LayerZero will open tokens for redemption at 7pm tonight, and may become the EndGame

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LayerZero will open tokens for redemption at 7pm tonight, and may become the EndGame

Earlier today, the LayerZero Foundation officially released the token economic model of ZRO and announced that token claims will be available at 7pm Beijing time tonight . Users who have not yet checked can still check their airdrop eligibility ( click here ).

As soon as this news came out, studios and multi-account parties should have been busy setting up scripts to complete the token claim as soon as possible, but they were not motivated enough because a large number of accounts were reversed. According to a large number of user feedback, most addresses only have a few to dozens of ZROs, and the smallest is even less than 0.1. Based on the current OTC price of $4.25, the airdropped tokens received by most addresses are only worth tens of dollars. For users with a low winning rate, the value of these tokens may not even be enough to cover the interaction cost.

At present, many centralized exchanges have announced that they will launch ZRO spot at 8 oclock tonight, including OKX, Bitget, Bybit, etc.

ZRO Token Economic Model

According to the relevant information released by the LayerZero Foundation, the total supply of its native token ZRO is 1,000,000,000 , and the specific distribution ratio is as follows:

  • Community: 383,000,000 ZRO, accounting for 38.3% of the total supply . The community token distribution is designed to reward LayerZeros early, current and future persistent developers and users, while developing the LayerZero ecosystem. Among them, 8.5% of the airdrop will be released in todays TGE; 15.3% will be retained and distributed to users, protocols, developers or community members in the future; 14.5% will be managed by the LayerZero Foundation, and 5% will be released at the beginning of the TGE for ecological growth, donation plans and liquidity supply;

  • Strategic partners: 322,000,000 ZRO, accounting for 32.2% of the total supply , including investors and consultants. This portion of the shares will be locked for 1 year and then unlocked monthly within 2 years;

  • Core Contributors: 255,000,000 ZRO, accounting for 25.5% of the total supply , including existing and future team members. This portion of the share will be locked for 1 year and then unlocked monthly over 2 years;

  • Buyback: 40,000,000 ZRO, or 4% of the total supply , has been bought back by LayerZero Labs and will be invested in the community share.

The release of ZRO tokens according to the token economic model is as follows:

LayerZero will open tokens for redemption at 7pm tonight, and may become the EndGame

ZRO Token Release Schedule

Community sentiment

Since LayerZero , which has been undergoing Sybil censorship for a month and a half, finally opened up for airdrop inquiries yesterday, all major communities have been filled with doubts. With ZKsync in the past and the current continuous decline of altcoins, the community鈥檚 resentment towards LayerZero has reached its peak:

  • The good news is that LayerZeros airdrop is finally online. The bad news is that You are not eligible. The hair-raising industry is coming to an end.

  • The bigger LayerZero airdrop is finally here. I didn鈥檛 expect it to be worse than ZKsync.

  • If you surrender 15%, you will get 0.9 ZRO, and if you dont surrender, you will get 6 ZRO. According to the current market price, its a waste of time.

  • ……

ZRO OTC Market

According to the over-the-counter trading protocol Aevo, the over-the-counter price of LayerZero (ZRO) hit a high of US$4.8 after the airdrop query was opened yesterday. It has now fallen back and is now trading at US$4.25, with a 24-hour trading volume of over US$2.3 million.

LayerZero will open tokens for redemption at 7pm tonight, and may become the EndGame

ZRO Pre-Launch Contract

Both ZKsync and the current LayerZero have caused strong dissatisfaction in the community. Long-term PUA, insider trading, and unclear token airdrop rules have exhausted the money-grabbing party and have gathered various wallet accounts to end the daily money-grabbing work. Perhaps, LayerZero has really become the endgame of money-grabbing.

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