Promontory Technologies Launches Flagship Cryptocurrency Quantitative Fund Promontory Alpha Fund

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Promontory Technologies Launches Flagship Cryptocurrency Quantitative Fund Promontory Alpha Fund

Promontory Technologies is pleased to announce the launch of its flagship cryptocurrency quantitative fund, Promontory Alpha Fund (PAF). The flagship fund is a structured quantitative fund that uses a hybrid strategy of market neutrality, trend following and event-driven, aiming to achieve sustained excess returns while avoiding significant asset drawdowns. In order to meet the increasingly stringent compliance requirements, the fund has hired the industrys leading custodians, fund service providers and auditing agencies to provide services for the fund, and has obtained a BVI compliance fund license.

About Promontory Technologies

The team is led by Jackson Fu, CEO of Promontory Technologies, who is the former founding chairman of Shanghai Qilin Investment, a top quantitative fund in Shanghai. Since its establishment in 2015, Qilin Investment has developed into a leader in Chinas quantitative fund industry with excellent and stable performance, with a management scale of US$5-7 billion (equivalent to RMB). Jackson brought several key members from Qilin Investment to co-found Promontory Technologies, including fund manager Robin Liu and several top quantitative analysts and developers, who together brought a strong systematic trading background to the crypto market. Robin Liu previously managed a 5,000 BTC portfolio at Amber Group. Promontorys current team of more than a dozen members has a composite background in traditional finance and the cryptocurrency industry. Some of them come from well-known institutions such as BlackRock, Brevan Howard, Deutsche Bank, Morgan Stanley, UBS, OKX, Huobi Global,, GSR and WorldQuant.

Strategy and technology

Promontorys strategy uses advanced quantitative techniques, data science, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and risk modeling to identify non-correlated alpha in crypto asset liquidity. By diversifying capital and risk across multiple sub-strategies and factor combinations, this hybrid strategy can obtain diversified sources of alpha. It is worth mentioning that in recent years, when black swan events have occurred frequently in the crypto market, the team has relied on years of accumulated experience and continuously optimized models and algorithms to achieve continuous and excellent performance in crypto market transactions safely and stably. The new fund has attracted investments from well-known Asian family offices and ultra-high net worth entrepreneurs, highlighting the markets confidence in Promontorys methods and team. Currently, more family offices, FOFs and individual investors are seeking cooperation with Promontory.

Message from CEO

We are very excited to launch our flagship compliant fund product, said Jackson Fu. Our core value proposition is that we can take advantage of the inefficiency and high volatility of the cryptocurrency market to obtain excess returns, while avoiding large fluctuations and drawdowns through a highly structured and programmed risk control system. We are committed to providing fund investors with a good investment experience!

Contact information:

For more information on Promontory Technologies and the Promontory Alpha Fund, please contact or visit and LinkedIn .

Media Contact:

Charles Man | Director of Investor Relations |

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