VGX Foundation has reached a cooperation with Honeyland and will provide VGX rewards to the latter’s users

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VGX Foundation has reached a cooperation with Honeyland and will provide VGX rewards to the latter’s users

VGX Foundation joins hands with Honeyland

The VGX Foundation announced that it will establish a partnership with the Web3 game project Honeyland and provide VGX token rewards to Honeyland players.

VGX is a cross-chain token whose utility is to bridge the gap between GameFi and the gaming ecosystem. Honeyland is an on-chain casual strategy game that supports both iOS and Android platforms and is currently one of the most popular games on Solana.

Through this partnership, players who hold Genesis-level Eggs, Bees, or Queens before the 17:00 UTC snapshot on June 6, 2024 will receive VGX token rewards. In addition, since the VGX Foundation has previously announced a partnership with Gala Games, players who receive token rewards can use their VGX to purchase Voyager: Ascension season passes at Gala Games and earn GVGX rewards.

In addition to the VGX rewards for Genesis holders, the Honeyland Cosmetic Shop will also provide all Honeyland players with a free VGX cosmetic feature – a VGX-themed hat – from June 12 to June 19. This cosmetic feature can be incorporated into any Bee to increase the Bees Capacity trait.

“We are always looking for new ways to reward Honeyland players,” said Corey Wright, CEO of Honeyland. “We are excited to partner with the VGX Foundation to provide exciting new rewards to our long-time players and those joining today.”

The VGX Foundation’s mission is to increase the number of projects that integrate and use the VGX token, and to expand the number of users who can access and use the token in Web3 games.

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About VGX Foundation

The VGX Foundation hopes to lead the development of a decentralized gaming economy through its dynamic on-chain gaming token, VGX. As a built-in game currency and reward mechanism, VGX empowers a diverse gaming community. The VGX Foundation will foster a thriving VGX ecosystem by promoting grants and partnerships for game developers and platforms, actively driving growth in gaming activity, and expanding the use cases of the VGX token.

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