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Ramses Exchange

RAMSES is the native liquidity layer & decentralized exchange on Arbitrum.

RAMSES is a ve(3,3) DEX that masterfully adapts Andre Cronje’s initial vision of Solidly. The original Solidly fundamentals have been long forgotten, and RAMSES aims to revitalize three core tenets:
Community– RAMSES will be launching with a heavy focus on the wider ecosystem, offering veNFTs to top protocols on Arbitrum, who can manage their positions in the best interest of their platforms.
Decentralization– RAMSES strives to be as fully decentralized as possible, while still maintaining functionality and a council of trusted entities from the wider community to enact in emergency situations.
Functionality– RAMSES houses some of the best features implemented in DEXes to date, widely known and used by many. The functionality of the platform is tied to the innovations and underlying value that RAMSES provides.


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