MotoDEX is a blockchain gam...


MotoDEX is a blockchain game in which users participate in motorcycle races, develop their riders, and improve high-speed tracks.



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    CHoinsite Readers

    Players have the opportunity to develop their riders and enhance high-speed tracks, allowing for a personalized gaming journey that involves skill development and track optimization, adding depth to the gameplay experience.

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    GoastTr Readers

    The ability to improve riders and tracks infuses a sense of continuous progression, motivating players to refine their skills, unlock new challenges, and elevate their racing experience within the hyper-casual world of MotoDEX.

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    #guestUjiko Readers

    Answer a few questions for a chance to win a share of the 1500 MNT prize pool. 🏆 15 lucky winners will be selected.

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    #beelover522En Readers

    The success of MotoDEX, securing substantial grants and achieving global recognition as a Top-4 game, coupled with DexGO’s impressive social media presence, underlines DEX Studios’ ability to engage and captivate audiences.

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    RagameH Readers

    Racing against time in the ZETA x MotoDEX Game Campaign! With just a few days left, I’m determined to secure my spot among the 10 winners and bag some ZETA tokens. Don’t wait, jump in now and experience the thrill firsthand. Let’s level up together! 🏁🚀

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    ThankJd Readers

    Just joined the @zetablockchain x MotoDEX Game Campaign! Ready to embark on a cosmic journey through the thrilling action-packed game. Hoping to claim my share of the 1000 ZETA reward pool and level up my crypto game. Let’s do this!

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    #guestUncihaN Readers

    The opportunity to compete in real races and explore iconic cities together creates a sense of camaraderie and shared excitement among players, enriching the overall gaming experience.

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    Bejoinda Readers

    By joining the vibrant community within the SKALE Network through MotoDEX, players not only enjoy the game but also become part of a larger gaming community.

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    PlayerHanter Readers

    Players can embark on their gaming journey for free, earning bonuses with each race and progressing to unlock new characters and tracks.

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    #beelover29iokiolKOL Readers

    DEX Studios emerges as a hub of innovation, blending cutting-edge technology with entertainment to offer a diverse range of games and projects.