Movement Labs Announces Battle of Olympus Hackathon

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Movement Labs Announces Battle of Olympus Hackathon

On June 13, San Francisco-based blockchain development team Movement Labs announced the launch of Battle of Olympus, an innovative hackathon event designed to drive growth and adoption of Movement, a modular blockchain network based on Move. The hackathon marks the first phase of the Movement Labs testnet, will provide developers with early access, and will run from July 17 to September 17, 2024. 280 Capital and other partners will serve as judges, provide guidance, and advise the teams.

Battle of Olympus is an important part of Movement Labs’ broader “Road to Parthenon” initiative, a community project designed to foster the development of a strong and thriving ecosystem for Movement Labs’ eventual mainnet. The hackathon will bring together talented developers and enthusiasts to innovate and build breakthrough applications on the Movement Labs devnet and testnet.

The hackathon uses a gamified structure, where participants can earn points and rewards during the process. Developers in the Masons guild, one of five unique guilds, can create innovative dApps in various categories including DeFi, Games, Social Tools, Infrastructure, and NFTs.

To participate in the Masons Guild, developers can form teams of up to four members and register on the official hackathon website. Teams from all over the world can participate online or in person in San Francisco. During the event, Movement Labs will provide support, guidance, and resources to help participants succeed.

Outstanding projects will receive generous prizes, with winners selected by a panel of senior judges based on concept, execution, use of Movement native functionality, innovation, technical excellence, user experience and potential impact.

In addition to the Stonemasons Guild for developers, non-engineering enthusiasts can also participate and support the Battle for Olympus through four other guilds:

● Pathfinders: Designing how-to guides, participating in the community, and organizing events

● Creators: Create Movement-related content, emoticons, and participate in world building

● Explorers: interact with partners, write articles, and analyze ecosystem data

● Scholars: Write content, design quizzes, and collaborate on reports about the hackathon and the Movement ecosystem

“Battle of Olympus provides a unique opportunity for our entire community to get involved, no matter your skills and interests,” said Cooper Scanlon, co-founder of Movement Labs. “Whether you’re a developer or a hobbyist, we provide the tools and support you need to innovate and shape the decentralized landscape.”

The winner of the Battle of Olympus will be announced in mid-September. For more information and to register, visit

For more information on Movement Labs and their testnet participation guide, visit:, follow @movementlabsxyz on X and on Discord.

About Movement Labs:

Founded in 2022 by Rushi Manche and Cooper Scanlon, Movement Labs is building a blockchain network that provides a secure, high-performance Layer 2 for Ethereum. By bringing MoveVM to Ethereum through its flagship L2, Movement Labs aims to enhance the security and scalability of smart contracts.

The company’s $38 million Series A round led by Polychain Capital in April 2024 supports this mission. Movement’s “integrated approach” combines modular elements such as shared ordering, formal verification, alternative data availability, and Ethereum settlement to improve security and performance. The upcoming Move Stack execution layer framework will facilitate collaboration with other Ethereum participants to scale smart contract execution.

About 280 Capital:

280 Capital is the Web3 venture capital arm of the Huang Liu and Chen family office, with $2.5 billion in assets under management. The family has been active in the Web3 space since 2014 and has built a crypto portfolio based on early and large holdings in BTC. For more information, visit

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