👈 How to Bind a Card to PayPal

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  1. Open your PayPal app – Wallet – Add New👈 How to Bind a Card to PayPal
  2. Choose “Debit and credit cards”👈 How to Bind a Card to PayPal
  3. Get your card information on the Bee Network App, from “Profile – Overview – Card Info” and input these details into PayPal.👈 How to Bind a Card to PayPal
  4. Finish PayPal Secure Authentication by paying PAYPAL a small amount of money(will refund later). When you see this page, it means your Bee Card has been bound to PayPal successfully.👈 How to Bind a Card to PayPal

All set! Now You Can Start Using Your Linked Bee Card with PayPal for any Purchases.

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