Bitget Research Institute: SEC ends investigation into ETH 2.0, ETH ecosystem currencies rebound across the board

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In the past 24 hours, many new popular currencies and topics have appeared in the market, which may be the next opportunity to make money , including:

  • The sectors with relatively strong wealth-creating effects are: ETH ecological blue-chip projects, Curve-related tokens;

  • Hot searched tokens and topics: Renzo, Particle Network, DJT

  • Potential airdrop opportunities include: Skate, Sanctum

Data statistics time: June 19, 2024 4: 00 (UTC + 0)

1. Market environment

On Tuesday, the crypto market fell across the board. Bitcoin fell below the $65,000 support level in the short term. Several mainstream altcoins fell by double-digit percentages. As of now, the trading price of Bitcoin has rebounded to $65,056, a 24-hour drop of 2.36%. According to Coinglass data, about $372 million of crypto leveraged long positions were liquidated in the past 24 hours, and the short positions were liquidated at $61.8 million. The market showed a clear spot premium, indicating that market participants speculative activities have decreased. Earlier, the BTC order book showed that the buying volume was concentrated around $65,000. It has now fallen to around $64,000. Bitcoin is still below the 50-day moving average, which puts pressure on the medium-term trend. Investors still need to remain patient.

In the U.S. stock market, Nvidia surpassed Microsoft to become the worlds most valuable listed company. At the close, the SP and Dow Jones indexes rose by 0.25% and 0.15% respectively, and the Nasdaq index was basically flat. We need to continue to pay attention to the correlation between Nasdaq and BTC. If the correlation begins to turn positive, but Nasdaq begins to fall, it will have a greater impact on the crypto market.

2. Wealth-making sector

1) Sector changes: ETH ecosystem blue chip projects

main reason:

Bitwise has submitted an S-1 revision to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for an Ethereum spot ETF, which will include changes after the SECs first round of consultation. It is unclear whether more rounds of consultation are needed, and product fees have not yet been disclosed. According to this document, overall, the SECs end of its investigation into ETH 2.0 has led to a substantial rebound in the blue-chip tokens in the ETH ecosystem that had an eye-catching performance in the last bull market cycle. In the future, this sector will be stronger than other sectors, but it also depends on the overall market situation. The market is relatively weak now, and trading still needs to be cautious.

Rising situation:

ENS, LDO, and RPL have risen by 16%, 20%, and 17% respectively in the past 24 hours;

Factors affecting the market outlook:

At present, the ETH spot ETF is likely to be approved and start trading in a few weeks to months. Before and after the ETH spot ETF is approved, the ETH/BTC exchange rate may continue to rise, and ETH is expected to break new highs in the next few months. The breakthrough of ETH will drive the market value of the entire altcoin to rise sharply. Traders on ETH will begin to have greater demand for leverage and trading. Blue chip projects, especially blue chip DeFi projects with actual returns, will continue to rise, ushering in the altcoin season.

2) Sector changes: Curve-related tokens (CRV, CVX)

main reason:

Influenced by yesterdays news, Bitwise submitted an S-1 revision for Ethereum spot ETF, and the SEC will end its investigation into Ethereum 2.0, which means that ETH is not a security. ETH ecosystem assets CRV and CVX also rose sharply.

Rising situation:

CRV and CVX have risen 17% and 36% respectively in the past 24 hours;

Factors affecting the market outlook:

Curve is still one of the best places for stablecoin bulk transactions, and it still maintains a good real profit. Its biggest problem is that its narrative is too old, and there are no new products or operations that excite the market. At the same time, previous accidents and this liquidation decline inevitably make the market full of concerns. However, the price of CRV bought by many whales in OTC before was higher than 0.3 US dollars, so the current price of CRV is still attractive.

3) Sectors that need to be focused on in the future: AI sector

main reason:

  • Binance recently announced support for the merger of FET, AGIX, and OCEAN into ASI, which has caused heated discussions in Europe and the United States and has attracted high community attention;

  • Arweave AO announced that it has launched AO token minting. Users holding AR can obtain AO. AO issuance is relatively fair and is used for data layer business.

Specific currency list:

  • TAO: Bittensor is an open source protocol that powers blockchain-based machine learning networks. Machine learning models are trained collaboratively and are rewarded in TAO based on the value of the information they provide to the collective.

  • NEAR: Recently, many AI projects in the NEAR ecosystem are in the building/funding stage. NEAR is expected to become the AI hub of the future.

  • ASI: The tokens of FET, AGIX, and OCEAN after the merger may have higher volatility and may have opportunities for speculation;

  • AR: Arweave’s new token AO is about to be issued, backed by technical fundamentals and has a good track record.

3. User Hot Searches

1) Popular Dapps

Renzo: Liquidity re-pledge protocol Renzo announced the completion of $17 million in financing, which was divided into two rounds, the first round was led by Galaxy Ventures, and the second round was led by Abu Dhabi-based Nova Fund – BH Digital. Due to the good news, the REZ token rose by 3.74% in a short period of time. Although the token price fell sharply, Renzo still has $3.8 billion in TVL, and user loss is not serious.

2) Twitter

Bitget Research Institute: SEC ends investigation into ETH 2.0, ETH ecosystem currencies rebound across the board

Particle Network: Positioned as a modular L1 that empowers chain abstraction. In the test network Phase 1, Particle Networks Universal Account is based on Particle L1s unique high-performance EVM execution environment, linking various mainstream L1/L2s such as Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, and BTC L2s. Currently, the number of accounts on its chain has exceeded 1 million, and there may be airdrops in the future. It is popular and users are recommended to participate.

3) Google Search Region

Bitget Research Institute: SEC ends investigation into ETH 2.0, ETH ecosystem currencies rebound across the board

From a global perspective:

DJT: Pirate Wires, an American media outlet, published a tweet on the X platform, saying, Rumor has it that Trump is launching an official token on Solana — $DJT. This move has led to a surge in attention to the DJT token, and the on-chain data analysis platform Arkham officially stated that Arkham Intelligence will offer a $150,000 bounty to any user who can clearly prove the identity of the issuer of the Trump-themed Solana on-chain token DJT. But then the price began to fall back, and has fallen by more than 57% in the past 24 hours. The token price fluctuates greatly and is highly uncertain, so users are not recommended to continue paying attention.

From the hot searches in each region:

(1) There is a lack of attention on a unified theme in Asia. Each country has its own focus, and there is little attention paid to projects and hot issues.

(2) There is a significant difference between the hot searches in Europe and the United States and those in Asia: English-speaking countries have shown a concentrated focus on meme tokens. For example, meme tokens such as boden, pepe, trump, and floki have a high level of attention in the United States. The United Kingdom pays more attention to public chain projects, and monad, icp, and hedra have always remained on the hot search list.

Potential Airdrop Opportunities


Skate aims to break the siloing of DApp applications with the full-chain application layer Skate. That is, Dapps can run on multiple chains with a single state, and new blockchains can also be connected to Skate. Users and developers only need to interact with Skate alone to access various networks instantly and have unified liquidity. The project party will airdrop 8% of the tokens.

Skates predecessor was the on-chain asset management protocol Range Protocol, which completed a $3.75 million seed round of financing in September last year, led by HashKey Capital and Nomad Capital.

Specific operation method: Currently, you can get 600 Ollies points and early bird NFT by completing simple tasks. Link your wallet and complete simple social media tasks such as forwarding tweets. You can mint an early bird NFT without gas fee. You can get more points by inviting.


Solana Ecosystem LST Protocol Sanctum officially announced the launch of the loyalty program Sanctum Wonderland. According to reports, Sanctum Wonderland aims to make full use of SOL to gain benefits through a gamified experience. Users can collect pets and earn experience points to upgrade by staking SOL, and earn EXP through pets.

Previously, the Solana ecosystem liquidity staking service protocol Sanctum completed its seed round extension round of financing, led by Dragonfly, with participation from Solana Ventures, CMS Holdings, DeFiance Capital, Genblock Capital, Jump Capital, Marin Digital Ventures and others. The total financing has now reached US$6.1 million.

Specific participation method: open the link, connect the wallet, fill in the invitation code, ② exchange Sol for Infinity, deposit at least 0.122 SOL + 0.05. The deposit wallet needs to prepare at least 0.172 SOL, and deposit at least 0.11 SOL. The pet will automatically grow and earn EXP. Once the LST balance is lower than 0.1 SOL, the pet will enter hibernation and stop earning EXP. Those who are capable are recommended to deposit more than 1 SOL. 1 SOL will earn 10 EXP per minute, which can be withdrawn at any time, and the GAS fee is extremely low.

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【Disclaimer】The market is risky, so be cautious when investing. This article does not constitute investment advice, and users should consider whether any opinions, views or conclusions in this article are suitable for their specific circumstances. Investing based on this information is at your own risk.

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