The market value jumped to $80 million. Why was $BENDOG able to recover again?

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Although only half of this year has passed, Solana Meme Token has already experienced two waves of bull market. In these two waves, there are many shooting stars that have skyrocketed rapidly but have a life cycle of less than a week or even a day. Only a few Meme Tokens with solid enough Meme quality, community, clear enough development direction, and continuous construction can stage a heroic return and enter a positive path of sustainable development.

$BENDOG is exactly like this. In the first wave of Solana Meme Token craze, it reached a market value of 50 million US dollars in half a month, and then fell into adjustment due to the decline of the overall market enthusiasm. But when the second wave of Solana Meme Token craze came, it was not forgotten, and it jumped from a market value of 5 million US dollars to 80 million US dollars in half a month. Such a strong recovery has attracted the attention of hundreds of crypto KOLs, and even Bybit CEO @benbybit has tweeted on his personal Twitter to discuss $BENDOG.

The market value jumped to  million. Why was $BENDOG able to recover again?

Why has $BENDOG achieved such impressive success?

The origin of the $BENDOG Meme

The market value jumped to  million. Why was $BENDOG able to recover again?

$BENDOG is not a meme that was temporarily created during the Solana Meme Token market this year. On the contrary, it is a meme image that has a strong reputation worldwide.

The meme image of $BENDOG comes from a globally popular mobile game Talking Ben the Dog, which has been downloaded over 100 million times on Google Play alone. In the game Talking Ben the Dog, players can feed food and wine to Ben, a cute dog sitting on the sofa, talk to him through voice, and prepare drugs in the laboratory to do crazy experiments.

Does this remind you of Talking Tom? Yes, we can say that Ben the Dog and Talking Tom are a perfect match, and they are both developed by the game company Outfit7. Like Talking Tom, Ben the Dog has also accompanied countless players from all over the world, and one of them is Solana founder Anatoly Yakovenko. In 2017, when Anatoly Yakovenko was not favored by the public and hesitated whether to launch Solana, he turned to a special consultant for help, which was Ben the Dog.

Ben only needed a simple Yeahppp to answer Anatoly Yakovenko, convincing the future Solana founder to bravely face his doubts and start his own exploration. Today, Solana has become an indispensable phenomenon in the Crypto world with millions of users from all over the world, and $BENDOG has also followed Anatolys successful footsteps and come to Solana, which can be said to be a two-way journey.

Therefore, the meme image of $BENDOG actually has two extremely strong attributes. First, it is a world-famous game image, and like Pepe, different people come into contact with Pepe in different scenarios, get to know Pepe, and have different Pepes in their hearts. In the minds of different people, $BENDOG may be a lovely partner, a person to talk to when lonely, a fool who makes trouble in the laboratory, or even a diversified image and connotation after more secondary works, which means that the meme image of $BENDOG can attract a wide enough crowd. At a time when Meme Token is increasingly regarded as reasonable and valuable, we can foresee that Meme Token will play an increasingly important role in the next bull market, especially for people who are new to Crypto. Meme Token is very easy to understand and contagious, and Ben the Dog鈥檚 potential in this regard cannot be ignored.

Secondly, this is a meme closely related to Solana, and it can even be said to be part of the original story of the Solana chain. If Solana founder Anatoly Yakovenko had not been inspired by Ben the Dogs Yeahppp, would Solana be as successful as it is today? We have all seen many founders pet meme tokens rise to fame, such as $HEMULE based on the concept of Vitaliks cat, $BEAR based on the concept of AVAX co-founder Kevin Sekniqis dog, etc., but none of these are as touching as the story between Ben the Dog and Anatoly Yakovenko as a cyber pet – it even determined the birth of Solana.

Why is $BENDOG recovering again?

Since its launch, $BENDOG has been committed to content creation and community building, expanding its influence outward through content creation, while gaining the support of a loyal and active community internally. Even during market downturns, this community remained steadfast and worked with the team to help promote $BENDOG. Currently, $BENDOG has nearly 75,000 followers on Twitter and 50,000 members on Telegram. The organic and continuous growth of the community is the heroic return of $BENDOG in the second Solana Meme Token boom.

$BENDOGs continued efforts during the downturn also paid off when Solana Meme Token heated up again. With continuous content creation output and active external relationship building, $BENDOG has gradually established strong partnerships and gained the attention and support of important KOLs. There are more than 100 well-known KOLs supporting $BENDOG, such as Eric Cryptoman, CTM, NotEezzy, etc. $BENDOG has also received support from the founder of NEAR and has established partnerships with leading projects such as HOT DAO, the number one Near Dapp on Dappradar.

The market value jumped to  million. Why was $BENDOG able to recover again?

Eric Cryptoman has been supporting $BENDOG since the beginning.

The most unexpected thing is that after $BENDOG was born on Solana and firmly consolidated its position on Solana, they are still working hard to expand their influence to other chains and have achieved great success. Illia, the co-founder of NEAR, personally followed $BENDOG and tweeted about it.

The market value jumped to  million. Why was $BENDOG able to recover again?

This tweet not only received a reply from the NEAR official Twitter account, but also Andriy, co-founder of the cross-chain bridge Allbridge, and Peter Volnov, co-founder of the NEAR ecosystem wallet Here Wallet, appeared in the video in the form of voices to interact with Ben the Dog. Soon after, $BENDOG supported bridging to the NEAR network and launched an official cooperation with Here Wallet (HOTDAO) to airdrop for $HOT holders.

The above situation

Currently, $BENDOG has been listed on many mainstream CEXs, including Bybit (perpetual contract), Bitget,, Kucoin, Bitpanda and Mexi. Some regional head CEXs with significant influence in specific countries have also listed $BENDOG, such as COINDCX in India and in the Philippines.

Currently, $BENDOG is working hard to be listed on Binance perpetual contracts.

Ecological Planning

As a meme token, $BENDOG has made waves and occupied a place in the Crypto world, but they are not satisfied with this. They hope to provide more utility for the token through the Benhalla game ecosystem, provide a richer experience for holders, and help $BENDOG continue to expand its influence and form a more differentiated competitive advantage compared with other meme tokens.

The Benhalla game ecosystem includes:

Hopping Ben: In the first game, aim and swipe to get Ben through obstacles and to the finish line, while Ben makes a magical and cute Yes sound. The game is now available on the App Store and Google Play.

The market value jumped to  million. Why was $BENDOG able to recover again?

Tapping Ben: A Telegram mini-app that allows the community to earn points and $BENDOG through fun gameplay.

Social-Fi Platform: A unique social task platform where users can complete social media tasks to earn points and $BENDOG Farming.

In addition to the above three apps, $BENDOG also plans to cooperate with more developers in the future to create more interesting Play 2 Earn games. $BENDOG holders can also choose to stake their $BENDOG to obtain exclusive Token activity participation rights, double game revenue, additional game props, and exclusive leaderboard rewards in the game ecosystem.


The total supply is 1 billion, fully circulated, 0% transaction tax, and the initial LP has been burned.


Although $BENDOG has been launched for less than half a year, it has already had a daily trading volume of up to $500 million (contracts + spot), has been on Mario Nawfals Roundtable, one of the most influential Twitter Spaces in Crypto, and has received nearly 200,000 listeners, has held official activities with Solana Mobile, released the first mobile game in the ecosystem, and continuously outputs high-quality original meme content on Twitter. The good market performance is the result of the teams unremitting efforts.

However, the team did not take credit for themselves. They always said, Our success is due to the support of a solid community since the first day.

With community as the priority and efforts to explore the future, we believe that $BENDOG can continue to evolve in the Meme Token and even larger tracks.

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