No more PVP, Jupiter founder calls for building a PPP-type mutual aid community

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Original author: Meow , co-founder of Jupiter

Original translation: Felix, PANews

Jupiter co-founder Meow recently wrote that for the long-term development of the crypto industry, he called on crypto participants to build a PPP (mutual assistance) type crypto community. What is PPP, and why does Meow think that PPP type communities are so important? The following is the full text of the article.

One of the most important things in this cycle is to shift crypto from a PVP mindset to a PPP mindset.

the difference:

  • PPP (Players Helping Players) community hopes that the last player to enter will also benefit

  • The PVP community hopes that the last player to enter is their window for profit.

According to the concept, PPP is an infinite game, while PVP is assumed to be a finite game with a clear end point, and the loser is the one who takes the cake in the end.

But why is the PVP genre so prevalent that most outsiders and even many industry insiders believe that cryptocurrency is fundamentally a PVP game?

This is because PVP-type communities are very easy to form. The consensus reached by all members is that attracting more people to buy the tokens they hold will make them richer (thanks to the magical token issuance model), so they should do more things (MLM tokens).

In contrast, the formation of PPP-type communities is very difficult because the focus of the community cannot be on attracting others to join and hoping to abandon them, but on having more allies to jointly build a common long-term future.

That is, the future of cryptocurrency is definitely PPP, because even if 99.999% of new communities are PVP, those that continue to thrive are definitely PPP.

The hallmark of great communities like BTC, ETH, SOL (and hopefully JUP) is that they are committed to helping every new person entering the network benefit, rather than treating them as a bunch of takers.

The PPP model will ultimately win because:

  • The best of crypto thinking, combining shared vision and the essence of profitability

  • Neither cynical nor delusional, but both idealistic and pragmatic

  • The only way the crypto industry can grow, because no community can survive cannibalization.

Today, however, cryptocurrency has a bad reputation as a PVP type industry, and the public perception is often that greedy speculators create and market magic Internet currencies and will say anything to get people to buy them.

The core problem with this perception is that even the most conscientious crypto builders often think that there is some truth to it.

What we can do is actively reject PVP communities and invest your time, effort and energy into cultivating real relationships and expertise in PPP communities, rather than the short-term cannibalism in PVP communities.

If we all cannibalize each other instead of cultivating each other, then soon there will be no one to devour (similar to the current market situation, with few new people and little new capital).

The crypto space could be an industry with absolutely no limits on choice, with individuals being able to choose any type of game mode and any community.

But it is recommended to choose the PPP model.

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