MATR1X FIRE launches the Infinite Game plan and will burn 500 million $FIRE tokens

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MATR1X FIRE announced the launch of the Infinite Game plan, which will burn a total of 500 million $FIRE tokens. The Infinite Game plan is divided into three phases, aiming to upgrade the economic cycle of $FIRE and expand more application scenarios through innovative distribution and burning mechanisms, and build a healthy, diverse and powerful ecosystem for $FIRE.

MATR1X FIRE launches the Infinite Game plan and will burn 500 million $FIRE tokens

Stage 1: Fireflies

Time: Within 7 months after $FIRE TGE

Goal: To lay a solid foundation for the future growth of $FIRE through effective distribution and burning mechanisms.

The initial total amount is limited to 1 billion: The initial total amount of $FIRE is 1 billion. For details, please refer to the FIRE section of the white paper (white paper link ).

Start the burning mechanism: All $FIRE consumed in the Apollo plan will be burned and destroyed, and the total amount of $FIRE will be reduced at the same time.

Burn 80% of team tokens: The $FIRE held by the founding team will be reduced from 25 million to 5 million. The reduced 20 million $FIRE will be burned, and the total upper limit of $FIRE will be reduced at the same time.

Phase 2: Flamingo

When: 7-24 months after TGE

Goal: Expand the application scenarios of $FIRE, accelerate the burning, and reduce the total upper limit of $FIRE until the total amount is reduced to 500 million

Dynamically adjust the output rate: $FIRE will be gradually produced through effective proof of work and dynamically adjusted according to the scale of ecological users.

New burning mechanism: Game ecological economic behavior will accelerate the burning of $FIRE and reduce the total upper limit of $FIRE until the total amount drops to 500 million.

New application scenarios: $FIRE will be introduced in more game products.

Stage 3: Phoenix

Time: 24 months after TGE (depending on the development of the ecosystem)

Goal: Upgrade the economic cycle of the game, expand the diversity of the game ecosystem, and achieve full circulation of $FIRE tokens

Economic cycle upgrade: $FIRE consumed by various application behaviors (such as game products, e-sports products, trading markets, and community products) will enter a specific pool to provide long-term incentives for effective proof of work.

Financial instrument derivatives: More financial mechanisms will emerge to enable $FIRE to circulate more efficiently in the gaming ecosystem.

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