixelverse and OKX Wallet have recently launched a lottery event worth 50,000 U. After completing the designated tasks, 1,000 people will be drawn to share the rewards. The tasks are mainly social tasks such as retweets, and the difficulty is not high. The event will end on July 1. While participating, you can also get extra gold coin rewards. Interested friends can take a look.

0 cost airdrop, Pixelverse Telegram game PixelTap babysitter level guide

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