Sunflower Land

Plant, Chop, Mine, Craft & Collect at Sunflower Land.The MetaVerse game with endless resources.

Stranded on a deserted island, you must scavenge the land to gather seeds, minerals and resources in order to farm and grow your empire. Spend only a few minutes a day tending to your farm, completing daily quests, expanding your land, discovering new islands & trading with players.
From the gold you mine, to the sunflower seeds you plant, everything is an identifiable resource on the Polygon Blockchain. There are thousands of unique in-game resources that are tradeable amongst players! Each week there are rare SFTs that you can craft with a limited supply – Make sure you collect the in-game resources so you don’t miss out.
Sunflower Land is a Blockchain-first game. Every tree you chop, radish pie you eat or experience you gain is saved to the Blockchain. You own your Bumpkin character and can grow and cherish them in a vibrant community.
Sunflower Land was built by a team of passionate people who love building community driven projects. Come join the community of 60+ open source developers and 200+ artists today!


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