Lista DAO

Lista DAO is a decentralize...


Lista DAO is a decentralized stablecoin lending protocol powered by LSDfi. Users can undergo staking and liquid staking on Lista, as well as borrow lisUSD against a variety of decentralized collateral. Lista aims to position lisUSD as the number one stablecoin in the crypto space, leveraging on innovative liquid staking solutions.



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    Oshadiya Readers

    Lista will be listed on BinanceMegadrop, a platform offering airdrops and Web3 quests for early access to upcoming projects before their listing on Binance Exchange.

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    #Beeliever_Emre Ata Readers

    LISTA Binance’de listelenecek bundan önce BB’de olduğu gibi görevler olacak. Şartlar belli olunca duyurulacak. Herkese bol kazançlar

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    Nitin Mukesh Readers

    As a conclusion, you shouldn’t underestimate projects like lista_dao; grab each opportunity in as many strong projects as possible.

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    #BeelieverAUYTRr3H4 Readers

    For sure will not miss this opportunity ✌🏻

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    taka_tko Readers

    Lista DAOがBinanceのメガドロップに来ましたね。かなり前から紹介していたのでアーリーで入れている方は多いと思います。

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    Pow Poi Readers

    Con này trước là Helio và vừa rebrand thành Lista. Được Binance Labs đầu tư 10M$ vào tháng 8 năm ngoái.

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    #Beeliever_SARIAH Readers

    Lsdfi has been gaining momentum for a while. Hopefully, with $lista, it continues. Besides the megadrop, $Lista is available on Bitget pre-market for early supporters to gain access..

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    Sebastian_capytor Readers

    Hot days in action. EtherFi airdrop was big. Lista DAO is in the pipeline.

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    Mina Readers

    We are delighted that Lista DAO is listed on the Binance Megadrop 🌐.