TinyTap, world's largest library of games created by teachers and played by millions of families, now building an open education system on blockchain.


TinyTap is a blockchain-based education tech platform enabling educators to create and distribute interactive content while earning usage-based revenue. TinyTap is among the top 10 grossing kids apps worldwide, delivering educational content to families in the US, Canada, Europe, and the Arab world with a focus on young learners (Pre-K to Grade 6), serving 9.2 million registered family members with content created by over 100,000 creators.



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    SevenElem9203 Readers

    As a teacher, this could serve as a versatile teaching PowerPoint that can be saved and reused multiple times.

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    ViTewireshark Readers

    How does this project generate revenue?

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    TokenJo Readers

    EDU is unlocking a universe of learning!

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    VT2 Readers


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    Venture333 Readers

    when @upbitglobal ?

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    62849780838e3900073ef128 Readers

    Keep an eye out

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    e3 Readers

    TinyTap has had a big year onboarding the @opencampus_xyz protocol to empower educational content creators and supporters in…

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    Ef128 Readers

    In this project, there is a musical instrument introduction game that is quite straightforward and perfect for children to play and explore.

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    Jyu Readers

    This project’s curriculum spans across various industries, incorporating games related to logic, early childhood education, and general knowledge. It offers a comprehensive range of engaging activities for different areas of learning.