Full record of Odaily editorial department investment operations (June 14)

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This new column is a sharing of real investment experiences by members of the Odaily editorial department. It does not accept any commercial advertisements and does not constitute investment advice (because our colleagues are very good at losing money) . It aims to expand readers perspectives and enrich their sources of information. You are welcome to join the Odaily community (WeChat @Odaily 2018, Telegram exchange group , X official account ) to communicate and complain.

Full record of Odaily editorial department investment operations (June 14)

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Introduction : Iron-headed leek, anti-masturbation master

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  1. The European Cup will open at 3 am tomorrow, so you can pay more attention to the football and sports sections.

  2. In the last issue, we introduced Symbiotic, a restaking project jointly incubated by Paradigm and Lido. Now the direct deposit pool is full, but ether.fi today launched a Symbiotic-based liquidity restaking token (LRT) weETHs, which can be deposited through ether.fi channels and earn Symbiotic points, ether.fi points and Veda points at the same time, killing two birds with one stone.

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Introduction : Option mad dog, Meme taker

Share : Today, the ETH/BTC exchange rate began to rebound, and last night the SEC chairman said that the Ethereum spot ETFs-1 will be approved sometime this summer, so it is recommended to buy ETH call options for the current week in the future. If the SEC suddenly passes it by surprise, the ETH price may rise by more than 10% again within the day, and the option income will grow exponentially. Of course, everyone should also be prepared for losses during the week. I personally recommend ambush at $200 per week.

In terms of spot, NOT and ORE continue to be held. NOT is currently the leader of TG BOT. If the subsequent TG BOT game is listed on a major exchange, NOT will usher in an explosion, with a target price of $0.03. ORE will launch V2 this month, which is a big move and can be paid special attention to. The current price has fallen back to $400.

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  1. Started to reduce positions, and cleared a portion of on-chain assets;

  2. After NOT buying the dip, you have about 10% profit, continue to HODL;

  3. CHZ network fork, LAZIO, and SANTOS have rebounded slightly. The European Cup is about to start, and sports-related concepts are still worthy of attention.

  4. I don鈥檛 see any other particularly strong or hot sections at the moment, so PVP is not fun at all.

  5. Let鈥檚 wait for AI to save the world.

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Introduction : Buy and sell based on your feelings, and quit when you are ahead

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  1. Previously, ONDO holdings have been sold one after another. There is not much popularity in the short term and the room for growth is limited. It is recommended that you stop while you are ahead. If it falls back below 1 USDT in the future, you can consider buying it again.

  2. The Lighthouse project is being followed up continuously. Judging from the gameplay of its whitelist tasks and the game design, it is one of the few playable GameFi in the cryptocurrency circle. Everyone can interact more with it. After all, it is currently only limited to accounts with 50 followers on Twitter.

  3. CHZ remains optimistic. The sports sector has been a hot topic in recent months and can be continued to be monitored.

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Introduction : Bitcoin Ecosystem Catcher, LuMao Trainee

Share : The rune COOK鈥HE鈥EMPOOL deployed by RSIC, which was recommended in the full operation record on June 5, has risen to 0.001 BTC for 25 pieces, which has doubled from the purchase price at that time. The main reason is the increase in gas. Many players who minted at a fee of around 10 satoshis/byte in the early stage have also tripled their income. According to observations, there are no other popular runes on the chain today. There are still more than 100 blocks before the casting of COOK鈥HE鈥EMPOOL ends. It is still recommended to go to OKX to buy or buy 100-1000 pieces for self-defense. The closer to the end, the more FOMO you may feel, but there is also the possibility that it will disappear after the heat is over.

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Introduction : Low-market-cap copycats, long-term ambush, blockchain games, gold farming, and freeloading

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  1. BTC market, currently focus on whether the daily line can stand firm at 65900. If it stands firm, we will see a new high, even 85000; if it effectively falls below, we will not hesitate to clear most of the altcoins;

  2. Stupid: This week I鈥檓 focusing on The Beacon and Pixelverse, both of which are 0 projects. I plan to continue adding to them over the weekend. I鈥檝e written specific tutorials.

  3. Altcoin holdings: NOT, currently holding both spot and contract. Today, TON broke its all-time high. I think NOT has a chance to stabilize in the 0.02-0.021 range. If it stabilizes, it will still reach 0.036. BWB, currently I can鈥檛 complain. After adding positions at 0.45, I don鈥檛 plan to add positions for the time being. It鈥檚 only worth 60 million USD, so I鈥檓 still holding it. For the time being, I鈥檓 comparing it with the market value of C98 , and I鈥檓 probably looking at the 1.2-1.5 range. ORAI, the most promising L1 AI coin, is held for the long term.

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