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Gatto is a P2E game in Tamagotchi genre with elements of platformer (already now) and city-building with PvP and PvE battles (in the future). our main task - is to bec...


1. Background Introduction
– Team Information: The project is created and published by BlueSweater studio with the support of The Open Network.
– Funding: Not disclosed yet.
– Project Launch Date: First launched in December 2023.
– Number of Players: Currently has hundreds of thousands of players, and the number is continuously growing.
– Social Media Subscribers: The TG channel has over 88K subscribers, with the number steadily increasing.

2. User Experience
– Virtual pets are random, with different users hatching pets with unique appearances.
– The combination of virtual pet-raising and play-to-earn competitions provides a unique and engaging experience.
– Currently, the game features two main mini-modes, enhancing its playability.
– There are a lot of very rare, unique, and unusual pets in Gatto. The higher their rarity, the more valuable and expensive they are.

3. Core Gameplay
– First, take care of your pet: play with it, feed it, and take it to competitions. In return, it will bring you gifts that can contain anything! Gifts will randomly bring you coins and experience.
– Participate in competitions and aim to come in first. These competitions will allow your pet to earn in-game currency, experience, various random drops, and numerous items.
– Increase your pet’s rarity using coins or items.,rarity affects how much your Gattomon can progress.
– Pets can evolve, with two of the same breed combining to enhance strength.

4.Product Innovation Points
– The integration of virtual pet-raising with a play-to-earn model is a novel approach, setting Gatto apart from traditional virtual pet games.
– Social interactions through competitions and community events enhance player engagement and create a sense of community.



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    Gatto is a game created on TON blockchain.