Reshaping the trading and investment community, interpreting the trading expert curation platform XRADERS

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Reshaping the trading and investment community, interpreting the trading expert curation platform XRADERS


Trading is one of the most fundamental applications of blockchain. With years of development and the participation of professional institutions, the trading market as a whole has begun to mature and become systematic. However, Crypto has not yet truly achieved mass adoption. There are still many novice traders and even users who have never been exposed to the Crypto trading market. How to break down the barriers to trading and help the majority of users gain expert knowledge, insights and strategies remains to be solved.

XRADERS was born as a result. XRADERS is a decentralized expert curation platform that aims to change the way trading and investment communities screen and utilize expert knowledge . XRADERS allows trading experts to share their insights and strategies with a wide range of users to help investors make investment decisions. Furthermore, XRADERS will use decentralized methods to conduct historical data and user evaluations of experts, ultimately forming a valuable and sustainable expert network and trading community, and using the bilateral network effects of this community to consolidate the projects moat and professional barriers, bringing longer-term benefits to the protocol as a whole and ecological users.

XRADERS: Reshaping the Trading and Investing Community

XRADERS first products include Guess 2 Earn and the election system. The former enables all traders to participate in trading in a simple way and screens out professional traders. The election system further enhances the exposure of outstanding traders and provides the best trading insights and strategies for the majority of users.

Guess 2 Earn

The mechanism of Guess 2 Earn ( G2E ) is very simple. Based on the Bitcoin price at the time of participating in G2E, users will predict that the subsequent trend will rise or fall by 0.5% (an amplitude of about three hundred US dollars). Unlike typical binary options, G2E does not limit the prediction time, but makes a decision when the rise or fall reaches a threshold.

Reshaping the trading and investment community, interpreting the trading expert curation platform XRADERS

What is the difference between this mode and the limited-time conventional binary options? First of all, this method tests the users timing ability more. Not all moments are the golden period for trading. For real traders, most of the time is waiting for a perfect entry opportunity. How to show the professionalism of traders requires them to make reasonable judgments at key points, reflect their in-depth market understanding and strategic foresight, and lay the foundation for the subsequent expert network construction. At the same time, the trading volume at different points can further reflect the key pressure/support expectations of the market.

On the other hand, the prediction of price increase at any point rather than within a time limit, by aggregating the results of all users, will form a continuous spectrum graph of price prediction, which will become an effective means of real-time crowd sentiment insight and specific psychological price analysis.

Finally, the G2E format is simpler than traditional order book transactions, and has become an effective way for users who are new to the market to feel the market trend. The gamification element promotes user participation and encourages players to fully participate in the market in an interesting and competitive way.

The permanent and unalterable on-chain data becomes a unique and important indicator for each user. Combined with the subsequent monetization mechanism, professional users will strive to improve their performance to gain exposure and corresponding income, while providing investment reference for the majority of users to achieve mutual benefit.

According to official data disclosed by XRADERS, it currently has over 500,000 monthly active users, has completed over 50 million transactions , and ranked first in the BNB ChainDappbay social application ranking, highlighting its market fit and development potential.

Voting system

After users fully participate in G2E and reach the winning rate of professional user qualifications, they can obtain user votes through the election system to enhance their exposure and influence, and can obtain cash rewards through the token system.

The community voting system ensures the reliability and iterative update capabilities of professional traders, and the overall professionalism of the ecosystem will continue to improve as the election system continues. While users profit from professional strategies, they also achieve deep ecological accumulation.

Reshaping the trading and investment community, interpreting the trading expert curation platform XRADERS

Background of the project

In April this year, XRADERS announced the completion of US$2.1 million in Pre-Seed and Seed rounds of financing. This round of financing attracted many well-known investors, including FBG Capital, GBV Capital, Marblex, Icetea Labs, Basics Capital, Marshland Capital, Northbund Capital, HG Ventures, Alpha Protocol Ventures, Vista Labs, GBIC, Lemon 22, IOST, 071 labs, Alphance, Onemax Capital, StudioB, Nexus One, Morpheus and Planetarium.

According to the official team information, the XRADERS team is composed of experienced professionals with extensive experience in blockchain and financial markets, especially in the field of cryptocurrency. XRADERS CEO Jeffrey Jin is also the co-founder of projects such as MovieBloc and Cobak. Jeffrey Jin is responsible for product operations and development. The project tokens MBL and CBK led by him were both listed on Upbit. It is also the only project that has been listed on Upbit twice. At the same time, MBL was also listed on Binance , highlighting the teams strong operational capabilities and development potential.

In addition to CEO Jeffrey, team members are experts in their respective fields and have a unique and deep understanding of the services and narratives necessary for successful operations, becoming a continuous driving force to ensure the platforms development and long-term success.

Token Economics Explained

basic situation

The economic system of XRADERS will be centered around XR. As the utility token and governance token of the project, XR will play a role in promoting community participation, governance operations, and economic circulation. The total amount of XR is 100 million, with an initial circulation volume and circulation price of 18.6 million and $0.35 respectively, which means the initial circulation market value is $6.51 million.

The initial distribution of circulating tokens includes 100,000 for strategic financing, 7.5 million for the ecosystem, 6 million for marketing and 5 million for liquidity. The remaining tokens will be released linearly according to different time periods after being locked for 6 months.

Reshaping the trading and investment community, interpreting the trading expert curation platform XRADERS

Token Use Cases and Economics

In addition to governance functions, XR has a variety of practical functions. First of all, in terms of use cases, XR will be used as a subscription fee for experts. Users can pay XR tokens to subscribe to the insights and trading strategies of professional traders. In addition, some advanced features within the XRADERS platform need to be unlocked through XR, including advanced analysis tools, platform-exclusive content, and personalized consulting services from top experts.

For the ecosystem, XR has the functions of both motivating and promoting usage. Active participants and contributors in the community will be rewarded with XR tokens to encourage ordinary users to build and develop a professional trading community. Liquidity providers will also receive additional token rewards, further improving the liquidity of the tokens.

The two basic modules G2E and the election system are nested with the economic cycle system of XR, forming the first layer of XRADERS sustainable and self-reinforcing ecosystem. With the further realization of large-scale adoption of Crypto, the demand for trading knowledge, insights and strategies will continue to increase, forming a growing and solid user group for XRADERS. The existence of this group gives professional traders sufficient motivation to provide professional insights and realize them from the economic system of XRADERS. The simultaneous growth of the two and the precipitation of the community will eventually form a solid moat for XRADERS.


XRADERSs ecosystem has a strong bilateral network effect. Through excellent ecosystem design and the teams strong operational capabilities, it is expected to quickly establish the first level of ecological professional barriers. When the barriers are completed, XRADERS will introduce deep functions such as crypto exchange integration and AI experts to further establish the flywheel of ecological growth and provide in-depth, infinitely iterative and evolving trading insights and strategies for trading users in the trillion-dollar crypto market.

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