Planet Daily | Six US Ethereum spot ETF applicants have submitted revised S-1 documents; the German government transferr

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Planet Daily | Six US Ethereum spot ETF applicants have submitted revised S-1 documents; the German government transferr


Six U.S. Ethereum spot ETF applicants have submitted revised S-1 documents

Six Ethereum spot ETF applicants in the United States have submitted revised S-1 documents, including Fidelity, VanEck, Franklin Templeton, 21 Shares, Grayscale, and BlackRock.

VanEck said it would waive fees on its Ethereum spot ETF at the outset, while Franklin Templeton set its fee at 0.19%. Some issuers, such as BlackRock, have yet to set fees.

BlackRock BUIDL Fund Total Assets Reach $491 Million

IntoTheBlock data shows that as the cryptocurrency market is struggling, BlackRocks BUIDL fund on the Ethereum network continues to attract new investors. The fund has a minimum investment of $5 million and its total assets have now reached $491 million.

CEX returned more than $200 million in Bitcoin to the German government address, possibly because it failed to sell within the target price range

According to Arkham monitoring, the German government address received a total of 3,673 bitcoins (worth over $200 million) early this morning, of which 3,623 bitcoins came from Coinbase, Kraken and Bitstamp, and 50 bitcoins came from an address starting with bc 1 qxw.

Steven Zheng, head of research at The Block, said the exchanges were likely returning the bitcoins to German government addresses because they were unable to sell their bitcoins within the target price range.
“Considering that some bitcoins have been returned from Coinbase to the German government address, it can be assumed that they are unsold bitcoins that were part of a sales agreement between the cryptocurrency exchange and the country,” said Steven Zheng.
Data shows that the German government address currently holds 27,461 bitcoins, equivalent to approximately US$1.56 billion.

The German government transferred a total of 16,038.7 BTC on July 8

According to on-chain analyst Ember, the German government transferred 16,038.7 BTC (US$915.3 million) to exchanges and market makers on July 8.

Since they started selling coins on June 19, they have transferred out a total of 26,071 BTC (US$1.5279 billion). As of the evening of July 8, there were still 23,788 BTC (US$1.32 billion) in the address.

Industry News

CoinShares: Total inflows into digital asset investment products reached $441 million last week

CoinShares’ latest weekly report shows that total inflows into digital asset investment products reached $441 million last week, and the recent price weakness caused by Mt Gox and selling pressure from the German government are likely to be seen as buying opportunities.

Bitcoin investment products saw inflows of $398 million, but as investors chose to invest in a wider range of altcoins, Bitcoin investment product inflows only accounted for 90% of the total inflows into digital asset investment products. Blockchain stocks did not reflect the improvement in investor sentiment, with another $8 million of funds flowing out last week.

Over $100 million bridged from other chains to Solana in the past 7 days

According to data shared by SolanaFloor, over the past 7 days, more than $100 million was bridged from other chains to Solana, processed by deBridge and Wormhole.

Grayscale: ETHE will distribute 10% of its ETH to the Ethereum Mini Trust, with July 18 as the registration date

Grayscale announced that July 18, 2024 will be set as the registration date for the first creation and distribution of Grayscale Ethereum Mini Trust shares to Grayscale Ethereum Trust (ETHE) shareholders.

Grayscale plans to launch the Ethereum Mini Trust on the New York Stock Exchange Arca under the trading symbol ETH after obtaining regulatory approval.
In addition, in the first distribution, ETHE will contribute 10% of its Ethereum holdings as of 16:00 Eastern Time on the Record Date to the ETH Mini Trust, and each holder of ETHE shares as of 16:00 Eastern Time on the Record Date will be entitled to receive Ethereum Mini Trust shares in a 1:1 ratio.

On July 8, 9 US Bitcoin spot ETFs increased their holdings by 2,394 BTC

According to Lookonchain monitoring, on July 8, 9 US Bitcoin spot ETFs increased their holdings by 2,394 BTC (US$135 million).

Among them, Fidelity increased its holdings by 2,077 BTC (US$177 million) and currently holds 170,764 BTC (US$9.2 billion); Grayscale reduced its holdings by 475 BTC (US$26.8 million) and currently holds 274,249 BTC (US$15.46 billion).

Canadian digital asset custodian Balance establishes special purpose trust subsidiary and injects $10 million

Canadian digital asset custodian Balance established Balance Trust Company as a special purpose trust under the Loan and Trust Corporations Act in Alberta this week.

The trust is linked to a Letters Patent issued by the Alberta Treasury Board and Department of Finance (ATBF), with Balance committing $10 million in regulatory capital to the new wholly owned subsidiary to qualify as a Canadian and U.S. custodian.

Tron chain has 1.83 million active addresses in 24 hours, ranking first

According to Lookonchain monitoring, the top 10 chains ranked by the number of active addresses in 24 hours are shown in the figure, among which the top three are:

The number of active addresses on the Tron chain in 24 hours is 1.83 million;
The number of active addresses on the Polygon chain in 24 hours is 1.18 million;
The number of active addresses on the Solana chain in 24 hours is 829,800.

Project News

The number of users of the Telegram game on the new asset trading platform Tomarket has exceeded 700,000, and the official version of the game has been launched

Tomarket, a decentralized new asset trading platform, announced that the official version of its Telegram Mini Game has been launched. The Beta version of the game was launched on July 4, and the number of users has exceeded 700,000 so far. Players can accumulate TOMATO points in the game by planting, dropping games, inviting friends, etc. Tomarket hopes to bring more users into the Crypto and trading market through games.

Tomarket is a decentralized new asset trading platform built by developers from well-known companies such as Binance and Microsoft, serving the trading of new assets such as RWA, Crypto bond rates, points, Pre-TGE assets, etc. Last month, Tomarket announced that it had received investments from Bitget Wallet and Foresight X.

Story Protocol: Important news about intellectual property rights in the AIxCrypto field will be released soon

Story Protocol officially announced on the X platform that it will release important information tomorrow. Please stay tuned. According to the promotional video it released, it should be information related to intellectual property rights in the AIxCrypto field.

Trader Joe’s: BOOST Incentives Now Available, Users Can Earn AVAX Rewards

Trader Joe’s posted on X that BOOST incentives are now live, and users can earn AVAX rewards by participating in 13 Liquidity Book Pools.

Golem Network team responds to the sale of ETH: It is part of the previously announced staking test plan

Jrag.eth posted on X that when community users asked Golem Network in the Discord channel about the reason for the recent large-scale sale of ETH, the team responded that these were staking tests.

According to the official announcement cited by it, Golem Network announced in mid-June that it had used a small portion of its reserves to launch ETH staking testing to support the future growth and development of the project. Officials said they plan to stake part of the ETH reserves to generate income to support operational activities.
On July 8, according to Lookonchain monitoring, Golem Network sold 24,400 ETH (about 72 million US dollars) on Binance, Coinbase and Bitfinex platforms in the past 3 days, and currently holds 127,634 ETH (about 372 million US dollars).

Wormhole introduces native USDT transfer function

According to official news, Wormhole announced the introduction of native USDT transfer function, supporting Ethereum, Arbitrum, Base, Optimism, Polygon, BNB Chain and Avalanche.

This new system combines the cross-chain capabilities of Wormhole with the centralized liquidity pools of PancakeSwap and Uniswap v3.

Arbitrum’s stablecoin market cap exceeds $4 billion

According to data shared by on X, despite market volatility, the market value of stablecoins on L2 remains stable, with the market value of stablecoins on Arbitrum exceeding US$4 billion.

Liquidity staking platform Stacking DAO partners with custody service provider Copper

According to official news, the liquidity staking platform Stacking DAO has established a partnership with crypto custody service provider Copper. By integrating stSTX custody into Coppers platform, this partnership aims to provide a secure and seamless experience for managing digital assets, providing institutional clients with greater efficiency and a more secure way to participate.

EOS Network Launches 250 Million EOS Staking Rewards Program

According to official news, the EOS network announced the launch of a 250 million EOS staking reward program as part of the network’s improved token economics plan.

Under the new rewards program, 85,600 EOS are distributed to stakers every day. The improved EOS staking program rewards early participants with an initial APY of over 60%. Over 31 million EOS tokens are distributed to stakers every year.

The number of ETH staked on SSV Network exceeds 1 million

SSV Network announced on X that the number of ETH staked on the platform has exceeded 1 million.

DeBank has opened the initial DeBank XP airdrop

DeBank announced on X that the DeBank XP snapshot was completed at 8:00 on July 4, and all active addresses have the opportunity to claim the initial XP airdrop. The XP claim page is now open and the claim window will last for one month.

DeBank said that XP has been distributed to addresses holding assets greater than 0 and meeting any of the following conditions:
1. Active addresses on the chain (initiated at least one transaction) in 2024;
2. Active addresses on DeBank in 2024: The initial XP of each address will be confirmed by its on-chain assets, credit, and Web3 social ranking on DeBank.

Investment and Financing

Coinbase Ventures makes $1 million strategic investment in Ampleforth’s flatcoin SPOT

Fragments, the developer of the Ampleforth protocol, announced that Coinbase Ventures has made a strategic investment of $1 million in SPOT, a decentralized low-volatility commodity currency (flatcoin) under the Ampleforth Foundation.

As part of the deal, SPOT, which is currently available on Ethereum, will be launched on Base, and Base’s on-chain DEX Aerodrome Finance will also launch related new markets on Monday.

Auros Ventures plans to invest more than $50 million in early-stage digital asset companies in the next two years

Cryptocurrency trading firm and market maker Auros said in an interview that its newly formed venture capital arm, Auros Ventures, plans to invest more than $50 million of its own capital in early-stage digital asset businesses over the next two years.

To lead its investment efforts, the firm has named Julien Auchecorne as head of Auros Ventures. Auchecorne previously held roles at crypto and traditional investment firms including hedge fund Brevan Howard and digital asset services platform XBTO International.
Auros CEO Ben Roth revealed that in the past few quarters, the company has invested nearly $20 million in several projects such as Pyth and Berachain.

AI company Hebbia completes $130 million financing, led by a16z

Artificial intelligence startup Hebbia has completed a $130 million financing round led by a16z, with participation from Index Ventures, Google Ventures and billionaire Peter Thiel.

The New York-based company is currently valued at about $700 million, according to a person familiar with the matter.
Hebbia founder and CEO George Sivulka said Hebbia plans to use the funds from this round of financing to carry out research and hire more software engineers.
It is reported that Hebbia was founded in 2020 and uses artificial intelligence technology to help companies screen various documents to answer complex questions. Its customers include the US Air Force, asset management companies and legal services companies.

Regulatory trends

The US Republican Party expressed support for multiple crypto policy measures in its official 2024 party platform

The Republican National Committee of the United States expressed support for a number of crypto policy measures that benefit digital asset companies and holders in its official party platform for the 2024 US election. According to the official document released by the campaign team of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump on Monday, the Republican Partys Make America Great Again platform vows to end the illegal and un-American crackdown on the US cryptocurrency industry. The platform also promises to defend the right to mine Bitcoin and allow cryptocurrency holders to keep their tokens themselves, in addition to opposing the creation of a central bank digital currency (CBDC). We will defend the right to trade free from government surveillance and control, the document reads.

Character Voice

Investment Director of Waterdrip Capital: We have been developing the TON ecosystem since last year and have invested in more than 6 projects

Elaine Yang, investment director of Waterdrip Capital, posted on the X platform that European and American institutions have invested less in the TON ecosystem due to compliance and position issues, but Telegram traffic cannot be ignored. Asian institutions pay attention to the TON ecosystem, but they have made fewer investments. Waterdrip Capital Fund has been planning and optimistic about the TON ecosystem since last year, and has invested in more than 6 projects. However, many projects last year were limited by the TON chain infrastructure, and there were not many. The project party made TG Bot very quickly, but it was not closely related to the TON public chain.

Elaine Yang suggested that entrepreneurs should pay attention to Telegram traffic. The cost of obtaining natural traffic is low, but the quality of users needs to be further screened. The cost of subsequent traffic will definitely increase. She is optimistic about DeFi, transaction and payment-related projects on the TON chain, and foresees that more Meme assets of TON ecological games will be launched.

Fairlead Strategies founder: I strongly agree to add Bitcoin to the investment portfolio

The founder of portfolio manager Fairlead Strategies said in an interview with CNBC that he is a big believer in adding Bitcoin to the portfolio.

Morgan Stanley strategist: US stocks are very likely to pull back 10%

Morgan Stanley strategist Mike Wilson said traders should prepare for a correction in U.S. stocks as uncertainty grows around the U.S. presidential election, corporate earnings and Federal Reserve policy. I think theres a good chance of a 10% correction at some point between now and the U.S. election, Wilson said in an interview on Monday. The third quarter is going to be volatile, and companies are losing pricing power and need rate cuts.

Goldman Sachs Scott Rubner said Monday he expects stocks to experience two painful weeks starting in August if corporate earnings miss expectations. Andrew Tyler of JPMorgan Chase Co.s trading desk said he remains bullish but that recent weaker economic data has made him a little less confident. Citigroups Scott Chronert warned of a potential pullback.
Morgan Stanleys Wilson said, The probability of stock prices going up between now and the end of the year is very low, much lower than normal. Wilson, however, is not particularly worried about a pullback. Instead, he said it could create opportunities for investors because valuations are currently lackluster following the SP 500s double-digit gains this year. He said the best way to invest in the stock market right now is through individual stocks, not indexes.

JPMorgan Chase: The total market value of cryptocurrencies fell 8% in June, and stablecoins performed better than other sectors

The total cryptocurrency market value fell 8% in June to around $2.25 trillion, reversing most of its gains in May, JPMorgan Chase said in a research note on Monday.

Analyst Kenneth Worthington wrote: The market capitalization of tokens, DeFi, and NFTs all retreated in June. Data shows that daily spot crypto trading volume fell 18% compared with the previous month. From the perspective of valuation and trading volume, March 2024 is the peak of the crypto ecosystem in the current cycle.
The bank noted that the move was in stark contrast to traditional markets, with the SP 500 up 4% and the tech-heavy Nasdaq up 6% for the month.
However, the report added that stablecoins outperformed other crypto sectors in June, mainly driven by USDT. In addition, the total market value of listed Bitcoin mining companies also increased by 19%, and these companies benefited from the gains brought by electricity use cases related to artificial intelligence.
JPMorgan also said that spot Bitcoin ETFs had their second-worst month for flows since launch, and estimated that 10 U.S. spot ETFs had sales of $662 million during the month.

Bitbank analyst: Mt.Gox compensation is expected to have little impact on the market, and its impact has been over-digested

Bitbank, a cryptocurrency exchange that supports the Mt. Gox compensation effort, said it expects changes in Mt. Gox wallet balances to have less impact on the market. Yuya Hasegawa, a crypto market analyst at Bitbank, said: When the Mt. Gox trustee officially announced that they had begun repayments, Bitcoin was already fluctuating around $54,000. After the announcement, Bitcoin prices rebounded and briefly recovered to $58,000 last weekend.

The market had already overpriced in the impact of Mt. Gox before it started paying, and then reacted to the (U.S.) jobs report last Friday, which was released after Mt. Gox started paying, Hasegawa said, adding, This suggests that market concerns about the Mt. Gox repayment are starting to wane, and their focus is shifting back to the Feds policy decision.

CryptoQuant analyst: This is the largest liquidation of long orders in the past year

CryptoQuant analyst SignalQuant wrote that the recent BTC price plunge has dealt a severe blow to long position holders.

The scale of this long order blowout is the largest in the past year, and we estimate that this long squeeze is also quite significant. However, we cannot easily conclude that the market will rebound after experiencing a large-scale long order blowout. Because from August to October 2023, the price experienced several months of adjustment before rebounding. Therefore, it is recommended that investors maintain a temporarily less greedy and more conservative mentality to invest.

Dragonfly partner Haseeb: Even in a bull market, issuing coins still needs to go through the test of a bear market

Dragonfly managing partner Haseeb wrote on the X platform that many founders try to launch tokens during the bull market, but these tokens still have to go through a bear market in the end. Haseeb is skeptical about the impact of market cycles on the long-term value of tokens, and believes that this suggests that some tokens systematically perform poorly due to the market cycle at the time of issuance, which is unlikely.

Haseeb added that while tokens issued in a bull market may have more funds for growth, market competition is relative. If the market falls by 50%, the native token ecosystem fund will also fall by 50%, and the market share will remain relatively unchanged. Haseeb emphasized that the timing of fundraising activities is indeed important, but he was discussing token issuance (TGE), which is more similar to direct listing than fundraising activities.

This article is sourced from the internet: Planet Daily | Six US Ethereum spot ETF applicants have submitted revised S-1 documents; the German government transferred a total of 16,038.7 BTC on July 8 (July 9)

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