Full record of Odaily editorial department investment operations (July 3)

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This new column is a sharing of real investment experiences by members of the Odaily editorial department. It does not accept any commercial advertisements and does not constitute investment advice (because our colleagues are very good at losing money) . It aims to expand readers perspectives and enrich their sources of information. You are welcome to join the Odaily community (WeChat @Odaily 2018, Telegram exchange group , X official account ) to communicate and complain.

Full record of Odaily editorial department investment operations (July 3)

Recommender: Nan Zhi (X: @Assassin_Malvo )

Introduction : On-chain player, data analyst, plays everything except NFT

Share : All SOL leveraged long positions were closed, and only spot stocks were retained. The surge in SOL in March was believed to be driven by Meme, and the benefit effect drove users to buy SOL and transfer it to on-chain transactions.

In the past two months, Solana鈥檚 benefit effect has become weaker and weaker. Although Pump.fun鈥檚 revenue has reached a new high, there are not many gold dogs that have escaped from the internal market, which means that they are all traded in the pump.fun market. So on average, the real winners are only pump.fun and the project opening party, as well as a small number of top players and conspiracy groups. When they collect more and more SOL, they will only exit with profits.

In a nutshell: there is no longer enough bait for the general public to buy SOL. In addition, the market is weak and there is no upward Beta.

Therefore, we will wait for the on-chain beneficial effects to reappear, or for the effective progress of Solana ETF to become an effective and sustained upward momentum for SOL before re-entering the leveraged long position.

Recommender: Star Flower (X: @mandywangETH )

Introduction : Contract Operator

Share : The recent market conditions are very disturbing, forcing me, a trend player, to become a short-term elf.

Last week鈥檚 operation: After it completely fell below MA 120, I went short a little, then tried a small long position when it fell to 59,000 (4-hour trend line), and went long again when it fell back to 60,300. Half of the long orders were closed at 63,450, and the other half was expected to be around 65,000, but the market weakened and it fell below 61,000 this morning, triggering a passive profit stop. The average closing price was pulled back to 62,000+, crying.

The moving averages are in chaos at the moment. My original expectation was that there might be small fluctuations accompanied by small highs in the next period of time, but Bitcoin鈥檚 fall to 60,600 again is not a good signal. The trend line has been broken. I will not do more for the time being and will keep observing. If the short-term rebound can be stabilized, the next week may continue to fluctuate with small highs. If it continues to fall, it will open up room for decline.

Recently many institutions have started to be bullish, but I still maintain my previous views on the medium term. Once the previous low of 58,000+ is lost, I still believe that BTC will fall to around 5w or even below 5w to find support. I think this is also a healthy path, which is conducive to the subsequent real rise.

My sincere advice for operation is that you should not mess around during this period. Take a break, think, work, and do some hair pulling. If you feel itchy, you can do some small things. As for the big trends, wait for them to emerge and the moving averages to be straightened out.

Full record of Odaily editorial department investment operations (July 3)

Full record of Odaily editorial department investment operations (July 3)

Full record of Odaily editorial department investment operations (July 3)

Recommended by: Wenser (X: @wenser 2010 )

Introduction : The proponent of the Meme is the next APP theory, a heartbroken player in the exchange, and despises the short if you dont like it minced meat theorists

share :

  1. Meme in the Solana ecosystem is still the most active. Pump.fun has earned $50 million in revenue within a few months of its launch. MICHI and BILLY are both representative emoji coins. In comparison, Farcaster Protocol, which is valued at $1 billion as a unicorn, has only just earned more than $1.5 million in revenue. The price-to-earnings ratio of Meme coins and the social track is clear at a glance.

  2. The Meme of Ton ecosystem seems to be quite active these days. In addition to the old brands such as NOT, ANON, FISH and the political Meme coins that each chain has, TCAT has also recently successfully achieved a small achievement of breaking through the market value of 10 million US dollars, which is worthy of attention. The address is: EQBtDmYgCKk 3 ec Q1 x-j0CLZRnPYyaV7cB33ad036QN-HE 2C 7 .

  3. pump.funs ability to create wealth in the Meme coin field even exceeds that of Unibot in the Telegram bot field. And judging from the current momentum, it does not need to issue coins for fundraising. There have been quite a few copycat platforms recently, including Moonshot, four.meme, bibobibo.xyz, and SC and other tokens after Blinks came out. They are also very interesting. You can see if there is any opportunity. Later, I will also publish an article to write a horizontal comparison of one-click coin issuance platforms. Welcome to follow my X account @wenser 2010 .

Finally, the market still seems to be in a downward trend. Holding on to your coins and waiting, or clearing your positions with one click may lead to a short period of calm.

Recommended by: Asher (X: @Asher_ 0210 )

Introduction : Short-term contracts, long-term ambush of low-market-value cottages, gold farming in blockchain games, and money-grabbing parties

share :

  1. BTC market: Short-term is still bullish, but we are looking at a rebound. Todays decline just filled the CME gap, 61100 opened more, stop loss can look at two positions, one is the last 4 hours low of 60600, the other is 59600, both fall below the short-term market is really gone, stop profit look at 66000.

  2. Others: First, BWB, currently held, hope it goes up quickly, I really can鈥檛 hold it anymore. Second, SOL, I bought a lot at 139 and still hold it, see 162, 173. Third, JASMY, a Japanese concept coin, take profit at 0.034, 0.042, stop loss at 0.026.

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