Initia is a chain-wide Roll...


Initia is a chain-wide Rollup network built by converging novel L1 and application-specific L2 infrastructure systems. the Initia platform delivers product-ready Rollups that enable teams to build scalable, sovereign systems while removing the user experience complexity that end-users face when interacting with a modular, multi-chain universe. initia has a a complete technology stack that enables a set of chain-level mechanisms that align the economic interests of users, developers, L2 application chains, and L1.



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    Jane Readers

    Initia is a revolutionary Rollup network that combines the best of L1 and application-specific L2 infrastructure to deliver a seamless and user-friendly experience.

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    #Beelover Readers

    Join the revolution!

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    gerx Readers

    Life in crypto is easy when INITIA exists. let’s welcome our new familia

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    Nasd Readers

    Something is brewing in the Initia Discord, come join in init!

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    #BeelieverKS2UV2F Readers

    The Initia Testnet Registration is Live!

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    #Gurabang Readers

    Initia is a blockchain platform designed to support multiple Layer 2 networks — and has an incentive mechanism to support their growth.
    Let’s enjoy INITIA together

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    #beepioneerC727XEI Readers

    Initia quietly (more loudly recently) building one of the most compelling rollup stacks.

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    Nike Readers

    Initia testnet is ready but the team are not done testing internally yet.
    It should come soon! We are impatiently waiting for it!

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    #BeelieverAOL5MRL Readers

    The $Initia project is soon launching on the testnet, and I recommend you don’t miss it. It’s considered a rather promising project with great potential

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    lolo Readers

    The multi-chain Rollup business sector of Binance has not yet launched any projects, while Initia happens to be involved in this area and has also received investment from Binance. I speculate that it may become the next mining project to be launched by Binance.