Bybit Web3 launches IDO 2.0, providing strong user capital protection and innovative gamification rewards

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Bybit Web3, the Web3 arm of cryptocurrency exchange Bybit, has launched a revolutionary new system designed to empower loyal Bybit Web3 users and enable everyone to participate in profitable Initial Decentralized Exchange Offerings (IDOs).

Bybit Web3 launches IDO 2.0, providing strong user capital protection and innovative gamification rewards

Since its launch in January 2023, Bybit Web3 IDO has quickly become the preferred platform for exploring and investing in high-potential blockchain projects.

IDO Key Milestones

Since its launch, the Bybit Web3 IDO platform has achieved great success, promoting the launch of more than 30 projects, attracting 1.4 million participants, and the average IDO yield has exceeded an astonishing 2,300%. This has brought more than $30 million in revenue to Bybit Web3 users, including different chains such as Ethereum, Mantle, BNB, Solana, Arbitrum, Blast, and Polygon. Bybit Web3s first foray into the IDO field has set a high standard for innovation and profitability in the decentralized fundraising field.

New IDO 2.0 Early Access

Bybit Web3 launches IDO 2.0, providing strong user capital protection and innovative gamification rewards

New gamification experience to increase loyalty and engagement

IDO 2.0 continues this successful tradition by giving priority to Bybit Web3 users who actively participate in the platform ecosystem.

The unique IDO scoring system takes into account factors such as Bybit Web3 wallet asset balance and referral program participation. Users with higher IDO scores will have a significantly increased chance of winning allocations in the Bybit Web3 IDO. In addition, the system rewards participants who frequently participate in IDOs, ensuring that everyone has a fairer chance.

Enhanced user and fund protection

Bybit Web3 puts user security and transparency first. The recently launched refund policy helps participants apply for full or partial refunds under certain conditions, providing users with a flexible and secure experience.

Bybit Web3 IDO 2.0 represents a major leap forward in the evolution of IDOs. Bybit Web3 focuses on rewarding loyal users, a fairer distribution system, and strong user protection, paving the way for a more inclusive and secure future for decentralized fundraising.

About Bybit Web3

Bybit Web3 is redefining the openness of the decentralized world, creating a simpler, more open and more equal ecosystem for everyone. It is committed to welcoming builders, creators and partners in the blockchain field, and extending invitations to cryptocurrency enthusiasts and the curious. The community has more than 1 million wallet users, more than 10 major ecosystem partners, and the number is still increasing.

Bybit Web3 offers a complete suite of Web3 products designed to help users access, exchange, collect and grow Web3 assets easily and conveniently. Bybits wallet, marketplace and platform are all based on security and professional technology, making Bybit a top 3 cryptocurrency exchange in the world, trusted by 30 million users worldwide. For more information about Bybit, please visit Bybit Web3.

About Bybit

Bybit is one of the top three cryptocurrency exchanges in the world with a trading volume of 30 million. Founded in 2018, the platform provides a professional platform for cryptocurrency investors and traders, offering a super-fast matching engine, 24/7 customer service and multi-lingual community support. Bybit is a partner of the Formula 1 team and drivers champion Oracle Red Bull Racing. For more information about Bybit, please visit Bybit Press .

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