Planet Daily | Trump once again emphasizes his pro-crypto stance; Coinbase launches pre-market trading service (June 18)

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Planet Daily | Trump once again emphasizes his pro-crypto stance; Coinbase launches pre-market trading service (June 18)


Trump: If I win a second term, I will ensure there is a lot of cryptocurrency activity in Florida

Odaily Planet Daily News: Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump publicly talked about his transformation of the crypto industry last week, announcing that a large part of the future of the digital asset industry will be built in Florida, where he mainly lives. He also said that he would end the current President Bidens war on cryptocurrencies to ensure the future of the country and provide more jobs for young people. If he wins a second term, he will ensure that there is a lot of cryptocurrency activity in Florida.

Coinbase International and Coinbase Advanced to Launch Pre-Launch Marketplace

Odaily Planet Daily reported on June 18 that according to official news, Coinbase International Exchange and Coinbase Advanced will launch the Pre-Launch market to trade before the token is issued and participate in price discovery. The Pre-Launch market allows users to trade perpetual futures contracts for tokens that have not yet been issued. Qualified institutional users can access the Pre-Launch market through Coinbase International Exchange, and qualified retail traders can access the Pre-Launch market through Coinbase Advanced.

ZK Nation announces ZK airdrop is now open for claiming

Odaily Planet Daily News ZK Nation announced on X that the ZK airdrop is now open for claiming. Users are requested to claim tokens through the official website (
The users claim transaction will be in the queue and it may take several minutes for the ZK token to appear in the wallet. Gas fees are fully paid by the ZKsync paymaster.
Additionally, the Protocol Guild, external project contributors, and ZKsync native project contributors will be able to claim starting June 24, 2024.

Industry News

The holdings of 36 Bitcoin spot ETFs worldwide have exceeded Satoshi Nakamoto’s address

Odaily Planet Daily reported that according to HOD L1 5 Capital monitoring, as of June 14, the number of BTC held by 36 Bitcoin spot ETFs worldwide has exceeded Satoshi Nakamotos address, reaching 1,038,693.

Tiger Brokers launches virtual asset trading service for Hong Kong retail investors

Odaily Planet Daily News Tiger Brokers (Hong Kong) announced that after previously opening virtual asset trading services to professional investors in Hong Kong, it has now been approved by the Hong Kong Securities Regulatory Commission to upgrade its license and officially expand the service to retail investors in Hong Kong.
Currently, retail investors in Hong Kong can use Tiger Trade, Tiger Brokers flagship investment platform, to trade Bitcoin and Ethereum, as well as stocks, options, futures, U.S. Treasury bonds, funds and other global assets at an affordable cost in one stop, achieving seamless allocation and management of virtual assets and traditional financial assets. (Financial World)

Purpose launches Ethereum staking-related ETF and has been listed on Canadas CBOE

Odaily Planet Daily News: Asset management company Purpose Investments announced the launch of Purpose Ether Stake Corp. ETF, code ETHC.B, which began trading today on the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) in Canada. It is reported that the ETF was converted from its Ether Capital and will use proprietary staking technology to provide investors with exposure to Ethereum and returns on Ethereum staking. (Globenewswire)

Project News

Market News: Tether will launch aUSDT, a USD stablecoin overcollateralized by Tether Gold

Odaily Planet Daily reported that according to The Block Pro Headlines, Tether announced that it will launch aUSDT, a stablecoin pegged to the US dollar and over-collateralized by Tether Gold, through a new product ALLOY BY TETHER.

Gitcoin: GG 22 is scheduled to be held at the end of October

Odaily Planet Daily News Gitcoin released the Gitcoin Grants 2024 strategy and highlights update, mainly including:
1. The three key pillars of the GG 2024 strategy are: Inclusion: expanding participation by supporting diverse communities; Transparency: maintaining trust through clear communication and open processes; Sustainability: ensuring long-term growth and impact through strategic funding and resources;
2. Focus on OSS: Through Gitcoin Grants 20, we will refocus on our core mission of supporting open source software and digital public goods. The OSS program will continue to promote the growth and sustainable development of Ethereum ecosystem builders.
3. More community rounds. 8-10 community rounds will be accepted in each round of GG, and the top 5 community rounds will receive additional matching funds from Gitcoin;
4. GG 21 will be held from August 7 to 21, the eligibility criteria for the community round will be announced on June 17, and GG 22 will be held at the end of October.

Scroll announces Curie network upgrade is now live on Sepolia, introducing EIP-1559 support and other features

Odaily Planet Daily News Scroll announced on X that its Curie network upgrade has been launched on Sepolia and will be launched on the mainnet next. Curie introduced a number of functional improvements, including reducing gas costs by 1.5 times through DA compression, and fully supporting Ethereums EIP-1559 fee mechanism.

Multical l3 has been deployed on Taiko chain to support transaction batching

Odaily Planet Daily News Taiko YuX announced that it has deployed Multical l3 on its chain, allowing users to optimize by batching transactions into a single transaction.

Fuse Network announced that the airdrop Season 1 is coming to an end and 1 million FUSE will be distributed in the next few days

Odaily Planet Daily News: Fuse Network announced on X that the airdrop Season 1 is about to end, and 1 million FUSE rewards will be issued in the next few days. Users can claim them through the official dashboard.

Merlin Chain launches the ecological funding program Merlins Adventure, with a total scale of 210 million MERL

Odaily Planet Daily News: Merlin Chain announced the launch of the ecological funding program Merlins Adventure on the X platform, with a total scale of 210 million MERL. The goal is to cultivate user-centric, Bitcoin-native applications and promote the development of the BTC L2 ecosystem. Applications are now open.

LayerZero launches Roles system to reward community members, developers and content creators

Odaily Planet Daily reported that LayerZero Labs CEO Bryan Pellegrino wrote on X that the protocol will use funds from the community pool (0.5%) to reward community members, developers, and content creators through a new role system, aiming to promote consistency in long-term goals and growth in community value.
These characters include Intern (50 ZRO), Hero (200 ZRO), OG (1,000 ZRO), Legend (10,000 ZRO), and LayerZeroGod (100,000 ZRO).
Details will be released in the next 4-6 weeks, and existing community roles will be switched to the corresponding levels, such as LegendLayer converted to Hero, TwitterLayer, MemeLayer, ContentLayer converted to Intern.
In addition, LayerZero also plans to cooperate with external communities to directly grant their members Intern roles to expand community influence.

Ethena Labs, Symbiotic, and LayerZero pilot universal restaking framework

Odaily Planet Daily News According to official news, Ethena Labs announced the update of ENA token economics and will launch the ENA universal staking function. Ethena will initially pilot the universal re-staking framework using Symbiotic and LayerZero, seeking to ensure cross-chain transfers of Ethena-based assets (including USDe and sUSDe). These transfers are verified through the LayerZero DVN network, which is protected by staking ENA within Symbiotic.
This module will also include building a general framework for launching re-collateralized DVNs for LayerZero ecosystem partners who use a consistent token to provide economic security and DVN operator selection.
After ETH LST reaches its cap in a few days, ENA and sUSDe will become the next round of staking assets. Staking ENA in Symbiotic will receive 30x points per ENA per day, Symbiotic points, Mellow points and potential future LayerZero RFP allocations. The ENA pool will be launched on June 26.
In addition, from June 17th, any user who received ENA through airdrops (for example, part of the airdrop from the Shard Campaign airdrop according to the vesting conditions) will be required to lock at least 50% of the claimable ENA. Failure to do so will result in all unvested ENA belonging to the relevant wallet being reallocated to other users who have locked ENA (three methods are: Ethena locking, PT-ENA on Pendle, and Symbiotic re-staking).

Onyx Protocol v3 white paper will be released on August 1st, and its L3 chain will be launched at the same time

Odaily Planet Daily News: DeFi protocol Onyx published a statement on X that the Onyx protocol v3 white paper will be released on August 1, and its Layer 3 blockchain network will also be launched, and the test network will be released soon.

azuro: AZUR token will be launched this week, TGE provides 15.2% of the circulating supply

Odaily Planet Daily reported that the blockchain prediction layer azuro announced on the X platform that it will launch the AZUR token this week. The token will be released on the Ethereum mainnet Uniswap v3 and CEX. TGE provides 15.2% of the circulating supply, and the starting price is set at US$0.075. The circulating market value at the time of issuance is US$11.4 million. Providing LP positions in the AZUR/ETH trading pair of DEX will receive AZUR incentives.

Nostra has launched NSTR tokens and opened the airdrop claim page

Odaily Planet Daily News: Starknet ecosystem DeFi protocol Nostra announced on the X platform that it has launched the NSTR token and opened the airdrop claim page. The claim will be closed at 22:00 on September 13, 2024.

Grand Base announces the specific time of token restart and will release a major announcement tomorrow

Odaily Planet Daily News Base Ecosystem RWA Market Grand Base announced on X that the token restart will be carried out between 23:00 on June 18 and 2:00 on June 19, and a major announcement will be released tomorrow.
According to previous news, Grand Base announced new token economics and will release a new contract to restart the token. Ignition Rewards Program Season 3 Claim Period to Start on July 1

Odaily Planet Daily News announced on the X platform that the application period for the 1st and 2nd seasons of the Ignition Rewards Program will end at 11:00 UTC on June 18, 2024. Users with eligible wallets must claim before the claim window closes. The claim period for Season 3 will begin at 13:00 UTC on July 1, 2024 (21:00 Beijing time).

Whales Market founder: GM token is ready for launch

Odaily Planet Daily News: Dexter, the founder of Whales Market, announced on the X platform that the GM token is ready for release. There are a lot of things happening behind the scenes. It’s just a matter of time. Resources will be focused on because this may be the best opportunity for a breakthrough in artificial intelligence applications on the Solana chain. The token model is currently being fine-tuned.

STEPN GO: Alpha Draw to be launched on June 19

Odaily Planet Daily News: STEPN GO announced on the X platform that it plans to launch the Alpha Draw event on June 19. The event will last for 30 days and is limited to Android devices. The conditions for participation are:
1. Download STEPN GO on the Play Store at 10am UTC on June 18.
2. Log in using your FSL ID;
3. Lock pGMT and participate in the daily lucky draw.

Lumiterra will close its native trading market on June 28

Odaily Planet Daily News: Lumiterra announced on the X platform that in order to better serve players and enhance the trading experience, the team will close the native trading market in 12 days, that is, at 15:00 on June 28, 2024. After the closure, the native trading market will no longer be available.

Slerf: The airdrop has been completed, with a total of $450,000 CHAN airdropped to 5,617 NFT holding addresses

Odaily Planet Daily reported that Slerf announced on X that the airdrop has been completed. A total of approximately $450,000 worth of memechan (CHAN) was airdropped to 5,617 NFT holding addresses. Each NFT held by the user can receive approximately $70-75 in airdrops.
Earlier today, Slerf announced that it will conduct an airdrop to NFT holders, and a snapshot will be taken in the next few hours.

Investment and Financing

Insider: Lens Protocol seeks $50 million in funding at a $500 million valuation

Odaily Planet Daily reported that Avara founder and CEO Stani Kulechov is in contact with US venture capital institutions to seek $50 million in financing for Lens Protocol, which will bring its valuation to $500 million. Avaras spokesperson did not confirm or deny this information and declined to comment further.
When asked about the coin issuance, Kulechov said that “we haven’t reached that stage yet” and the current main goal is the upcoming Lens Network, a native network built on the ZKsync technology stack.
In 2023, Lens Protocol raised $15 million; four weeks ago, its competitor Farcaster raised $150 million at a valuation of $1 billion. (DL News)

Memecoin leveraged trading protocol Wasabi completes $3 million financing, led by Electric Capital

Odaily Planet Daily News: Memecoin and NFT leveraged trading protocol Wasabi completed a $3 million financing, led by Electric Capital, with participation from Alliance, Memeland, Spencer Ventures, Pudgy Penguins CEO Luca Netz, Magic Eden co-founder Zhouxun Yin, angel investor Santiago Santos, and Crypto Twitter celebrities Cygaar, Zagabond, DCF God and Bob Loukas. The team will use the funds to expand the team, and plans to expand its current 6-person team to 10 people. (TheBlock)

Elys Network Completes $2.5 Million Seed Round, Cogitent Ventures and Others Participate

Odaily Planet Daily News Cosmos ecological crypto trading platform Elys Network announced on the X platform that it has completed a $2.5 million seed round of financing, with participation from Comma 3 Ventures, Cogitent Ventures, Persistence One, and Kahuna. Elys Network is a DeFi Layer 1 application chain on the Cosmos Hub, providing native Bitcoin staking, automated market making, and multi-asset index pools.

NFT art platform Artfi completes new round of financing, DWF Ventures participates in the investment

Odaily Planet Daily reported that NFT art platform Artfi announced the completion of a new round of financing, with DWF Ventures participating in the investment, but the specific amount has not been disclosed yet.

Regulatory trends

Market News: The head of the US SECs crypto assets and network department resigned

Odaily Planet Daily reported that according to The Block Pro Headlines, according to LinkedIn information, David Hirsch, head of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commissions crypto assets and network department, resigned after nine years in office.

South Korea will re-evaluate the listing of 600 cryptocurrencies on local exchanges and plans to strengthen scrutiny

Odaily Planet Daily reported that South Korea’s financial authorities plan to re-evaluate the listing of about 600 cryptocurrencies traded on domestic exchanges. The strict review is aimed at ensuring compliance with the new regulations of the Virtual Asset User Protection Act that came into effect on July 19.
Local media recently reported that the South Korean government has finalized a best practices plan to support virtual asset trading. The plan outlines strict new requirements for listing cryptocurrencies on domestic exchanges. The current system is that exchanges conduct their own internal reviews, and the authorities will establish a stricter review process as a supplement.
The core focus of the new regulations is listing screening. Under the current system, exchanges review and list cryptocurrencies individually. However, by implementing the best practices program, the authorities will establish standards that all listed cryptocurrencies must meet.
A financial authority official explained: Exchanges review whether they continue to support virtual asset trading every six months. Subsequent reviews will be conducted every three months. (BeInCrypto)


Tether CEO: aUSDT’s stabilization mechanism is different from USDT and requires collateralization of Tether Gold to create

Odaily Planet Daily News: Tether CEO Paolo Ardoino said that Alloy by Tether launched today is an open platform that allows the creation of different Tether series assets with a broader support mechanism. aUSDT is a digital asset backed by gold and pegged to a reference fiat currency. Its stability mechanism is different from that of USDT. It needs to be created using Tether Gold (XAUT) as collateral. It is mainly aimed at users who want to use a currency as familiar as the US dollar for digital transactions, payments and remittances without having to sell Tether Gold.

Multicoin Co-founder: The funds current AUM has exceeded US$3 billion

Odaily Planet Daily reported that Multicoin co-founder Kyle Samani disclosed on the X platform that when Multicoin was launched in 2017, the fund size was only 2 million US dollars, and now the AUM (asset management scale) has exceeded 3 billion US dollars.

DeFiance founder: The second phase of the fund achieved an 8-fold increase in AUM within one year

Odaily Planet Daily News: Arthur Cheong, founder and CEO of DeFiance Capital, published an article on the X platform reviewing the development history of the fund.
Initially, Arthur personally invested less than $100,000 in cryptocurrencies. In January 2020, Arthur decided to establish DeFiance, a fund that has always focused on DeFi. Initially, the funds start-up capital and total committed capital injection were less than $2 million, but in March 2020, the plan was temporarily shelved due to market changes. Later, with the arrival of DeFi Summer, DeFiances vision was verified, and the plan to establish the fund was continued. In the end, the scale of DeFiance when it was founded was less than $20 million.
Arthur added that DeFiance’s AUM exceeded $500 million at its peak, but then it was affected by the 3AC bankruptcy. When DeFiance launched its second fund, it encountered the collapse of FTX, and DeFiance is still resolving the legal dispute between the first fund and FTX. The second fund was launched at a smaller scale than the first one, and the market environment was more intense, but the fund’s AUM still increased 8 times within a year.

Arthur Hayes: Aptos may surpass Solana to become the second largest L1 in 1-3 years

Odaily Planet Daily News: BitMEX founder Arthur Hayes predicted in a video interview that in the current cycle of L1 competition, Aptos will surpass Solana and become the second largest L1. This may take one to three years, and he will reveal more details in September this year.

Jupiter Co-Founder: Will encourage and improve the economic vitality and spirit of Memecoin

Odaily Planet Daily News: Jupiter co-founder Meow posted on the X platform that Memecoin is an important exploration for understanding the potential and abuse of user-generated currencies. It can be said that this is true for all cryptocurrencies. Jupiter aims to work on two aspects:
1. On the one hand, we hope to encourage and improve the spirit and vitality of the memecoin economy.
2. On the other hand, encourage and build the infrastructure needed for a Giant Unified Market (GUM), which is the holy grail of finance and makes cryptocurrencies themselves useful.

This article is sourced from the internet: Planet Daily | Trump once again emphasizes his pro-crypto stance; Coinbase launches pre-market trading service (June 18)

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