Planet Daily|LayerZero airdrop sparks controversy; Binance will airdrop to BNB holders (June 20)

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Planet Daily|LayerZero airdrop sparks controversy; Binance will airdrop to BNB holders (June 20)


LayerZero launches airdrop qualification inquiry page

Odaily Planet Daily News: LayerZero Foundation announced on X that it has launched an airdrop qualification query page.

LayerZero Labs CEO Bryan Pellegrino later added that the screening process did not eliminate all witches. Those witches who appear on the final list (to be announced tomorrow) will have their quotas reallocated to the core qualifiers on the token claim day.

Binance to Launch HODLer Airdrop for BNB Holders

Odaily Planet Daily reported on June 19 that Binance is launching a HODLer airdrop for BNB holders.
Users who subscribe to Simple Earn using BNB will receive airdropped tokens issued by projects that have a large amount of tokens in circulation and plan to be listed on Binance soon.
Binance will make an announcement before HODLers begin airdropping new tokens. User balances and total pool balances will be snapshotted multiple times per hour to get the hourly average balance of users in Simple Earn products (flexible and/or locked).

He Yi: The statistical time for incentivizing BNB holders is not based on future holding logic, but on retrospective logic.

Odaily Planet Daily News: Binance co-founder He Yi posted on the X platform: The upgraded version of Launchpool: users who hold BNB for a long time will get benefits, and Hodlers projects will be distributed to BNB holders. The statistical time is not based on the future holding logic, but the retrospective logic.

Crypto hedge fund Pantera Capital to invest $200 million in AI

Odaily Planet Daily News Crypto hedge fund Pantera Capital is raising a new $1 billion fund. Portfolio manager Cosmo Jiang said that more than $200 million of it is dedicated to artificial intelligence, and he is actively looking for projects that use artificial intelligence to promote blockchain business. In addition, he said that an earlier fund has injected about 15% to 20% of its capital into artificial intelligence-related blockchain projects, and the new fund is expected to invest more money.

Industry News

Nigerian High Court dismisses Binance executive detention lawsuit

Odaily Planet Daily News: The Nigerian High Court dismissed the lawsuit filed by Binance Regional Manager Nadeem Anjarwalla for lack of diligent prosecution. Anjarwalla accused the Nigerian government of violating his fundamental rights when it detained and seized his passport. Anjarwallas lawyer applied to withdraw his agency so that he could hire a new lawyer. Anjarwalla has now fled to Kenya and failed to appear in court. Nigeria is seeking his extradition. At the same time, Binances head of financial crime compliance, Tigran Gambaryan, was also detained on similar charges and filed independent lawsuits against the NSA and EFCC, which are scheduled to go to trial on July 9.

Upbit revised its user terms of use, involving a total of 36 clauses and planned to be implemented on July 19

According to an official announcement, the cryptocurrency exchange Upbit announced the revision of its user terms of use, and the revised terms and conditions will be effective from July 19, 2024. It is reported that there are a total of 36 revised terms, which point out that the digital assets on its platform have the same meaning as the virtual assets defined in South Koreas Virtual Asset User Protection Act.

North Dakota Revokes Binance.US Money Transmitter License

Odaily Planet Daily News Due to compliance issues and legal disputes involving Binance’s former CEO CZ, several U.S. states have taken action to revoke or refuse to renew Binance.US’s money transmission license.
North Dakota’s financial regulator announced that the state has joined Alaska, Florida, Maine, North Carolina, Oregon, and Connecticut in taking similar actions, becoming the seventh state in the United States to revoke Binance.US’s license since CZ pleaded guilty in November 2023. (

Montenegrin Prime Minister Milojko Spajic was one of Terra’s early investors

Odaily Planet Daily reported that a court document filed by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) revealed that Milojko Spajic, the Prime Minister of Montenegro who took office in October last year, was one of Terras early investors. In April 2018, he invested US$75,000 in Singapores Terraform Labs and purchased 750,000 LUNA.
Before the court documents were made public, the Montenegrin Prime Minister claimed that he had never personally invested in failed cryptocurrency projects. The Montenegrin Prime Minister claimed that the company he worked for was defrauded of $75,000, not him personally. (Vijesti)

Project News

Eigen Foundation: EIGEN Staking Airdrop Phase 2 is now open

Odaily Planet Daily News Eigen Foundation announced on the X platform that the second phase of the first season EIGEN staking airdrop has officially started. The addition of the second phase brings the total allocation of the first season to approximately 113 million EIGEN, which accounts for 6.7% of the 15% of the total supply of EIGEN reserved for staking airdrops. According to the announcement, the claim period is from now until September 7, 2024. All users in the first season (including users in the second phase) will receive 100 EIGEN rewards, but no user will receive the reward twice.

Interchain Foundation appoints new CMO and CPO

Odaily Planet Daily reported that according to official news, Interchain Foundation announced two new members, Chief Product Officer (CPO) Alix Keller (former Consensys executive) and Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Nico Poggi. The former will be responsible for promoting the long-term roadmap of Interchain Stack and its engineering implementation with the management team, consolidating the product impact and development life cycle of the stack; the latter will guide Interchains business and go-to-market strategy, drive a cohesive narrative, and promote the development and visibility of the Interchain ecosystem.

Insider: ZKsync promises to provide more than $20 million in ZK to attract Lens to build on it

Odaily Planet Daily reported that people familiar with the matter revealed that ZKsync promised to provide Lens with a large number of tokens for it to build on the protocol.
The exact number of tokens is unknown, but other projects seeking to attract Lens have withdrawn from the race after Lens representatives said they received around 0.5% of the total supply of ZK tokens. At the current ZK price (about $0.21), this is equivalent to $22.4 million.
Neither ZKsync core developer Matter Labs nor Lens parent company Avara commented on this.
Previously, Lens founder Stani Kulechov announced in May that he plans to build a new version of Lens on ZKsync. On Monday, Matter Labs airdropped a total of 3.6 billion ZK tokens to about 700,000 wallets. Among them, Kulechovs lending protocol Aave received about 8.3 million tokens, and Lens received about 5.6 million tokens, which is about $3 million at the current price.
Kulechov said that many ZK-native and non-ZK-native projects have similar token distributions. For the tokens obtained by Lens, it will be decided by the Lens community according to the LIP process how to use them. (DL News)

Linea to open Linea Park LXP coin minting tomorrow

Odaily Planet Daily News Linea announced on the X platform that it will open Linea Park LXP coin minting tomorrow. It is reported that due to the high participation of Linea Park, a large number of robots and Sybil addresses have appeared. After the official anti-sybil work, addresses identified as robots or Sybils will not be able to receive LXP from Linea Park. These addresses will be marked as POH for this account is disabled.

Solana Game Chain Sonic launches testnet and launches Sonic Odyssey event

Odaily Planet Daily News: Solana Atomic SVM Layer 2 Sonic announced on the X platform that it has launched the Sonic testnet and launched the Sonic Odyssey testnet event, which will reward Sonic Rings for players who play games and interact on the chain.
Earlier news reported that Solanas second-layer network Sonic completed a $12 million Series A financing round, led by Bitkraft Ventures.

Aleo deprecates Testnet 3 and launches Testnet Beta

Odaily Planet Daily News: The programmable privacy network Aleo announced on X that it will officially abandon Testnet 3. The new public development environment Testnet Beta is now online, and developers are advised to migrate their applications.

Lido: Introducing the Community Staking Module

Odaily Planet Daily News Liquidity staking protocol Lido announced the introduction of the Community Staking Module on the X platform, which will allow a group of independent operators to join the CSM on the mainnet before the CSM is open to everyone, avoiding large operators from squeezing out capacity at the beginning. In addition to early access, eligible operators can also enjoy a special bond curve that provides discounted bond amounts for their first validator, further lowering the barrier to entry. The early adoption mechanism will be tested on the Holesky testnet, and a list of testnet environments will be listed. The testnet qualification checker page is now online, and users can verify their qualification status.

Babylon: Bitcoin Staking Testnet 4 Chapter 3 is now live

Odaily Planet Daily News Bitcoin staking protocol Babylon posted on the X platform that Bitcoin staking testnet 4 Chapter 3 has been launched. Previously, based on community feedback, a fee adjustment function was introduced in the staking webpage, allowing customized transaction fees to increase the chance of inclusion in the Signet block.

Renzo Opens ezETH Withdrawals

The official page of Odaily Planet Daily News shows that the liquidity re-pledge protocol Renzo has opened ezETH withdrawals, and the estimated waiting time is 3 days.

LayerZero founder address received 3266.26 ZRO airdrops

Odaily Planet Daily reported that on-chain data showed that LayerZero founder Bryan Pellegrino’s personal address 0x0455EA966197A69ECcf5Fc354b6A7896E0fE38f0 (that is, the address of Pudgy Penguins #8279 used by Bryan as his avatar), which had been previously disclosed by the community, received a total of 3,266.26 ZROs in this airdrop, of which 2,803.25 came from Abracadabra Money staking, 438.08 from Pudgy Penguins holdings, 14.21 from using Stargate, and 10.72 from using Clusters.

Sophon starts the Farming phase. Staking selected assets will earn you SOPH airdrops

Odaily Planet Daily News: Sophon, a modular blockchain based on ZKsync, announced the start of the Farming phase on X. Participants can now pledge certain assets to obtain SOPH. Initially, BEAM and BEAM/ETH LP are supported, and more assets will be supported soon.
10% of the total SOPH supply will be used as farming rewards (6% on Ethereum and 4% on Sophon mainnet). Users will receive Sophon Points (SP) based on the length of staking, activation of boosters, and deposit amount, thus becoming eligible for SOPH airdrops.
The Sophon airdrop program will start in Q3. Airdrops earned during the initial Farming phase will begin to be distributed to eligible participants before the network launch (including a set vesting period).

Jupiter Alliance releases draft J 4 J plan, proposing to reduce total token supply by 30%

Odaily Planet Daily News: Jupiter co-founder Meow published a draft of the J 4 J plan on the X platform, which mainly includes the initiation of the JUP proposal:
– Proposed reduction of total JUP supply by 30%;
– The team will voluntarily cut 30% of its allocation;
– Jupuary release is reduced by 30% accordingly;
– Jupiter has no direct investors in JUP, a move that will reduce the burden on FDV, activate the community to truly understand JUP token economics, address concerns about high emission levels, and incentivize everyone to develop metadata together.
Meow said the team will stake 100% of the tokens from the first year cliff period over the next two years to ensure there is no supply shock, and he and Siong (and many others on the team) have committed to lock up all vested tokens until June 2026. The plan is currently just a draft, and the full proposal will be put forward before the DAO vote.

Lista DAO airdrop will be available on the official website tomorrow. Binance will delay the listing of LISTA and open trading for 1 hour.

Odaily Planet Daily reported that Lista DAO announced that the official airdrop collection page has been opened. The LISTA airdrop collection link was published in the official Twitter profile, and the collection window will be open for 30 days.
At 18:00 on June 20, Binance launched Lista and opened trading.

Velocore launches ZK airdrop claim, and uses the full protocol airdrop to compensate users affected by previous security incidents

Odaily Planet Daily News Velocore announced on X that it will launch ZK airdrop claims for ZKsync users.
Officials said that 100% of the protocol airdrops, plus 100,000 developer wallet airdrops, will be added to the initial compensation pool. Although this may not be enough, when funds are in place, they will continue to be injected into the compensation pool. Please refer to the official claim website and beware of scams.

The second season of Nyan Heroes airdrop is now open for claiming

Odaily Planet Daily News: Solana ecosystem chain game Nyan Heroes announced on the X platform that the second season token airdrop is now open for claiming.

Investment and Financing

Binance Labs announces investment in Rango

Odaily Planet Daily News Binance Labs announced that it has invested in Rango, a cross-chain decentralized exchange (DEX) and bridge aggregator. Rango has excellent cross-chain interoperability and supports major blockchains such as BTC, Solana, Tron, Cosmos ecosystem, Starknet, etc. It aims to simplify the transaction process between different blockchain ecosystems and promote the development of DeFi. Rangos services have been integrated into well-known wallets and applications such as TrustWallet, Exodus, Binance Web3 Wallet and Compound, and plans to further integrate more popular blockchains.
Rango currently supports more than 60 blockchains, more than 70 DEXs, and more than 20 cross-chain bridges, with a cumulative transaction volume of more than $3 billion. As of June 19, Rango has processed more than 2.5 million swaps, served 590,000 unique wallets, and processed more than 3,000 organic cross-chain swaps per day. Rango is accelerating infrastructure upgrades and expanding support for more chains to welcome the next billion DeFi users.

Web3 talent marketplace Bondex has completed over $10 million in financing, with Animoca Brands and others participating

Odaily Planet Daily News Web3 talent market Bondex announced that it has completed over $10 million in financing, with Animoca Brands, Morningstar, Dext Force Ventures and iAngels participating in the investment. It is reported that Bondexs goal is to become a gamified version of the professional social network LinkedIn. (TheBlock)

Derivatives DEX ZKX completes $7.6 million in strategic financing, with investors including Flowdesk, GCR, etc.

Odaily Planet Daily reported that the derivative DEX ZKX based on Starknet and Ethereum announced the completion of a new round of strategic financing of US$7.6 million. The main investors include Flowdesk, GCR, DeWhales, etc. Previous investors also include Hashkey, Amber Group,, and StarkWare.
The new funding will be used to accelerate the scaling of the ZKX protocol and introduce new features such as a social copy trade pool and expand into cross-chain interoperability.
The launch of ZKX will also see the launch of staking and airdrops. Starting June 19, users can stake ZKX to receive a portion of the platform’s revenue. The staking program is designed to incentivize a stable and loyal user base, which is critical to the growth and sustainability of the platform.
Airdrops will reward active community members and early adopters. The total supply is 100 million tokens, 33% of which will be unlocked at the launch of ZKX.
It is reported that ZKX aims to expand its business to multiple L1 and L2 blockchain ecosystems in 2024. (BeInCrypto)

Blockchain ticketing platform EventCHI completes over 1.6 million euros in seed round financing

Odaily Planet Daily reported that the Dutch blockchain ticketing platform EventCHI completed a seed round of financing of over 1.6 million euros, and the specific investors were not disclosed.
The new funds will fuel the expansion of its AI and blockchain platform to enhance the global event experience. By seamlessly integrating artificial intelligence and blockchain, EventCHI provides a unified platform for cashless payments, NFT ticketing, and smart
The company’s key products include the CHI App for guests and employees, the CHI POS App for event payments, on-site ticketing and token recharge to maximize ticket sales, and the CHI Backstage App for event management.

Linea invests in Tomo, ZeroLend, MYX.Finance, Entangle, Agora, CARV, and more

Odaily Planet Daily reported that according to crypto-fundraising, Ethereum Layer 2 solution Linea has invested in SocialFi wallet Tomo, lending market ZeroLend, crypto derivatives protocol MYX.Finance, Web3 infrastructure Entangle, US dollar stablecoin project Agora and Web3 identity project CARV, and decentralized collaboration project Inverter, but the investment amount of each project has not been disclosed.

Regulatory trends

Trump: If elected president, I will repeal Bidennomics on my first day in office

Odaily Planet Daily News: Trump said that if he is elected as the US president, he will abolish Bidenomics on his first day in office and replace it with MAGAnomics. (Watcher.Guru)

Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission releases 2023-24 annual report: 234 on-site inspections of virtual asset licensees and related entities

Odaily Planet Daily News: The Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission released its 2023-24 annual report, which pointed out that as of March 3, 2024, the total number of licensed institutions and individuals and registered institutions reached 47,851, including 44,493 licensed individuals, 112 registered institutions, and 3,246 licensed institutions, of which 2,140 were licensed to conduct Category 9 (providing asset management) regulated activities. 23 virtual asset trading platform applications were submitted under the Anti-Money Laundering Ordinance, of which 4 were from existing virtual asset trading platform license applicants under the Securities and Futures Ordinance and 19 were new applications. As of March 31, 2024, 2 virtual asset trading platforms had been licensed under the Securities and Futures Ordinance, and 234 on-site inspections were conducted on licensed institutions and related entities.
The Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission said that the first tokenized private open-end fund company registered with the SFC was established in December 2023, and the first tokenized retail gold product was approved by the SFC in March 2024.

Pantera Capital analyst: Biden vetoed SAB 121 because he was unwilling to oppose the U.S. SEC chairman

Odaily Planet Daily News Pantera Capital analysts said that although US President Biden recently blocked a bill that was seen as supporting encryption (SAB 121), his veto was more likely because he was unwilling to publicly oppose Gary Gensler, the chairman of the US SEC he appointed. Even if he vetoed the SAB 21 bill, Biden also affirmed his favorable stance on onshore encryption innovation, which shows that the tone of the current US government has changed. (dlnews)


DWF Labs: Will invest in undervalued tokens to increase its portfolio

Odaily Planet Daily News: DWF Labs partner Andrei Grachev said that we decided to look for undervalued tokens to increase our investment portfolio and welcome the next bull market.

Well-known trader GCR: We are still in a bull market

Odaily Planet Daily News: Well-known crypto trader GCR replied to other users on the X platform that we are still in a bull market. He pointed out that the current structure is more like the late summer of 2020 after the DeFi summer crash, and even has the shadow of the summer of 2021, but people should not be too obsessed with historical trends, and each cycle will have different results.

LayerZero CEO: About 10 million tokens recovered from Sybil addresses, airdrop query portal plans to include Sybil hunters next week

Odaily Planet Daily reported that LayerZero CEO Bryan Pellegrino posted on X that Sybil hunters will be included in the airinvestment qualification query portal next week and ensure that everyone gets their allocation.
Pellegrino added that almost 10 million tokens were returned to users from Sybil addresses.

Kanpai Pandas tycoon: LayerZero’s airdrop to on-chain users is disappointing

Odaily Planet Daily News: X user Axel Bitblaze, who received 10,000 LayerZero (ZRO) airdrops by holding 36 Kanpai Pandas, posted that he was not an insider. Kanpai Pandas is the first NFT series to integrate the LayerZero Omnichain protocol, and its holders should receive a larger share of the ZRO airdrop.
Axel also mentioned the disappointing airdrops LayerZero gave to on-chain users: “The top 1% of wallets only got 200-500 tokens, which is crazy… My family and I have also tried to interact to get airdrops, and despite ranking in the top 1%, these interactions only resulted in a small amount of airdrops.”

This article is sourced from the internet: Planet Daily|LayerZero airdrop sparks controversy; Binance will airdrop to BNB holders (June 20)

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