Counter Fire

Counter Fire is the highly-...


Counter Fire is the highly-anticipated blockchain-based game to offer a unique combination of MOBA and Battle Royale gameplay. With funding from over 13 institutional investors, Players can choose from a range of unique characters and battle it out in a highly competitive arena. The game leverages the power of blockchain technology to offer secure, decentralized gameplay, where players can own and trade in-game assets. With an in-game economy, regular tournaments, and a range of other features,Counter Fire offers an immersive and engaging gaming experience for players who enjoy action-packed battles and competitive gameplay.



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    Surendra Kumar Rai Readers

    How much is bee price ?

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    lino764 Readers


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    #beelover28JHS96 Readers

    I can’t wait for a fabulous and amazing airdrop 💵💰

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      #Beeliever5LHMQL7 Readers

      The airdrop is amazing