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TabiChain is a gaming blockchain built on Cosmos with Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatibility. Tabi Chain connects Cosmos and Ethereum ecosystems with innovative cross-chain functionality for smooth communication. The Asset Layer centralizes chain and shard liquidity for seamless gaming blockchain interactions.



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    flame Readers

    really good

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    #BeelieverV6VV38V Readers

    my invite code :LdKuA

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    Intact Readers

    Tabi Summer Mission 3: Voyager II is LIVE on Intract!

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    Profe Readers

    Tabi is incubating the VeraChain gaming ecosystem and introducing the concept of “real work” into the gaming ecosystem.

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    Teokenhanter Readers

    The most anticipated project among gaming chains this year is Tabi.

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    655725dc66721b00072669a0 Readers

    my code:9nmp5

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    Closert Readers

    Pioneering 🌟 the gaming blockchain on Cosmos with EVM compatibility.
    Setting new standards for mass adoption in blockchain gaming.

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    guestHTbi Readers

    바이낸스, 왜 Tabi에 두 번 투자 했나? Tabi 노드로 토큰 채굴하기

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    Dannior Readers

    The Tabi Summer Mission 3: Voyager II sounds exciting!