Creating the first on-chain referral/affiliate program. Stimulating growth in Web3 through with user-project partnerships. ?

The BuddyLink SDK is an interface that provides simple methods for interacting with our composable on-chain programs.
Our Vision
In this future, projects have the ability to reward users for their contributions to their growth and success. This creates a mutually beneficial relationship where users are incentivized to help projects grow, and projects, in turn, reward their users for their efforts.
We see a web3 ecosystem where the value is not just in the technology but in the community that uses it. By fostering a collaborative environment where users and projects work together to create value, we can create a more vibrant, engaged, and sustainable web3 ecosystem.
Our Mission
Our mission is to create a web3 ecosystem that’s both enjoyable and accessible for everyone. We believe that by developing transparent and composable infrastructure, we can enable growth and cross-referrals between users and projects, creating a more interconnected and collaborative community.
We understand that navigating the web3 space can be overwhelming for some, which is why we are committed to building a platform that is easy to use and understand. Our goal is to make it simple for users to discover and refer projects that align with their interests, ultimately increasing user adoption and strengthening the web3 community as a whole.
With our cross-referral system, you can expand your reach and attract a wider audience of engaged and enthusiastic users. Whether you are a project looking to connect with new users or a user hoping to discover exciting new projects, our platform has everything you need to make the most of the web3 experience.


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