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Step right up and embark on an exciting adventure with QuackQuack!The more you play, the more you can earn


1. Background
– Project Launch Date: Twitter registration date in March 2023
– Number of Players: Currently over 170,000 players, with continued growth
– Social Media Subscribers: Twitter/TG channel subscriptions exceed 82,000 and are growing
– Notable KOLs: Key KOLs interested in the game include @KudoBine, @ton_blockchain, @MajimeTanaka, @NetworksManager, @cokiramirez, @KarollinaOk, and more

2. User Experience
– User Interface: Prioritizes gameplay introduction, with a cute art style
– Functionality: Supports various tasks such as wallet connection, NFT purchases, earning rewards, item purchases, etc.
– Simple Gameplay

3. Core Gameplay
1. Earn PEPETs by completing tasks like binding X, joining TG channel, daily invitations, daily check-ins, etc.
2. Raise more ducks to get more eggs, with a chance to obtain different ducks
3. Access a 5-minute free CFO experience to unlock acceleration
4. Use PEPETs to purchase CFO or other items
5. Invite friends to earn TON commissions at different rates (3%/5%/8%/10%) when they buy PEPT

4. Unique Features
1. Emphasizes game attributes over similar Telegram games, with surprises of blind card collections during gameplay
2. Publicizes NFTs for whitelist users and anticipates more NFT releases
3. Features a more comprehensive whitepaper and official support compared to similar projects

5. Shortcomings and Recommendations
– Shortcomings: Project reward returns are relatively low; more funding is needed for further development and growth

Overall Rating: ★★★☆☆ (3.1 stars)

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    Wait airdrop…

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    📌 Temel, günlük ve twitter görevlerini mutlaka yapın size pepets gelecektir.

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    I guess more 1000 NFT will be announced 😂