Avatr is an innovative NFT-based platform designed to revolutionize P2P recruitment by tokenizing talent.
In this ecosystem, both candidates and employers create their unique Avatrs, which consist of fractionalized NFTs. These Avatrs are a digital representation of the creator’s performance in tokenized form, which enables the us to measure performance and generate a reward pool for both the creator and NFT holders. NFT values are dynamic and linked to performance, the better the performance the greater the reward. These NFTs can be acquired through purchase, referral, or reward.

This tokenization introduces a new dimension to the workplace, unlocking the true value of human performance that is immutable and visible 24/7. This transformative approach redirects the flow of money in the employment sector, prioritizing the workplace community over traditional intermediaries like agencies, job boards, and advertisers. Tokenization allows performance to create a digital signature that makes performance-based rewards accessible to the community of NFT holders anywhere in the world.


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