Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms is a casual mobile RPG game integrated with Play and Earn. Collect hundreds of generals from the Three Kingdoms and enjoy exciting battles w...


HERO BLAZE: THREE KINGDOMS is a casual RPG mobile game based on the BNB chain. We’ve applied the latest trends in casual RPGs while utilizing the IP of the successful Hero Blaze. This is the first collaboration with NFT platform and metaverse game KLAYMETA, we have successfully adopted Play and Earn in the casual RPG genre. Enjoy the story of the Three Kingdoms, collect hundreds of generals, and train in HERO BLAZE: THREE KINGDOMS through various general training systems such as general summoning, general combination, general promotion, equipment upgrade, and research. With well-trained generals, you can form the strongest team through general skills, team combination, and formation effects, and use your own strategy to compete with other players in different battles. Play the game easily with simple controls, enjoy fast growth and action-packed battles with the idle system, no need to repeat the game!


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