Full record of Odaily editorial department investment operations (July 8)

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This new column is a sharing of real investment experiences by members of the Odaily editorial department. It does not accept any commercial advertisements and does not constitute investment advice (because our colleagues are very good at losing money) . It aims to expand readers perspectives and enrich their sources of information. You are welcome to join the Odaily community (WeChat @Odaily 2018, Telegram exchange group , X official account ) to communicate and complain.

Full record of Odaily editorial department investment operations (July 8)

Recommender: Nan Zhi (X: @Assassin_Malvo )

Introduction : On-chain player, data analyst, plays everything except NFT

Share : Solanas on-chain market is gradually recovering, and the relatively stable JLP spot (JLP contains 10% stablecoins) is gradually being exchanged for the more flexible SOL. At the same time, the exchange uses SOL to hang long orders based on the coin standard, and the price ranges from 120 USDT to 101 USDT (the price below is the last round of institutional OTC prices, and there is no small probability of black swan events). It should be noted that the leverage of the coin standard is equal to one times the leverage of the U standard, and the margin call is -50% under 1x leverage.

Recommended by: Wenser (X: @wenser 2010 )

Profile : Electric bike rider, cuboid package mobile engineer, short-distance vehicle driver

share :

  1. Binance is said to be listing new coins again, which is a bit tiring, so everyone should be prepared;

  2. The spot market has lost a lot of money, and only NOT has given me a little comfort. I look forward to the performance after the market recovers.

  3. Rune EPIC is about to be airdropped, so you can pay attention to it. In the past two days, with the news that Unisat has a positive impact on the industry, there is still hope for a pull-up;

  4. The market is bearish in the short term, and it feels like it will fall for at least another week. Once the rumors of the German government and Mentougou paying for the two seed smashing have passed, some gaps should be repaired;

  5. Solana’s ecological infrastructure is still worth investing a certain percentage of positions, and Jupiter’s ASV active staking rewards can be regarded as another form of “dividends”;

  6. I am not optimistic about the Meme track as a whole. I feel that the next focus will still be in two directions: compliance + traffic. It is better to look at projects in these two directions.

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Original author: defizard Original translation: TechFlow What do L0, zkSync, and Starknet have in common? The same money invested in them. If these VCs invested in the project – then the project is guaranteed to have an airdrop. a16z ( @a16z crypto ) Number of investments: 169. Projects with airdrops: 15. Farcaster, EigenLayer, Worldcoin, LayerZero, zkSync, Uniswap, Sui, Aptos, Optimism, Goldfinch, Ape, dYdX, Forta, Gitcoin. Airdrop ratio: 8.87%. Paradigm ( @paradigm ) Number of investments: 92. Projects with airdrops: 10. Uniswap, Farcaster, Friend Tech, Optimism, dYdX, Osmosis, Blur, Ribbon Finance, Gitcoin, Starknet. Airdrop ratio: 10.86%. Binance Labs ( @BinanceLabs ) Number of investments: 216. Projects with airdrops: 19. Aptos, 1inch, Biconomy, Axelar, Space ID, Maverick, Galxe, Mint Club, Aevo, Bounce Bit, Renzo Protocol, Ethena, Arkham, Polyhedra, Sui, Hooked Protocol, Magic…

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