Selecting the best coins for listing + mutual assistance, FameEX will escort the investment journey of crypto novices

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Selecting the best coins for listing + mutual assistance, FameEX will escort the investment journey of crypto novices

Recently, FameEX cryptocurrency exchange has made detailed adjustments to the platforms listing strategy, and will take the lead in supporting high-activity, high-interaction, low FDV, small and exquisite high-quality crypto projects in the review mechanism. The person in charge of listing on FameEX said that the platform provides high-quality services and excellent listing experience for various boutique crypto projects, but it must meet the industrys general standards in multiple dimensions such as currency technical capabilities, team strength, code logic, operational strength, community consensus, market demand, and tripartite reports to better reduce user trading risks.

Since 2022, the high FDV dilemma has become a common type of investment risk for crypto novices. This is mainly because the entry of institutions is pushing up the price of tokens in the primary market, making high FDV projects with high valuation + low circulation the mainstream of the market. The advantage of high FDV projects is that they are superior to some small and medium-sized crypto projects in terms of technology or future prospects, but their disadvantage is that the high entry price in the primary market and the huge selling pressure when the tokens are unlocked will absorb a large amount of token appreciation potential, thus forcing crypto novices to become victims of the liquidity exit of such projects.

The consistent listing principle of FameEX Exchange is to bring more and better high-quality currencies to investors while reducing the investment risks of investors. However, some crypto novices lack a comprehensive understanding of high-FDV projects and judge the pros and cons of crypto projects based on the cognitive dimensions of traditional financial products. They are very likely to choose inappropriate high-FDV projects at inappropriate times, thereby generating related risks. In order to reduce such risks, the FameEX Exchange listing team strictly formulates the listing service rules and strives to screen better high-quality currencies for users from the source of the project. And in a certain dimension, resources are tilted towards fully circulated high-quality Meme projects. Such projects often have no investment threshold. Retail investors and institutional investors can obtain high-quality and low-cost high-quality tokens in a fairer and freer environment.

In addition to better controlling the details of listing, FameEX Exchange also cooperates with many high-quality projects to regularly hold various airdrop activities, and provides transparent and accurate market information to novice investors through AMA training, community linkage, market reports, instant information PUSH push, etc., to ensure that investors can clearly understand the actual valuation and potential risks of each project. In addition, FameEX has also established a strong investor community, through the official Telegram group, social media and 24-hour online customer service, to answer investors questions in real time and provide interactive support to enhance investor confidence.

The multi-level linkage of FameEX Exchange is to better improve the cognitive ability of novice investors on crypto projects. Through rich investment tools, user-friendly interface, and real-time project information content, FameEX platform has created a comprehensive currency cognition channel for novice investors, which can not only help investors reduce the investment troubles caused by high FDV, but also assist crypto novices to make wise investment decisions.

As a leading cryptocurrency exchange, FameEX has always adhered to the service concept of user-first, continuously optimizing platform functions and user experience, and providing investors with a more transparent, fair and efficient cryptocurrency trading environment. Through continuous innovation and hard work, we strive to build FameEX into a cryptocurrency trading platform trusted by global investors, help more novice investors overcome more trading difficulties, and promote the healthy development of the cryptocurrency market.

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