Mastering Your Bee Card: A Comprehensive Usage Guide

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Dear Bee Network co-brand card holders,Mastering Your Bee Card: A Comprehensive Usage Guide

Welcome to the Bee Network co-brand card Help Center! If you are a Bee co-brand card holder, this guidebook will provide detailed information about your card usage in various consumption scenarios. We believe it is important for you to understand the available financial products and services, so we have carefully prepared this guide to ensure that you fully enjoy the convenience and flexibility of Bee co-brand card.

Consumption Scenarios and Support Overview:

👈 Bind a Bee Card to PayPal

👈 Bind a Bee Card to Alipay

👈 Bind a Bee Card to Google Pay

👈 Bind a Bee Card to Pay for X Premium

And More…

Bee co-brand card provides you with extensive payment support, striving to meet your needs in online shopping, service subscription, and daily payment. Here is a list of the main scenarios supported by Bee co-brand card:

Enable seamless integration with a broad spectrum of preferred payment services—utilize PayPal, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and Stripe alongside localized e-payment methods including Alipay, Gopay, Dana, OPay, Palmpay, and AfterPay—for an enhanced mobile transaction experience.

Mastering Your Bee Card: A Comprehensive Usage Guide

App stores and digital services: You can use Bee co-brand card to purchase apps, buy games through Google Play, or pay subscriptions for your services such as Netflix, Youtube, ChatGPT, Xbox Game Pass, and Spotify.

Mastering Your Bee Card: A Comprehensive Usage Guide

E-commerce and retail: From Amazon to Walmart and eBay, Temu, Taobao, you can use Bee co-brand cards to make secure payments in various online and offline shopping scenarios.

Mastering Your Bee Card: A Comprehensive Usage Guide

Social and communication platforms: On social platforms such as X Premium, Discord, Telegram, FaceBook, and Reddit. You can enjoy a smoother consumption experience with Bee co-brand cards also.

Mastering Your Bee Card: A Comprehensive Usage Guide

Travel and transportation: Travel services such as Uber, DiDi, and Grab are also included in the supported service list of Bee co-brand card, which ensures your payment needs are met while you are traveling.

Mastering Your Bee Card: A Comprehensive Usage Guide


Even with its diverse applicability, the Bee co-brand card is not accommodated by all services and platforms, such as Cryptocurrency Exchanges  (e.g., Binance, OKX, and Huobi) and a selection of digital services.



Bee co-brand card is designed to provide you with a convenient and fast payment experience, and it covers most of the services and shopping scenarios you may need. It is our hope that these guidelines will serve as a valuable resource to enhance both your understanding and utilization of the Bee Network co-brand card. If you have any questions or need further assistance, don’t hesitate to contact Bee Network Official and local admins anytime.

Thank you for choosing Bee Network co-brand card. We look forward to providing you with more high-quality financial services and support!

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