friend is your friend forev...


friend is your friend forever. Your new digital companion and join the community of kindness, the garden. This collection of 10,000 NFTs was made with the love of FriendsWithYou. Choose from unlimited character combinations including custom heads, bodies, sprouts, held items, tails and more! These traits contain dozens of special 1/1 and extremely rare stats to collect. Each friend is custom made by collectors with FRENGEN, our one-of-a-kind character builder, during minting. The entire series will be simultaneously built and curated by our community. The FriendSiES world starts with spawning your friends and will expand to virtual worlds, real-life experiences and art installations, as well as limited edition items. Ultimately, your friends will be AR AI companions, bringing you joy. Join us on our journey as we build a better world where generosity, caring and altruism are rewarded!


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