Generaitiv AI

Generaitiv: The largest AI TTI NFT marketplace, empowering artists with generative AI art and fair royalties.

Generaitiv is a revolutionary AI NFT marketplace that empowers artists to create and monetize unique generative artworks. Built on a decentralized platform, it ensures transparency, fairness, and accessibility for all participants.
The platform offers a diverse range of generative AI art forms, including NFTs, static images, GIFs, videos, and more, fostering limitless creative expression. Artists can unleash their imaginations, leveraging the power of AI algorithms to produce captivating and innovative artworks.
At the heart of Generaitiv’s ecosystem is the $GAI token, enabling seamless transactions and incentivizing GPU computing power. The decentralized AI marketplace allows users to process AI compute jobs, democratizing access to AI technology.
To support and reward creators, Generaitiv implements an industry-first model royalty feature. Artists can earn ongoing royalties from future sales of their AI-generated artworks, ensuring fair compensation and recognition for their contributions.
Generaitiv envisions a future where AI art is open, decentralized, and accessible to all, with the benefits of AI technology distributed among the community. By fostering a transparent and equitable marketplace, Generaitiv aims to revolutionize the intersection of AI art and blockchain-based assets.


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