Holoworld AI

Holoworld is where imaginat...

Holoworld is where imagination meets reality.Interact with and create your favorite virtual characters using AI, build the next popular VTuber, and start creating unforgettable moments across the web with any social, content or gaming platform with just a few clicks.



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    AliAlphA Readers

    I love that HoloSkins lets me express myself digitally! With so many skins and wearables to choose from, I can create a unique look for my favorite AI characters. It’s like having a whole new wardrobe for them!

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    kims Readers

    There’s too much AI-related stuff coming up, so I hope holoworld get an edge over the competition.

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    Suya Readers

    it’s so cool to build a new “me” with 3D!!!

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    #BeelieverCZO6T7C Readers

    Just made an AI clone of myself with HoloworldAI and It actually feels like me.

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    #beelover28JHS96 Readers

    The HoloSkin reveal is in 3 days

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    NYAN🔫😼 Readers

    I liked the UI. And awsm experience.

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    LOULOU Readers

    Exploring this today and creating my bot! I’ve always enjoyed what this team puts out 👀👀👀

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    Roy Readers

    Nice AI project+3D ❤️❤️Can’t wait to explore this new world