100,000 NFTs sold out, will SEND be the potential leader of the Solana Blink ecosystem?

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100,000 NFTs sold out, will SEND be the potential leader of the Solana Blink ecosystem?

Two weeks ago, Solana’s Blink became popular.

We have introduced in detail in Interpreting Solana Blink: One-click embedding of on-chain operations into social media, the end of going out of the circle is socialization?

Blink allows on-chain functions to be embedded directly on Twitter. With just one click on a tweet, you can complete various on-chain actions such as swap, mint, and donate.

But at that time, Blink only demonstrated the ability of what I can do, and how to do it specifically was left open to the community and developers to explore.

Therefore, it is even more necessary for us to pay attention to new projects that work around Blink.

Speed is of the essence. Just a few days after Blink was released, an account named SEND (@thesendcoin) seemed to be fully prepared. It directly demonstrated 50+ use cases that can be done with Blink in a detailed, vivid and real description.

100,000 NFTs sold out, will SEND be the potential leader of the Solana Blink ecosystem?

I havent even started researching it yet, how come youve come up with such a good use case?

What’s even more coincidental is that Blink’s official release date is the 25th; SEND’s official account began to hint on the 24th that “Solana will have a big move this week, don’t blink, send it”

Its almost as if I knew about Blink written all over my face.

Another point that people cannot help but pay attention to is that Solana founder Toly’s current pinned tweet is another tweet about 100 use cases of Blinks proposed by the SEND team, which is clearly promoting the project; combined with SEND’s prophetic posts, it is hard not to associate it with official support.

100,000 NFTs sold out, will SEND be the potential leader of the Solana Blink ecosystem?

You think this is all about technology? There must be some degen that deserves attention.

What you may not know is that a week ago, SEND directly launched a function to mint NFTs through a Twitter button, and NFT holders have the right to subsequent $SEND token airdrops.

The introduction of the SEND project clearly states: SEND will be a community token to support Solanas Blink ecosystem.

Remember that Warpcast itself did not have a token, but it incubated community MEME coins such as DEGEN?

Farcaster — CAST function — $DEGEN, will the same path happen with Blink function — $SEND?

100,000 NFTs, FOMO swept away

SEND wants to support the Blink ecosystem, so it set an example first and also created a speculative FOMO.

On July 3, SEND posted directly on X and launched 100,000 Send It series NFTs. Combined with Blink’s function, users can directly click the Collect button on the X page to mint.

100,000 NFTs sold out, will SEND be the potential leader of the Solana Blink ecosystem?

With the Allow use of ACTION on X.com (supports Blinks technical framework) function of the Phantom wallet, you can easily mint this NFT directly.

At the same time, SEND officially stipulates that every player holding NFT will have the opportunity to win a lottery with a bonus of 6.9 SOL; and will also receive more airdrop rewards that have not yet been disclosed.

Considering that the SEND project also has its own community coin $SEND, this undisclosed airdrop is likely to be directed to the $SEND token itself.

100,000 NFTs sold out, will SEND be the potential leader of the Solana Blink ecosystem?

The combination of several golden shovel elements naturally led to a surge in FOMO sentiment, and the send it NFT was quickly sold out; as of press time, the floor price of this series on Tensor was around 0.42 SOL.

Apparently, SEND officials are also very good at making trouble. After the NFT is mined, they post a link with a Blink function, indicating that you can no longer mint it, but you can still trade it, and you can directly purchase the NFT with one click.

100,000 NFTs sold out, will SEND be the potential leader of the Solana Blink ecosystem?

At this time, Send it has more speculative meaning, and the translated meaning may be to send the NFT floor price to the sky.

With technology, use cases, and the ability to play, SEND around Blink does remind people of the time when Warpcaster was popular, and MEME coins such as DEGEN that emerged from the application.

From the community, to the community

The SEND official website is currently very simple and does not disclose more token details and information about the institutions behind it.

But judging from the purpose of the project and the use cases it demonstrates, it is more about serving the ecosystem that Blink can build in the future and the developers within it.

In the long tweet about the 100+ Blinks use cases at the beginning of the article, SEND has clearly stated that it welcomes other developers to implement more similar use cases and actively contacts them.

100,000 NFTs sold out, will SEND be the potential leader of the Solana Blink ecosystem?

This is equivalent to saying that I have the ability to make proofs myself, and I also welcome working with more developers to build the Blink ecosystem.

Anyone who has been in the crypto world for a long time knows that it is difficult to stand out from the limited and disloyal attention just by courage and excellent technology; no matter what you do, you should leave room for imagination related to tokens.

SEND clearly embodies this feature, that is, I not only do technical development and ecological support in a Lei Feng-style manner, I also have my own token $SEND, so this token itself is actually rooted in the community.

Although the official has not announced the specific cooperation model, we can actually boldly imagine whether those projects that cooperate with SEND to develop Blink use cases will be rewarded with SEND tokens?

Will users who use these use cases be rewarded with SEND tokens?

This is actually similar to the DEGEN/CAST/MEME tokens born in Farcaster or Warpcaster, namely:

All tokens are the best rewards for early ecosystem construction and participation.

It’s just that MEME coins such as DEGEN grow and develop in a user-driven form, and users can get it if they are active; while SEND’s approach seems to be exerting efforts on both ends – developers who build Blink use cases and users who use Blink all have the possibility of obtaining SEND tokens.

Come from the community and go to the community.

People don’t hate the creation of a token out of thin air, what they hate is that they don’t get any benefits from the creation.

By taking advantage of this mentality, the SEND model will certainly be able to continue, and as more people use Blink and share their airdrop experiences, a network effect will be generated.

However, with Farcaster’s daily active users reaching ATH and TON ecosystem’s Black and White Dog instantly gaining 1 million fans, it’s hard to predict who will be a flash in the pan and who will have the last laugh.

But there is one thing we know.

Whoever pleases the community has liquidity and attention.

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